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I'm Colin, a web developer from Portland. Into Portlandy things, specifically denim at the moment.

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hi my username is  nwedmnton and i reside in canada look forward to be a part of this forum and try to be as helpful as possible

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Hello all, I'm Robbie, a student at the University of Florida.  I'm pursuing a B.A. in Philosophy, and plan on applying to medical school afterwards.  Some fashion-y things about me:


- I love sweaters, which sucks because I live in florida

- I love jeans but I feel I underutilize them

- I have a secret love for sneakers

- I'm kind of into that whole geek-chic thing

- my ideal look changes every day, so I really have no idea what I'm looking for, haha

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My name is Christopher and I prefer my raw denim faded.

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I am Bearcat1.  I live in Toronto, Canada and am a big fan of dress shoes.  I have been following threads on this forum for a while and decided to join.  Looking forward to learning from, and bringing my modest contribution to, this forum.  Thanks

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I'm Muscles, I live in Sydney AU and work in sales. I found SF a few years ago and have been lurking and improving my wardrobe for the past 12 months. Still a long way to go...
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Im Mack


I am an apparel designer living in Portland.


I like black

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Welcome to the forum mack glad to have you. i'm new around here too myself

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If you had a choice which would you prefer tailor made or ready-made.

What percentage of your wardrobe is tailor-made?

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