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Hello all, I'm Robbie, a student at the University of Florida.  I'm pursuing a B.A. in Philosophy, and plan on applying to medical school afterwards.  Some fashion-y things about me:


- I love sweaters, which sucks because I live in florida

- I love jeans but I feel I underutilize them

- I have a secret love for sneakers

- I'm kind of into that whole geek-chic thing

- my ideal look changes every day, so I really have no idea what I'm looking for, haha

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My name is Christopher and I prefer my raw denim faded.

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I am Bearcat1.  I live in Toronto, Canada and am a big fan of dress shoes.  I have been following threads on this forum for a while and decided to join.  Looking forward to learning from, and bringing my modest contribution to, this forum.  Thanks

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I'm Muscles, I live in Sydney AU and work in sales. I found SF a few years ago and have been lurking and improving my wardrobe for the past 12 months. Still a long way to go...
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Im Mack


I am an apparel designer living in Portland.


I like black

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Welcome to the forum mack glad to have you. i'm new around here too myself

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If you had a choice which would you prefer tailor made or ready-made.

What percentage of your wardrobe is tailor-made?

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My name is Joe, I am 21 years old.. I sell industrial electronic repair contracts part time in Georgia. I am almost done with getting my professional sales degree and I am very interested in refining my style. I just posted a question about denim if anyone could help me.. I look forward to talking to some of you.. Thanks for having me
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Hi, I'm Phil. I'm really a newbie here, I started following shoe and shoe-care threads a few months ago, and now i'm hooked! 

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Hello, I'm John. I am currently a student. As far as personal styling goes, I enjoy mixing up technical outwear with basics or printed garments. My closet mainly consists of mainly Arc'teryx, theory, Vince, Cyc stuff (W+H and RC) and J.W. Anderson. I like to run so I have too many Lululemon pieces for my own good. Just like probably the rest of this site, I too take an interest in raw denim so you won't see in anything other than my PNS. Hope I can helpful on this site. 



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Landscraper here, in Somerville MA


Vintage CB450 owner, Taylor Stitch loyal, Allen Edmonds (but only from ebay)


I like to buy second hand and new, mostly made in America (Save Khaki, Woolrich, etc) but some international military thrown in there.


I would consider my style considered and minimal.


Recently got a Swedish motorcycle jacket and had it fitted, I love an odd vintage or second hand piece.


Most of my every day clothing is second hand clothing that I have tailored to fit me, I like hunting a lot more than I like going out and shopping ... lots of poplin in the summer and wool in the winter ... healthy amounts of canvas

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Hi! I'm Radium from the Philippines. I've been a long time lurker of this forum. Hope to learn a lot from you guys. smile.gif
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Hey Fellow Sartorialites,


Adam here.  Grew up on the fringe of the fashion biz: my great grandfather was an Austro-Hungarian (Krosno) tailor who survived WWI making and repairing Russian officer's uniforms as a POW in Siberia.  He came to Newark, NJ and made suits, my great grandmother and grandmother made a significant amount of their families' clothes, and my mother's sister worked in NYC's garment district, eventually with her own line of women's RTW evening and cocktail dresses, NightMoves by Kate.  When I was a kid, after she, my mother, their mother, and every other available female relative and friend were now 86'd from returning dresses (she'd knocked off) to the major local department stores, they even had me try it once.  Once was more than enough.  My father worked briefly as a salesman at Micky Finn's, a forerunner of Daffy's (before becoming a dull insurance agent), and my mother's father worked as a fancy spotter (the guy who takes spots out of fancy clothing) at a cleaners, owned by my father's granddad. 


Anyway, I know enough to be a bit informed about design and production, have always had an eye for style, and with the revival of early and mid 20th Century styles (Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men), have been having a ball exploring 20s, 30s, 50s, 60s styles.  I'm shaving with brushes and antique Gillette safety razors, using pomades, wearing grandpa's trilby, the Russian fur hat, lamb karakul, bowties (a favorite of mine since I played in orchestras as a teen), etc.


As part of my growing interest in how things actually work, are composed, designed, produced in durable, sustainable, desirable means, ways, and ends, I find my tastes turning even more toward classics, and the only surviving classics worth the money are usually rather upmarket, which has always been my leaning anyway.  Unfortunately, my wallet is currently leaning (it's been a rough Great Recession, and tech startups... don't get me started) toward seconds, closeout, sample sales, used and online nets and markets. 


I've thus far cut a wide (surprisingly close and smooth) swath across BadgerAndBlade (where I'm BarbaGnosa), whose fashion additions are light and recent.  I've also begun to get involved in helping, in my capacity for market research and business development (having put some time in doing such at several Fortune 100 organizations, Wall St and for media and tech startups), to help develop some new businesses in the men's shaving industry.  In doing that, I connected, coincidentally, with a player who's helped build the American marketing and retail operations of several major European luxury fashion brands, and is connected to big money.  Not sure what I might do with this connection, but ya never know. 


What lead me here now was my research into Goodyear welted traditional shoes and boots. 


For these (and more) reasons, I am delighted to have found StyleForum. 


Can't wait to learn, try, wheel, deal, acquire, inspire, assist and build.  Something tells me this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Please do contact me for any reason.



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Hi all!


I've been lurking on the forum for a while, I'm a college student, leather worker and i'm mostly just here to drool over the nice shoes and leather-goods people post.


I'm always looking for deals on Aldens and Allen Edmonds (size 11). 


I'll probably post my work from time to time on here.





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