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Hey guys. Good to be here! I'm 18, high school debate captain, and the best dressed man at any tournament thanks to advice I get right here. I work as a journalist summers and breaks, usually on the political beats, so between work, prep school, and a Southern Baptist Church, I'm in at least a jacket and tie nearly every day.I dig rockabilly, punk rock, Cary Grant, Rand Paul, and bass playing. Looking forward to asking questions and raising the sartorial bar back to where it belongs!
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Im from southeast Missouri, and havnt given too much attention to the finer point of my style until I started with TrunkClub nearly a year ago. Im sure this forum will help me learn even more.

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Born and raised Alaskan. I am here to observe for my business, and contribute when I can.


A bit about my business (not trying to spam, just explain why I am here):


To diminish fishery waste and encourage sustainable fishing practices, Tidal Vision manufactures apparel and accessories out of fishery byproducts.


To be more specific, we make fish/salmon leather wallets, belts, purses, etc.  We also make shirts and apparel out of a fiber/biopolymer that we remove from crab/shrimp shells.  We are in the upcycling and eco-friendly niches.


I am hoping to bounce ideas off of this community.


Craig Kasberg

Tidal Vision


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My name is Colin and I like skinny jeans.  What else can I say except "not too tight"?

I recently started surfing around this forum and decided to join when I noticed a potential issue with odd creasing on my new Allen Edmonds Park Avenue shoes.


Thanks for having me!



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I'm Will and came here in search of formal wear on a budget because I hate spending a lot on clothing. How many people on this forum shop menswear on a budget?

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This guy right here. The old clothing budget isn't too high, but thanks to sales and thrift shops, I've never paid over $200 for a suit, including 2 bespoke and several that would sell for over $1000 usually. It's entirely possible to look fantastic on a budget if you know when to spend and when to save.
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steve here - more of a casual dresser. love a good jumper. big fan of any kind of polo shirt.

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Hi All, Michael here. I am mostly interested in the threads on man bags, briefcases, and accessories tho I am sure Ill get involved in some clothing discussion as well. I blog at http://canvasandleather.com and enjoy reddit MFA and BIFL.

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Hi! New to here. Big fan of Alden shoes and raw denim.

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I am Sekretpolice. I'm an attorney in the Philadelphia area. There's a long family history of tailors and designers in my family, leading to what seems an inescapable interest in tailored clothing.
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Hi all, long time reader / user of the forum content but this is my first post. I live in London and am making my first forays into MTM / Bespoke business wear, and English made shoes.

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Hi there-

My name is David and I am a bespoke tailor in North Seattle. I had avoided looking over styleforum because I have precious little time for leisure - I often work around 45 hours in a week on top of being a stay-at-home dad of sorts - but I couldn't resist any longer. Message me if you're in the Seattle area and in need of any kind of alterations or a bespoke suit (I offer made-to-measure services as well if you wish to spend a good bit less).

My business is called Sew Generously, if you want to check it out.

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Hey guys I am Bala ...looking for some fashion suggestions cheers
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I'm Colin, a web developer from Portland. Into Portlandy things, specifically denim at the moment.

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hi my username is  nwedmnton and i reside in canada look forward to be a part of this forum and try to be as helpful as possible

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