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Hi! Im Niklas and i come from the chilly north of Europe, Sweden. :)

Really into clothes and especially now, in denim, raw denim. Excited to read allot of different posts about styles and clothes.

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Hey All,


I've been a member here for a while, but somehow lost track of my previous account. My previous account was "Vaio." Happy to be back!

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I'm on care-tags a little, couldn't see rep so I made an account. I like adidas.  

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Lurker for a long time. Decided to register to ask my own questions. Many years of knowledge have been gained from reading these forums and I am very grateful for the community here.

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Your banter and advice have compelled me to seek out guidance formally, as it were. I've experienced significant successes learning and contributing on other completely unrelated yet similarly invested forums. I believe in forums and have personally benefited from our collected efforts. Thank you for taking the time to relay your experiences. 


I'm old enough to know I need to dress well but have gotten away with "man boy" style (as identified by my wife; in increasing cost: t-shirt, fleece, designer jeans, athletic shoes) for most of my professional life. Now I should dress like a real man ought. My requirements are on the business casual spectrum due to my career but I am weak in the professional suit area.


I do keep a well tailored lighter grey D&G suit with white Brioni shirt on hand. Worn to my own wedding and a few business meetings where I was over-dressed to good effect, this is the only suit I own.


That said I must also maintain respectability at the country club which I have joined, necessitating a nice requirement/evolution in style I think. Most importantly I must maintain my status as a badass with the people that know me, including my kids and wife. Elevating my physical presence is high on the list. I want them to see me in my true form.


I have an expensive yet shitty selection of dress shirts: wrong collar, weird color, etc.  


I recently ordered some Quoddy boat shoes to replace some nasty old moccasins as a result of the posts on this forum.


Basically I am ready to evolve.  

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bigbee I post on cts 


nice to meet you all :~)

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Hi everyone, I'm Chris.


I'm a HS English teacher from California.  I have been teaching here in Shenzhen with my wife for three years.  Being so close to Hong Kong, and with a passion to write, I've made it my personal mission to write about men's clothing.  Since I'm fairly new to it, I tend to take a studious approach to it.  That's why I call my website the honor roll.  Feel free to read it.


I'll post and mull around here to learn from you all.  Thank you for the lessons!





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Hello everyone.

Been reading styleforum posts off and on for a few years trying to find out which brands are worth investing in and learn about what makes something good quality and also how things compare.

Figured I should probably start making an occasional post.

I love rock climbing, figure drawing, playing strategy board games, hiking, working on a comic strip and other random hobbies as time allows.

As my career has progressed I've started trying to dress better.

Thanks everyone for all the posts that have helped me figure some things out.
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Hi I'm Sebastiaan. I come from the Netherlands and have lived in Norway for a while. I used to work as a mtm specialist to some fancy places. Know I'm working as a independent in IT and webshop development. I hope I can share some of my fashion-knowledge and learn from you guys!
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my name is Fabio, from Barcelona Spain.

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Hey fellas,


I am Nouman and I live in Pakistan. I first heard about SF while searching for MTM jackets and came accross TOJ. I've been hooked ever since and decided to finally join the forum.


A nice pair of jeans, easy to wear casual shirts and comfy sneakers is all I've ever needed but looking to explore and develop a new fashion sense now that I'm here.



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I´m a 31-year-old lawyer from germany and i´m signed here to aks a question about a pair of shoes.

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I'm the owner of , a subscription tie service. I've been lurking for a while and finally decided to join.

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Hey everybody, 


My name is Samuel and have excessively viewed this site for about 2 years and finally decided to post! Love the site and the mountains of information that is here. Mom studied fashion design and now I'm getting into it big time.


A poor college student from Idaho studying philosophy and hope to get into grad school next year!


Jil Sanders, Canali, L.G.B., New camo Valentino, Jay Koss are some stuff I own and love thanks to styleforum.


Aesthetically I love punk styling like undercover and L.G.B. and anything out of the ordinary


Also tying to get into menswear and finding a jacket that will fit me!!

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Hi there, I'm Matthew.


About a year ago I became friends with someone who manages a boutique here in Vancouver—they carry brands like Filson, Gitman, (used to carry) Libertine Libertine, NEUW, Nudie. It's really been my first introduction to things beyond the usual big, cheap stores (UO, AA, whatever). 


I find it really interesting and have lurked here before -- the time seemed right to jump in.

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