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Markus from Sweden really new to man's traditional fashion. Recently fallen in love with custom tailored suits.
however its hard as hell to know what to ask and look for. So here i am to ask for guidance! 


Best regards


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Hey all! New guy from Nashville.  Thirty years old, single, and just starting to get into style/fashion.  


Looking forward to interacting with you guys and getting advice from the best.  

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I'm A. vs. D. I am fluent in all styles of all genres in all periods of History. Timeless styles and brief fads are equally important to me. As for my own collections, I have examples from tuxedos and tank tops, to uniforms and wetsuits. Like Ken + 007. My rules are stone, and indisputable. Though I respect other opinions, they are not nessesary. Thank you for reading.
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I'm Torix. I'm a game designer and programmer with two published games. I currently work as a software engineer. I normally wear jeans and t-shirts, but I do like to overly dress up for events like dances and faires (top hats, pocket watches, goggles, bow ties, etc). I also do medieval reenactment, and balance looking good vs wearing what people actually wore way back when.

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Hi, I'm highstylin. Well I wish I was which is why I've come here! I'm a recent college grad, working as an accountant. Been looking to expand my wardrobe and break out of the boring accountant mould. 

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Hi guys, I'm dadjeans from the style hinterland of Hamilton, Ontario up in Canada. I've been lurking the thrift thread in Classic Menswear for quite some time and figured I could start making a contribution now.


As you can tell from my name I spend most of my time chasing around two young kids so my wardrobe is pretty casual despite my love of classic tailored clothing.



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Hi Im Sy,

As a 24/7 jeans wearer now i miss the days of being in a suit..... Formally trained, back in the day, as a personal shopper catering into the Italian suit crowd...  Canali, Belvest, Novacento, Ravazzolo..... I miss the 150s..... and my avatar is an tribute to Gianni

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Friends call me Suchy (Suh-chee; not Soo-chee, for heaven's sake!) :violin:


I'm a 31-year old, married father of two daughters. Live in the Metro-Detroit area, and work for a bank. Dress code is business-casual, but I tend to lean more towards the business end. I'm really just learning a lot right now. Lurking often. The only thing I'm certain of is that my taste is much more expensive than my lifestyle can afford, so we'll see how this goes!

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Hello Style world! I am a menswear blogger from NYC that collaborates with all sorts of fun brands. I am new to style forum but feel free to bounce any menswear or fashion related questions off me! 





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Hey guys, I'm a recent computer programming graduate.  Still unemployed as of yet.  Can't wait to see what exciting new styles and decor everyone likes!!

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Hi all,


Long time contributor to reddit's r/mfa, posting primarily laydown outfit albums, looking for a slightly more sophisticated group of guys to discuss trends and the future of fashion. 


I run a family-owned menswear store outside of Toronto, and am always looking to up our game. 


Looking forward to getting to know this forum and its members!




edit: side note, wondering if anyone is interested in me posting the outfit albums? if so, where would be an appropriate place? I'm not here to solicit business (we do not sell online anyway), it would just be nice to get some feedback on styles and styling!

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Hello everyone, My names Thanh from VietNam
At the moment i really curious about the good brands
Nice to talk with u all

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hey, henryfool3 here. new to the forum. 


basically here to get some good feedback and advice when necessary. actually need some good boot recommendations at the moment. 


looking forward to being a part of the discussion. 

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Hi, I am Ken.


I am originally from the Northeast U.S. (Philadelphia), but I now live in suburban Atlanta.


I come to this forum often, by way of Google, when I have fashion questions, clothing brand comparison questions, or shoe brand comparison questions.


It is fascinating to read what a bunch of highly opinionated experts have to say about fashion - and I mean this in a straight forward, honest and non-sarcastic way. The amount of information held by the members of this site is amazing.

At any rate, I am handy with a sewing machine and do much of my own tailoring. i also own a cast iron cobblers last and do a lot of my cobbler work. I do not claim to be an expert or artisan at either, nor do I have the time to dedicate to becoming an expert or artisan at either. Thing is...I can add a thin rubber sole to my boots and shoes, I can replace my heels and make my own combination heels and I can take in and hem my pants..that's pretty much all I need to do for the most part.


The one downside of reading this find out pretty quickly, just how entry level, your large and highly touted collection of fashion actually is LOL


I have more Cole Haan, Kenneth Cole and Mark Nason shoes than is...well, I don't have a great metaphor, but suffice it to say, I own quite a bit. Lucky me, have never paid $400 for Mark Nason boots, but learning what I have learned reading this site over the years, it's a crime that they ever sold Mark Nason boots in that price range...


I always bought my shoes at prices under retail, so I don't feel so bad about not owning Alden, Church or Allen Edmonds...


Truth be told, I am just now in my 40s and up until now, a wool crepe Ungaro suit, coupled with a higher end pair of Kenneth Cole shoes has always suited me just fine...and garnered lots of compliments. But, like my tool collection, it is time to upgrade  my fashion to what I call heirloom quality stuff...


I really appreciate this site...signed, StyleForum fanboy...

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Hi Folks


Name's Andrew, originally from Montreal, now living in Ottawa to wrap up my degree at the ripe old age of 27. Have my own men's style/ lifestyle blog, check it out Absolutely love men's style, dressing up and feeling good. Glad I found this site where I can discuss with like minded people. 

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