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Hello all,


I am Vakta from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am newbie just joined here. I am curious and funny guy always interested to women.


Thanks for your time!

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My name is Richard.
I live in Surrey with my wife and daughter and run a company that creates music for TV / advertising.

I've spent much of my life without any real sense of style but recently decided that it was time to sort myself out! This has led to an unhealthy obsession with all things Nigel Cabourn. I also have a love of well made workwear, tweed, British shoes and American boots. Labels that I've grown to love include EG, Post O'Alls, OrSlow, the aforementioned Nigel Cabourn and many more.
I've been a lurker here for a while now and have picked up a few tips but it's time for me to jump in, learn some more and generally join the chat.
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Hi Everyone! 


We are Aaron, Tim and Sean, long time readers of SF but new affiliates!


We are all from Seattle but spent the last four years abroad learning the ins and outs of product development and manufacturing of watches and leather goods, making these luxury products for other brands. 


Our mission with Vincero Collective is to make these same premium products, which normally cost between $500-$1500 from luxury brands, acessible to more men by selling direct online and removing the high brand name mark ups and inefficient retail system.


We also crowdfund all new collections in limited two week campaigns so that our community can receive new products first at even further discounts and help us decide what gets made. 


Check out our affiliate thread for more!

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I'm Rog.  Been dabbling since my days working in retail.  I've been a frequent visitor to this site and I've decided to participate a bit.  I live and work in NJ.  I hope to learn a lot here!

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Hello all!


I'm a youngish professional (30's), and my work uniform is usually dress pants and dress shirt.

Occasionally, I get the chance to dress up, and usually end up being on the higher end of dress for the occasion, which I prefer.


I've always appreciated my Italian-made Donna Karan suit (don't snicker!) that I bought for post-school interviews, but have been largely contented with Boss-level stuff and a decent Armani Collezioni suit.


Until.....I was recently introduced to bijan at a local high-end men's consignment store. That has now started me on a kick to almost completely recycle my wardrobe over time to higher-end items.


And because of a lot of lurking, I'm becoming much more of a clothing snob thanks (or no thanks!) to all of you on SF!!!


I'm now dabbling in picky thrifting and trolling eBay for deals, because my taste currently now far exceeds the budget for new.

I'll share some of my recent wins and continue to enjoy the clothing journey.

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Hey! I am Lauren Renee from cypress,california USA. I am the new member of this community and I want to appreciate this because this community makes a platform on which people can share their views and exchange their ideas on Fashion and many other topics :)

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Lloyd, Seattle-Washington area. Chinese, skin and bone but working on lean built. Had collarbone length hair before I got it cut. Still looks good but i'm planning on growing it back out. Have a few decent cheap clothes from mall stores and thrift shops. Loads of pieces on my buy list, hoping to grow a few more inches before cracking.
Been lurking other forums for a few months, joining in here now. Heard it's conservative? Hope to learn some new things here with you guys!
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Hey, I've lurked here for a while and decided to make an account. I'm from Montreal

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Hey, everybody! :)


Just registered today, because I have one specific question, but I know about this forum for a long time. So, now I am registered and maybe I can contribute sometimes. Anyway, it is great that places like this exist! :)



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Hello I'm cgobyd (random name generator once spat it out and I've kept it since its mostly not used) and I'm just starting to try to dress up after college.

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Hi, my name is Samuel and as my username covertly implicates I am a recent graduate of Louisiana State University, History BA, and Political Science BA. I recently married as well back in June 2014 so it has been a busy year for me. I was attracted to this sight after stumbling upon the thrift store bragging thread over on the classic menswear board. Mother and I had always been thrift store junkies and it was interesting to see the same coming from a 10 year ongoing thread.

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Hi I'm Lucas. I live in LA. I'm a high school student and I love Brooks Brothers and Saint Laurent.
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Hi, I'm a 50 yo IT geek that currently works @ home & leads a small team of developers. I'm moving to a go-to-work job when my current gig is up - probably about 6 months so I'm accumulating some office clothes now.


Being work-at-home and not being much at dressing myself in the first place, I'm effectively a double noob here to garnish information from those that have a knack for this sort of thing. Um, thanks in advance :P


34 waist, size 40 jacket.


EDIT: I asked from first q here;



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Hello fellow forumgoers! I've been following this forum for a few years now and finally decided to make an account. I'm an RL junkie—mainly Polo and RRL. Looking forward to participating after years of lurking :D

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Hi All - I live out in the country in Virginia and dress accordingly. I like simple, masculine and somewhat preppy clothes and shoes. I tend to avoid loud, colorful and what I consider "slick" styles. I guess I am the opposite of urban, metrosexual. Growing up, the crowd I ran with only wore 3 types of shoes -- dark brown penny loafers (the ones with the small half moon coin slot), Clark desert boots and Sperry topsiders. I spent my summers racing sailboats so my boat shoes always had a salty authentic look. We mostly wore corduroy levis, Tattersall shirts and crew neck Shetland sweaters. The winter coat was a stadium coat with horn buttons. In the Spring and Fall months, we might wear a tweed jacket over a sweater with jeans or cord levis. This simple approach to dress has never gone out of style and has stuck with me. At work, I have replaced the jeans and cords with khakis and gray flannels. I have also added some C&J boots, saddle shoes, rough style wingtips to the shoe rotation. I love Barbour jackets and have several. In fact, the horse and hunt scenes where I live have been great influences on my personal style and taste.


I have enjoyed this forum and gotten some great advice on items I'm looking to add to the wardrobe. I also appreciate that style is highly subjective and very much a function of each person's culture and environment.


Look forward to interacting with you folks!


- Scott

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