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Hello fellow forumgoers! I've been following this forum for a few years now and finally decided to make an account. I'm an RL junkie—mainly Polo and RRL. Looking forward to participating after years of lurking :D

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Hi All - I live out in the country in Virginia and dress accordingly. I like simple, masculine and somewhat preppy clothes and shoes. I tend to avoid loud, colorful and what I consider "slick" styles. I guess I am the opposite of urban, metrosexual. Growing up, the crowd I ran with only wore 3 types of shoes -- dark brown penny loafers (the ones with the small half moon coin slot), Clark desert boots and Sperry topsiders. I spent my summers racing sailboats so my boat shoes always had a salty authentic look. We mostly wore corduroy levis, Tattersall shirts and crew neck Shetland sweaters. The winter coat was a stadium coat with horn buttons. In the Spring and Fall months, we might wear a tweed jacket over a sweater with jeans or cord levis. This simple approach to dress has never gone out of style and has stuck with me. At work, I have replaced the jeans and cords with khakis and gray flannels. I have also added some C&J boots, saddle shoes, rough style wingtips to the shoe rotation. I love Barbour jackets and have several. In fact, the horse and hunt scenes where I live have been great influences on my personal style and taste.


I have enjoyed this forum and gotten some great advice on items I'm looking to add to the wardrobe. I also appreciate that style is highly subjective and very much a function of each person's culture and environment.


Look forward to interacting with you folks!


- Scott

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Hello everyone!

I have been lurking for a while, reading various threads for advice and recommendation but wanted to join the community :)



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Hello Styleforum,


Ken here in NYC - a colleague recommended this site so I thought I'd give it a try. Looking forward to exploring it a bit more and diving a bit deeper into my interest for menswear. Typically pretty minimalistic sense of style, sticking to classic basics, but a huge fan of outerwear.





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Hello Styleforum


Just signed up. Got a love for good english shoes and quality made suits. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


Regards, Goetti

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G'day all.  I'm Sam from Melbourne, and after lurking for a while I thought I'd take the plunge into the slightly daunting classic menswear forum.  Looking forward to interacting with you all!

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