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I wear classy and timeless style - I'm here to share my knowledge about men style and ask everybody's opinion on style

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I'm Phillip and I'm from Oklahoma. I'm currently attending law school in pursuit of a career as an attorney. I appreciate classic style and well-made products, although I'm guilty of being brand loyal and liking designer clothing (at a good price point). I look forward to contributing to this forum and gleaning knowledge wherever I'm able to. Thank you for having me!

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Hi ! I´m Roberto Corrêa from Brazil. I hope to learn a lot here.

Sorry for my poor english and I want to thank you for the help you provide. 

There is a long way ahead..too many thing to learn about.

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Hey all! I'm Spencer, just got into fashion recently, few months ago to be exact. Thought I'd join up and see what all the buzz is about. Hoping to grow my style, and learn some things! 

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Hello all,


Name is Jeff, and I am a 44 y.o. man, and reside in Las Vegas, NV. My past career was driving a truck, and was tired of that lifestyle. I decided to quit, take the money I had saved up for a home, and used it to acquire an education. In Dec. of 2014, I received my BSBA in Finance, from UNLV, where I graduated Magna Cum Laude w/ a 3.92 cumulative GPA. I am starting my new career as a credit analyst for a local Commercial bank. I, for the first time in my life, will be required to wear suits every day, and that is why I am here. To get help with the transition from manual labor to the corporate world.  



I have questions about differences in shoes, i.e.; balmorals, bluchers, oxfords, wingtips, etc..,

Which shirt and suit hangers to use, as well as, which website or mfg makes a quality hanger that isn't the price of the hanger project?

Which clothes brushes & shoe brushes, to purchase.?

Should I use dust covers over my suits that I will be rotating through constantly?


I have been reading the forum for many days now, and while some questions have been indirectly answered, many of the responses and original threads are many years ago, and things could have changed. So, repetitive questions from me will be coming, please be kind, and point me in the correct direction.


Glad to be here, and cannot wait for my transition to be complete. I have a long way to go, and a lot to learn, but I am sure with support from you all, and a bit of advice, I will transition efficiently, and look good doing it.

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I am a 20 year old college student who is interested in fashion and building a conventional wardrobe.


My favorite brands are probably Purple Label, Hermes, Kiton, YSL, and Levi.


Looking forward to contributing on this forum!

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I am Lee I am just about to graduate university and about to leave behind my casual wardrobe as I head off into the world of business. I needed to start finding some tailored suits and big boy pants hence how I ended up here. I have always admired tailored suits, briefcases and dress shoes from a window but haven't ever had the reason or money to buy them but now I do!

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I'm Casey, I'm a freshman in college, and very new to this forum. I'm on here for my composition 2 class, but I'm also addicted to style. I can put many stylish outfits together. I have lots of shoes, jewelry and nice tops to go with some very snazzy bottoms. I hope to get a lot of tips about style, and hope to give out some of my tips and advice ☺️
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What's up?! I'm Nicholas and I live in New York (soon-to-be Manhattanite). I'm currently a pre-law major in college with the aspiration of attending law school in NYC in a year or so. I am also a fine art photographer outside of college.


Fashion is life! As a sartorial enthusiast, I was obliged to create an account here on styleforum with the intention of learning new and exciting things. I believe clothes are an artistic expression of personality and so I approach fashion with the utmost seriousness and treat my wardrobe more as an art collection than I do a bunch of clothes and shoes. 


Also, I am a firm believer in the idea that the strongest of wardrobes value quality over quantity and that an exceptional wardrobe is one that seamlessly works together. 


See you around the forums. 



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Hello, Im Yontim,,,I like clothes, cars and shoes. And I love picking up new style tips.

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I'm Paul.

former rock n roll singer from Liverpool, and now a teacher.

love leather biker jackets and dm boots. :-)

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Eric here, living in Los Angeles.  You can pronounce my handle "strang-ways" as the "e" is silent.  


Honestly, I think Men's Wearhouse has some nice things, too :fonz: 

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Hey y'all I'm Nigel. Still in highschool, long time lurker.

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Good Morning from Germany.


Usually I don't like Forums, Blogs, Zuckerberg-Imperiums or other digital playgrounds to get addicted for 5-second-Fame.

I prefer being in nature with my dog and feeling the weather, smelling fresh air and playing in the dirt.

For me, an apple is something to eat, not a symbol of status.

But I have always an Eye on aesthetics, and so I try to get more Information of

vintage opticals, rare sneakers and individual clothing.


Best regards

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Hi everyone,


I'm a 33 year old Swiss. Why TurquoiseSea? 'cause we don't have a sea but I miss it so hard.

Not working in a chocolate factory. Not working for a Cheese or Watch company either.

Banking. And that's good because I love to wear stylish shirts and suits.

Luckily, Switzerland is very close to the fashion strongholds of Italy, France and UK...

When at home, however, I like to put on my easy clothes and love to spend time with my little daugther.

Keen to discovering this forum now.

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