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my name is Fabian and my interest in fine suits is what brought me here.


I'm from Hamburg, Germany, where i go to lawschool. I mostly wear jeans (mostly Dior Homme, but also some Margiela, 7 For All Mankind, Hugo Boss,...) but i want to start to change this to something more sophisticated.


From what i have read so far, i think i will like it here.

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Hey everyone!


My name is John. I work for the Tom James Co.  I have signed up so I can keep my ear to the ground on what's going on in the fashion world so I may better serve my clients!    My Father has been in the business for about 40 years and I hope to make him proud in carrying on the same trade. 


I love bow ties, vests, scuits, lace-ups and monk straps, and of course color color color!  My weakness and hope from being on here is that I will gain an appreciation for styles other than my own, get new ideas, and just become a better clothier all around through this experience!


I look forward to hearing and sharing!


God bless!

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Hi guys!

My name is Alex. I joined the forum to discuss classic menswear and more specifically shoes. I am having a pair of Edward Green Shannon boots made to order and have posted about this on the Edward Green Appreciation forum.


I look forward to our discussions.




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i am Rustm, i am A Custom Tailor, i am new in this Business, i want to improve my work & income, my friend suggest me for seo activity but i dont know anything, anyone suggest me some seo activity

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I'm Rachel, and I'm mostly here to learn more about men's fashion, since my boyfriend of one year is a styleforum member and a fashion-conscious male. I am currently an undergraduate piano student at the Juilliard School in New York.

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I'm French, young designer from Paris.

Happy for futur exchange with someone.

Have a good day

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Hi -- I'm Stephen. I live northeast of Philadelphia, PA, USA. Very close to the King of Prussia Mall, which I've seen referred to several times on this forum!


I joined sf in 2012 but had just started a career in sales and had literally no money to speak of, so I couldn't really entertain many of the ideas I initially found. Now, I'm in more of a position to build my wardrobe, and have made it one of my goals in 2015! This past week (2nd week of January) I went through my closet and drawers and threw out / donated pretty much anything that wasn't "classic" in style -- stripped my current wardrobe to the bare minimum so I can build it back the right way. 


I'm interested in finding pieces that will last for a long time, even if I have to pay a bit for them. I'm tired of horribly manufactured clothing!


So, a little bit about "me". It's hard for me to find brands of clothing that truly fit me for the following reasons:


 - shorter arms/wide torso (bit of a gut) - so many long sleeve shirts I try on that actually fit around the waist have arms that are wayyyy too long

 - wide feet - hard to find a good selection of shoes

 - muscular thighs & short inseam - no "slim fit" pants/jean for me!

 - I'm 5'7", roughly 205 lbs. The extra weight is all in my midsection, I dont' really get "fat" anywhere else


I'm excited to take a look around the forum and interact with members after being gone so long! If anyone out there has the same body type as me or the issues I listed above, I'd really love to hear some suggestions.



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Coming to you from the Middle East, I'm here to get SF's help in building a classic wardrobe.

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Hello from Houston!  


I'm a High School teacher who lost 50 pounds and, as the opportunity was there, changed wardrobe and style as a result.  I have been thrifting most of my life, so I used that to build a new wardrobe.  


I now 'dress' for work every day with jacket, tie (usually bow tie) and 'nice' shoes.  My style varies, but it's mostly traditional american with a touch of Italian dandyism thrown in.  My students encouraged me to start a WIWT tumblr, which is kind of silly, but I do it anyway.  http://teechaswag.tumblr.com/


I began to sell my old stuff on ebay, then I started to sell new stuff that didn't end up fitting or fitting in, then I realized I was making money, now I sell on ebay fairly regularly. I sell a lot of Brooks Brothers, Allen Edmonds, Zegna, Hickey Freeman, Paul Stuart, etc.  I'd like to post some of those things on these forums from time to time and when rules allow.  I won't advertise that here (or anywhere on SF) until I'm more familiar with rules and protocol, and this post isn't meant to be some way around that.  

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I'm StyleMatters,

Just trying to improve. Always working on it. Always listening. Always questioning.

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I'm a Swede who started to enjoy the beauty of dressing nice maybe one year ago.

Have been lurking here a while, mostly in the shoe threads and the Luxire thread. 

Also love to see the inspiration in the what are you wearing right now thread.

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Hello all,

New to the forums, been following for about a year. Taken up thrifting as well. Hope I will be able to contribute in some way.
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Hello everybody,


I m Mehmet. Im 32,  living in Spain  and originally from Turkey. I have been following you for a long time. Hope i will be able to participate and learn more here with you guys. 


Thanks and regards 

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Hi Just joined both because I like style and because I think this forum will help me know the right direction to move with my business.

I also think I can be a good resource for anyone who wants to know about leather.


 We're a small American leather manufacturing company, so my interest here is see how I can take some of my products to the next level.

I've just launched some of my standard products in Horween leathers, and I'm using what I can glean from this forum to know what other items to add in these amazing leathers.  If you haven't heard of us check us out: North Star Leather.


I'm not trying to shamelessly self-promote- just introducing who I am and why I'm here.

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