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Hi Everyone,


I am a young guy living in Southern California looking to learn more about men's fashion, specifically suits and custom made items.  Just trying to learn more from everyone instead of trying to find information online.  Rather learn from other people's experiences.  


I also am looking to start a business this year, possibly in the custom/bespoke suit business, because I constantly am looking at ideas on the web.

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Hello everyone!


I am Spanish and I have 37 years. I am a lawyer and I wear suits from Monday to Thursday, Friday casual clothes and jeans and shirt on weekends


I love photography, fountain, technology, wine, food, travel and classic fashion.


Hope have a good time here.

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Hello im a 25 year old student majoring in biology. My dress style is usually vintage- esque (suspenders, button up, rolled cuff jeans) and I have stalked this forum for a while, figured it was time to say hello. I have gotten so much from this forum in style tips and shoe care. I feel like a new person when I dress well.
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Hi, I am 28 year old guy from Finland. I love to browse Styleforum for fashion advice and ofcourse read the trift store bragging thread. And now I finally decided to register.

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Hi, I am 23, and I live in Edinburgh, UK. I am studying engineering and I am graduating this year. I joined this forum to broaden my style views and meet people with interesting styles and ideas. I love the full business and business casual traditional looks and can't wait to graduate and start working so I can afford what I like to wear!

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Hello everybody. I'm Cyriel, 27 years and from Holland, or, the Netherlands. 

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I'm from Ohio, and work at a company where everyone wears a uniform. I do have an opportunity once or twice a week when I need to wear nicer clothes. Since I like outdoor activities like gardening, cycling, and running, most days I'm dressed pretty casually after work. It's those 1-2 days each week where I'm trying to improve my style.
I have a hard time finding clothes that fit. I am tall, with a 36" inseam and wear shirts with 37" sleeves. My torso is not as long as my arms/legs, so finding a 42" jacket with long sleeves, but not too long a body, can be difficult. I wear a 13B in dress shoes, but generally need a 14 for athletic shoes.
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I'm John, a lawyer near London in England. I mostly wear Corneliani and Ralph Lauren during the week and Levi's Vintage Clothing, Crombie or Pal Zileri on the weekend. I buy new and used clothes and now mostly online.


I look forward to reading others' posts.



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Hi all,


My name is Scott. Currently living in southern Ohio and don't necessarily have a consistent style. I came here looking for information and inspiration regarding what to do with my own style.




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I'm STF4, and live in Pennsylvania. As someone who has appreciated the finer styles of men's clothing since I was a teenager, spurred on by a passion for classic movies, I am happy to be here. On Christmas Day to do what I did in my late-teens/early twenties: I decided that I would dress in a manner as to really be "me", not just the neat dresser I normally was. It felt so good and authentic, that I never went back to dressing as I did previously. So now, whether I'm at home on the weekend, out grocery shopping, at work, or wherever else I may go, I'm dressed in trousers with suspenders, dress shirt, tie, sweater of some sort (usually a vest, or cowl neck cardigan), and, if I'm out, an appropriate coat/jacket, and a hat, which is usually a Fedora. I've always wished that people still dressed the way they did in the early to middle twentieth century: society has failed to grant that wish, but there's no reason I can't make it come true in my own little corner of the world.

I look forward to learning what I can here, and possibly even providing some input myself.

All the best,
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Hi forumers!


After reading this forum for about a month or so, I finally decided to join. The interest of wearing and dressing "appropriately" was triggered mainly by friends and family because I used to be the most "outrageously" attired manager in my company. I have been hinted, commented and critiqued!


In any case, would like to know more about the global interest from forum members around the world...thank you and cya all around!


Malsam S.

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Hello all. Been reading on here for quite some time, and have taken a lot of great advice that has so far served me well. Thanks for the great community, and I look forward to continued learning here.

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I am McBear, My interest in shoes got me here. I look forward to read and write about nice shoes (particularly Alden).

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My name is not h4wks.

I work in a classical menswear shop as a part time job beside school.

I enjoy Scandinavian fashion, especially Norse Projects, Our Legacy, Oscar Jacobson & Acne.

Been lurking here for a few years before creating a user.

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My name is BigYeech. I'm a teenager who's ready to break out of the "hoodie and sweats on a daily basis" stage. Live in upstate New York. Love refined looks, eager to learn more.

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