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Hi I'm Alfred T from Hong Kong. It's great to know somebody who care about mens' wear. In the past Hong Kong might be a shoppers' paradise but sadly nomore because of the rockethigh rent so I browse the net for some goodbuys from time to time.
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Hello everybody!


I am young dude from Helsinki. My days roll on by tyring to dress properly, working at medium-sized IT company and by studying Economics.


My interest in clothing began when I was about twelve-years old. After that it has been more than 10-years long journey to find my own style. There have been lot of mismatches too, but that’s the way to learn.


Style of mine is kind of crossroads of menswear and casual streetwear. I like to use jeans as much as chinos. I prefer to use rough wool more than fine. My shirts are usually from weighty oxford. And finally when it comes to fitting, I am very fundamental about it. Clothes must fit well.

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I'm Dil, 27, newly married and from Birmingham over in the UK. I love whisky and I'm a bit of a movie and comic book geek...wouldn't say I have a certain style as I own clothing ranging from tailored suits to baggy twisted jeans to velvet blazers to supra sky tops!
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Hi, I'm Zack. I am 19, in college, broke, and wish I had money to build a great wardrobe. I do what I can with what I have, and manage to look better than 90% of my class mates who go to class in tshirts and sweat pants. I love hitting the thrift stores and have found a few nice pieces to add to my wardrobe for very cheap.

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Hello, I'm Ali. I am a structural engineer from Manchester in the UK. I like tailored suits and classic mens wear in general. I am a massive fan of English brogues and am also saving to build up my watch collection (whilst keeping new purchase under the radar from the missus). Look forward to learning new style ideas/tips here as well as talking with you.
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Hello everyone.


My name is Linda and I am an eBay seller.   I sell neckties among other things.   Here's how I got started.  I already was selling on eBay for a few years and happened to pick up some neckties for a "crazy quilt" project.  I had not intention of selling them.  I did admire the lovely fabric on some of them.  As I put my scissors through one particular tie, I thought "OMG, this is so beautiful.  Let me look this up on eBay".   Yup, I had just cut up a gorgeous Leonard Paris.   Needless to say, that was the beginning.  I sell under my eBay user name "bryantapple".  However, I have another account that want to get activated again.  It's "TheTieWhisperer".  It's been dormant for a few years. 


Anyway, I'm still learning about ties.   I would welcome critique on my listings.   Here's the link to my necktie category on eBay:

There are a couple that need to have new photos.  I'm working on upgrading those.   I look forward to critique as far as description, pricing and whatever else you might add.

As a woman and don't wear ties, I sort of feel out of my element selling ties.  Let me know what you think.



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Hi all. I'm new here. Been reading for a while. I'll be posting my watches and learning more about other things. 

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I am Wil, an expat currently living in Shanghai. Spent many of my formative years in the UK, but am from the Continent originally. My dress sense reflects that, I guess. Would call myself an Anglophile, and therefore dress accordingly (Especially the "English countryside" look). 


My formal shoes are almost all Cheaney's, but luckily I don't have to wear a suit for work (I work for myself), so the wardrobe is quite slim-lined in that department. Had a business suit made bespoke by WW Chan in Shanghai two years ago which I love; am currently looking into my next foray into bespoke tailoring. Shirts usually come from TM Lewin, and other bits and bops mostly from Jermyn St in London. I don't buy clothes off the peg in China as I don't see any real value here. Similarly, fashion brands mean little to nothing for me, as I don't care for fashion and prefer a more timeless tried-and-tested style.


I have been an occasional lurker on here for quite a few years, but have decided to become a bit more active now, as I need more specific advice, so I am also hoping to be able to give something back when I can.


Nice meeting you all!

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My name is Emmanuel. I am 25 and live in Paris, where I am working in the cinema industry. 
I have been reading Styleforum for quite some time, gathering information on brands I like, such as Saint Laurent,  and decided it was time to finally subscribe!

Nice to meet you all!

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Hello All,


My name is Matt. Fairly recent grad now doing consulting. Just joined the forum a couple of weeks ago. Interest in bespoke tailoring is what brought me here. Cheers!

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 Hi, I'm Lee.


I really love selvage denims and Alden shoes. 


just wanted to share photos and information about the stuff what we are interest in. 


Happy to meet you. 

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Hey i'm Wes i'm new and looking forward to selling some of my clothes if any one has any tip's for me let me know thanks.

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Hi all,  I'm a 31 year old American guy living in Berlin, Germany where I have started a company.  I travel between the US and Europe often for work.  Trying to retain style while on the road and get my style mainstays down pat: Shoes, Suits, Watches and all the other beautiful things in this world!


Ask me about fintech startups, yoga, fitness, european travel, asian tailoring, greek philosophy

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Hi everyone. I'm Jack D., 27, currently based in Phoenix, Arizona. I have lived in Shanghai, Bogota and Miami in the past five years and enjoyed getting to know their scenes.


I've been reading the forums for a few months but I'm glad to be taking the time to get involved. I still have a lot that I would like to ask and learn about.


Presently I'm working on a collection of leather goods that I hope to share and receive feedback on at a later time. We're currently prototyping in our workshop.



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Hi fellows. 


Nicolas here, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. 31 years old. 


Found the forum through the vintage watches & lifestyle post, as I ve been selling Vintage Rolex and sports watches for 8 years now, worldwide. 


Pretty amazing forum you guys carry on with here, glad to be part now. 


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