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Like my name, I'm a t-shirt and shorts kind of guy most days (lovely SoCal weather permitting), but I do like the dress up when the occasion presents itself.  My philosophy when buying anything is buy once, cry once.  lol

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Hello gents! I'm Dean, 35yrs old, from the Philippines. I have been with Sales for multi national FMCG companies for the past 14yrs. Suits and ties are a rarity where I work in.
Just recently got influenced by my watch buddies (we're part of a watch forum) to try out Japanese denims. Kinda surpirsed at its price! And luckily the usual brands don't have my size! Hehe!
However, there's a local manufacturer (who happened to also be part of the same watch club) that "makes" Japanese denims locally. Was able to have one made!
I stumbled upon this forum when I was searching for boots to match the denims.
Still a lot to learn (from 1-10, I'd probably rate myself a 3 or 4 when it comes to style). Will most likely lurk and back read the treads here first!
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Hi, Nicolas, 24, french, 70s boots and watches freak.



Well, i like most 70s items actually. I'm a sucker for english floral shirts too :)

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24, Male, New Englander with some Americana that turns into Prep once summer hits. I'm in Texas, but on my way back North soon.

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Hi, I am Jose, 29, living in Spain, Barcelona. Just lurking here for awhile. Mostly interested in fashion ideas for a dairy look. Kind of accessories lover - watches and belts!:fonz: 

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Hi Everyone,

My names Adam. I am a visiting tailor based in London, I have trained as a pattern cutter for 3 years and then decided to go into the visiting tailoring world. 5 years later and I now own one of londons finest visiting tailors.
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Hi I'm Alek I'm 23, live in Brighton born in Brussels, I run a clothing line with my mum, some guys from care-tags sent me here <:^)

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Hello, I'm Thomas. I live in California and have lurked for a while and finally decided to actually join. I figured I have taken enough from this place that I should introduce myself. So thank you all for that.

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Hi everyone, I'm a 28-year-old Ph.D. student in New England. I've been reading up for only a few months and in the process of discovering my style and improving my wardrobe. I'm getting married in September and it was thinking about suits and reading up on all the options in that department that got me interested in improving my fashion more generally.


I typically wear casual button-downs (e.g., plaid) that are too wrinkled, jeans that are too baggy, and boots with uninentionally distressed leather. But I've realized [some of] my mistakes and am trying to improve. I've been teaching a lot recently which gives me an opportunity to dress up without looking overdressed. I've started to wear blazers and chinos occasionally, which is adventurous for me.


I'm also a big guy, at 5'11" 215 lbs. I had a weightlifiting hobby for a while, felt damn good at 185 before getting a hip injury and quickly gaining 40 lbs. I'm hoping I can hit 185 or at least come close for my wedding, already lost 10 lbs. since a month ago. But I still can't do all the lifts in my old routine which is a challenge. Anyways, I think a lot of my typical clothes choices are not very flattering for my body type. I have a lot to learn!

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Hi my name is Mitch 

I'm middle aged with all my hard cash going to denim and boots most of the time :).

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Claude, 35 years old, France....


I love selvedge denim and Alden shoes. I come here to learn more about style.

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Hi, new account here but long time reader.


See you!

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Mick here. After a long career in advertising wearing very casual clothing, I now work for a big company in a management role. So I've started to dress like a grown-up. I am partial to Italian clothing (Belvest, Canali, Zegna) and English footwear (Edward Green, C&J). I've been lurking here for several years and am excited to participate.

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My name is Jordan. I live in West Fargo, North Dakota and I work as a men's wardrobe consultant. I love fashion, and I am constantly looking to learn more about it as to best help my customers and myself. I enjoy reading the threads here, and decided to join so that I can throw my two cents in every once in a while. I look forward to interacting with you all!

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I'm just a simple man from Texas trying to up my style. 

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