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Hi all,


George here. I appreciate the craftsmanship of English shoes. I own Trickers, Cheaney, Alfred Sargent, Loake and Barkers. Most of them if not all purchased from Richard at the Shoehealer. Those guys are the best!


I joined this forum because I am interest in Trickers MTO opportunities.



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Im Justin (JZBstyle)...


I love fashion and love to be stylish.


Am looking for a forum to help me improve my style and get some new ideas.


let's get cracking!!

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Hi all,


Jon from Wisconsin here.  Just joined after visiting here many times for everything from shoes to suits.  My latest interest has to do with the clothing of James Bond.


I hope to learn a lot from everyone.

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Hi All,


I live in New York. I'm an entrepreneur and a reluctant cat owner. Jeans, boots, and a white t-shirt are essentially my uniform. While I'm mostly into American heritage brands, I do dabble outside the country. I've been a SF voyeur for a while, but I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty. 

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Hi folk,


I live in London, after moving around most of my life (ex Services). As I now run my company, I go from one extreme to another clothes wise, from the jeans/T-shirt/jacket combo to the Row full kit. And I have a really unhealthy cufflinks habit.

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Gentlemen (I assume) of this page. Welcome one and all nod[1].gif

If you want a place to start there's some great threads to find your way, try here for one



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I´m Daniel, live in Norway, outside of Oslo. Student, into football and fashion, always been, just recently taken to nicer (handmade) shoes, having been into trainers for as long as I can remember. Guess it comes with age, but starting to appreciate real craftsman ship and handmade stuff now. Know something, but hoping to learn a lot. 



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I'm Carter, and I live in Washington state in the US. I've lurked around from time to time, and now that I have a job that lets me by (the very occasional) nice piece of clothing or good pair of shoes and appreciate stuff a little beyond only the cheapest brands, I figured it was time I stopped in to say hello.

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Greetings all.


I am a business owner and a heavy traveler.  I have always been into fashion.  All you have to do is look at the piles of men's fashion magazines in my office and you will know that I am a man that is interested in fashion.  I call three cities home across the US and have wardrobes for each.   My business takes me from Honolulu to New York, to Chicago, to Orlando to Los Angeles.  I have to look sharp and be dressed appropriately for each location.


If I have an obsession, it's probably shoes.  I have about 30 pairs of fairly high end shoes from makers like Allen Edmonds.   I have never done bespoke shoes.  Perhaps some day.  All of my business suits are custom tailored.  I decided that since I spend so much time in them, I might as well have the very best I could afford.  I used to have a custom shirt maker, unfortunately, they are no longer in business.  I am looking for another.  Suggestions are welcome.


I really look forward to enjoying this forum.  I'm surprised that I have never joined a fashion forum until now.  I suppose I have been too busy.  




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Hi everyone!


I live in France, i like the good things (art, clothes...).

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Originally Posted by Rdus01 View Post

Hi everyone!


I live in France, i like the good things (art, clothes...).



Bonjour mon ami!  Je suis d'accord.   Je ai vecu en France.  


Great country.  Beautiful women.  Fantastic style.



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Canadian expat living in NYC. It's much easier to find CM clothes (among many other things) here than back home in prairie land. Big fan of all the affiliate vendors here -- most recently picked up my first pair of EG shoes from Skoaktiebolaget. Welcome, all!

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Hey I'm James...live in the UK, work as a teacher, 38, married no children (yet). Found this forum from the subreddit malefashionadvice.


I've been interested in clothes/ looks for a while now and I love to experiment: Uniqlo is my staple along with weird t-shirts and accessories.


I'm here to learn...and contribute if appropriate.



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Hi Im Sasha. I love mens quality clothing. I hope to learn more about quality from this forum :) thank you

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Hi everyone. My name is Jonathan, and I am an assistant manager for a men's consignment store in Portland, Ore. I do my best with what little resources I have to dress well, and I hope to impart that knowledge onto others with a style consulting business I hope to startup sometime this year.


I used to work for Mario's here, so through that I managed to get my hands on some very nice items, like a pair of Lanvin lo-top sneakers, and a pair of black Prada jeans.


My overall style can probably best be summed up as business casual, with an emphasis on casual. I almost never not wear jeans.

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