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Hi everybody.  I'm a medical student in Des Moines, Iowa and will be entering my clinical years this fall.  As such, I'm beginning to form my collection of previously unneeded wool trousers, dress shirts, and ties.  I hate low quality things, and once I've tried something nice, I can't revert.  Last fall I walked into a very nice men's clothing store, Badowers, and now I'm addicted to Eton shirts & ties and Incotex pants.  I also just bought a pair of Dalton's by Allen Edmond.


I've always had a hard time finding clothes that fit because I'm tall and skinny:  6'2", 164 lbs, large ribcage/lungs, narrow waist.  I like my clothes relatively form fitting, and the Eton slim line is about perfect for me, but maybe a little tight around the chest.  Incotex pants fit great for me without tailoring.


I found this site by looking for Incotex pants, and I am very pleased with the classified section of this website.  This is a great community, I'm glad I found it.

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Good morning. This is Ray from Chicago. Been lurking some of the threads for a few weeks and finally jumped in with my membership. Mostly sneaking around the Alden and other shoe threads.


Also have a love for vintage Rolex watches and old bicycles.


Looking forward to seeing some great stuff here and maybe learning a thing or two along the way.



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My name is A.J. I'm from Tampa, Florida. Just found out about the site today, and so far I love it.

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Good evening, all!
My name is Wes and my search to learn about fine shoes lead me here.

I'm interested in dressing up my wardrobe a bit due to an admiration for James Bond's style.


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Hi. I like classic Italian bespoke.



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Originally Posted by kiss View Post

Hi. I like classic Italian bespoke.

Do you like KISS too? (The band, I mean.)
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Hey Everyone.  Intro from Kevin here.


With 15 years of experience with programming, software and risk management, naturally I felt like I was perfectly ready to enter the world of retail and fashion, even though I haven't entered a mall in possibly a decade.


Why?  Well, I'm tall...and while I MIGHT have some fashion sense, thanks to years in NYC and SF, I'm too darn cheap and have too much catholic guilt to splurge and nothing fits anyway.


So I started a business selling tall undershirts.  Okay, it is my side biz, but darnit if I didn't do a half bad job designing them.  (I was also sitting on the beach in Thailand and touring China in between manufacturing trips...


But now I'm stuck back at a Silicon valley job and moonlighting, but my shirts are starting to sell, despite the niche nature of my market.  (starting a brand for tall slim men when we have never been shorter or fatter overall as a nation)  It makes perfect sense, yes?  Hello?


Hope this finds you all well.

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It is a beautiful morning here on Edisto Beach, SC.  My name is Chris.  Born and raised in the SC lowcountry.  University of SC graduate (1996).  I have one daughter (11) and two sons (9 and almost 7)  My wife and I both work for Edisto Realty.  


I have visited this forum a few times.  I am pretty sure I discovered it via the Saddleback Leather community.  I look forward to making new friends and can hopefully contribute along the way.

Edisto Beach and State Park.jpg

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Hi to everybody!

I am 29years old guy from Russia. Between searching for enlightnment I get sometimes soaked in some lusts)))) One of a constant ones is fashion, style to be more precise. Getting older)))) made me more conservative and my work obliged me to wear suits. AND))) after searching for that type of clothers I've got to like it)))) But it's new for me and to steal some ideas I've found myself on this FORUM))) It's very pleasent)))


Good to get an information on some not very famous Italian brand and opinion of that people who tried it already. Ant to learn how to polish your shoes))))


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I'm male, in my mid-late twenties. I picked up a taste for good selvedge jeans while living in San Francisco, and have been building up a collection of high quality casual boots over the past few years. During the week I am forced to wear suit, and am not in a profession where creative dress is favored, so I really try to make the most of my casual wardrobe.


Right now I'm focusing on building up a nice stable of denim, and will go from there.

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Hey, I'm new. I have no idea what I'm doing with fashion. I buy stuff because Wiswim is mega hyped and it gets me props on lesser forums.


Please lead me to salvation.

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Long-time listener, first-time caller. I've used this site for over a year, to help research and gain some knowledge while poor and saving up to buy clothes fit for a gainfully employed man. Hoodies and sneakers every day were just bothering me, and almost no one in Seattle wears a suit unless they work at a bank, so it can be hard to find that middle ground.  Between the wife, kids, and mortgage, clothes have not been a priority for a while now, but I just turned 30 and am finally making enough money to buy some decent things now and then, so I've picked up some Wolverine 100 Mile Boots and a nice Filson briefcase. I'm still wearing jeans, but at least I took them to a tailor so now they actually fit right. Now I have my sights set on a pair of chestnut Red Wing Beckman/Gentleman Travelers, and am researching coats. Thanks for your help so far, and in the future.

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I am tfkid and I never really read anything on here just logged in to PM someone on a Rolex one day and now I find myself coming back here to read some of the funnier threads. 


I am a college student getting my MBA in  Finance and another degree in Economics. 


What brought me here? A fellow class mate spotted the Sub I was wearing and wanted to know if I was interested in a no date. I asked for photos and he texted me the link to his ad here.  


I have since been reading on here and buying shoes left and right. I tend to ruin a pair in a few months and paying "store" price for Car shoes, LV, etc starts digging into my trust fund money. I can not dress my self worth a damn. I tend to just through something on and if it works it does if it does not then what the hell. My girlfriend hates that I do this and she found out I am reading on this forum so she tends to leave a thread up about how to match XXX to YYY or coordinating clothing etc.... on the mac when ever she gets a chance. 


I have some family issues and I feel that after reading some of the threads here I am not the only one. 


Wrapping this thing up I tend to be long winded, I hate the written English language, and overall can not wait until I graduate with my Masters and can get on with my life. 


One of my favorite quotes would have to be from a mentor and adviser from my summer internship. 


"Everyone says money can not make you happy but once you have some you tend to find happy is a relative term." 

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Hello everyone,


My name is Kyle, I'm currently a law student in Arizona and I came across this site while looking for clothes for tall and athletic build men.


Clothes have been a difficult subject for me as I am 6'9" and 235lbs.  I am a 50xl, 17" neck, 38" sleeves, a 36" waist, with a 38" inseam, and size 15 or 16 shoes.  Needless to say, OTR never fits...  Until recently I stuck with basketball shorts with t-shirts in my free time and performance polos with slacks/jeans at school.  However, I have come to my senses and realized how much a person's attire can effect their attitude and confidence.


Being as I'm in Arizona and temperatures are already schedule to hit 90 by the end of the week, I'm looking for fabrics and clothing styles to wear on a daily basis in the heat.


Looks like I have plenty to learn!

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Hi, my name's Alex, I live in Seattle (yes it rains a lot), I work in public relations and am in the process of transitioning up from the Macy's/JC Penny tier of wardrobe. I've been lurking for a bit and the forum has already been very educational. Thanks!

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