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My name is daniel. Nice to see you all
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my name is Peter, I'm a finance graduate from Zurich, Switzerland and I love me some quality clothes ;) Some people don't understand.


Cheers everyone.

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Hi everyone,


My name is Markus from Houston, TX. Been learning a ton from this site for past few months and just decided to join today.



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Hello there.....I did a search for tall skinny guys and it brought me to y'all.  I have a son who is 6'2" tall and only weighs 128 lbs.  I assure you I do feed him quite regularly and that costs me nearly $800-$1000 a month to do so.  As a middle aged woman I would love to bottle his metabolism as I know it would make me a very rich woman...but alas I'm stuck trying in vain to find the kid clothes that actually fit.  I look back to when he was a baby and have to laugh, his nick name was Sir Eatsalot (given by his Great Grandmother) because he was constantly eating and quite the pudgy little baby (weighed in at 27 lbs at 4 months old).  Now fast forward 17 years and at nearly 18 he's a stick....literally.  I came to this site to see about where I can find the kid some clothes that will actually fit, the rack is not his friend and unfortunately, I am not a rich woman.  Eventhough we live in FL I can't convince the kid to wear shorts (elimanates the need to find jeans that are small waisted but long lengths) which would solve quite a few problems.  If you have any suggestions that could help, that don't cost a small fortune..I'm all ears!  Thanks!

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I'm Robert, a heritage consultant based in Yorkshire. I've long had an interest in menswear and thought this would be the ideal place to exchange views with like-minded individuals.

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Good afternoon, I'm Niglp just joined after purchasing a couple of pairs of Barker shoes, (Longworth Cedar Calf and Dartford Flex black and burgundy). Regards Niglp

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Hello, my name is rod. I am very happy to join these forums, I am sure I will learn a lot.

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Hi, my name is Pierre and as you can guess I live in New York. Finally joining the site after having lurked excessively for a couple years.

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Hi there,


My name is Keen, nice to meet you guys!

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Hey Guys,

I'm Keaton. Preparing to move from Edmond, Oklahoma to the beautiful state of Arizona. I'm a preppie for the most part, but I'd like to think I have good taste. I don't wear critter pants. 😖
I too have been lurking about and reading the excellent and entertaining discussions on here for a while. Just now decided to join.
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Hello all, my name is Chris. I've been reading the threads in styleforum but I haven't posted much myself. I guess it's the time to introduce myself. Nice to meet you guys!

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HI. I just joined. My name is Don. I'm an attorney in Wichita, Kansas.  I have read bits and pieces of this forum when I was doing research.  One of my hobbies (when I actually have time)  is buying and selling on ebay.  My wife and I go to a lot of Estate Sales and that got me more interested in Men's Clothing.  A whole new world has opened up to me. I have always been a little bit of a shoe nut, but in the last few years I have discovered thrifting.  My personal wardrobe has improved dramatically too!  


I'm a member of AAAC (I don't know if I am supposed to mention that or not).   A few folks over there suggested that I would really enjoy the Thrift Store Brags thread you have on here.  So, I hope to learn lots and hopefully contribute to the forum.   

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My name is Nick. I just got my Masters degree and landed my first "real" job in business, and as a result I've become more interested in quality clothing and shoes. I look forward to some healthy advice and opinions and hoping for success in the B&S.



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Im from Cape Town South Africa, i'm a student. I recently joined the forum because I have a passion for fashion ( that rhymed right? ), though I cant afford to fully feed my passion as im living a student life, on a budget etc. I still love staying up to date with current trends though i'm more into the classical looks.


On a daily basis i rock simple slim fit jeans paired with a good shirt, skinny tie and some good leather boots, perhaps a vintage knit or jacket depending on weather.


To be honest im here to lurk, perhaps post or reply here and there depending on my mood ;)

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Howdy folks, my name is Sam. I lean toward discussions of good alcohol, politics, guitars, music, and pretty much anything hands on. I am a trained gunsmith, law enforcement, wood worker, motorcycle enthusiast, and big time into guitars. I've been playing since I was 10 or 11. 


I'm trying to dress up a little more as Im moving into a larger city and have an excuse to dress up more then I do out here in the boonies lol. I like the feel of being in a suit and I'm trying to get more info in what would work best on me. I look forward to reading and learning as much as I can.

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