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Hello from France,


I'm Julien, 19yo and currently working on my newly created blog. I strive to improve my life and other people's every day of my life and hope I can help and get help here. 



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Hi all,

New here. Interested in style-- particularly Classic "Ralph Lauren" look, Italian Napolini, and Saville Row style. Still learning all the "ins and outs" of style, so I consider myself a sartorial novice with a strong interest to learn more.

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Season's Greetings from the mouse's backyard. I'm a bit of a novice living in what is, by everything I've seen, one of the great sartorial wastelands of the United States.

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Hello from Viet Nam,


I'm 26 yrs old boy from Viet Nam who considers himself dummy for Garment industry :). I recently join the field for my latest job, and find it an extreme experience.


I believe styleforum.net is a very useful website which can help me to stay strong with the business. On the other hands, I hope to make new good friends here :) 

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Hi all, finally joining the forum after lurking for a long time! Look forward to being a more active member!

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Hey guys.  I joined a while back but am only getting active now that winter is setting in!  Looking forward to seeing how all this unfolds!

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I'm Bidona. Joined the Forum primarily because I like to buy "one of" and exclusive items, so hope to find some great stuff here!


I'm male in my late 40s, wearing European XL or US L size :)



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I've been lurking for so long, there was only one outcome.


Happy holidays!

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hi all, i am back again.what's up .now i am stand here for long time.guy's recently i have joined bd news site as a online marketing executive . so it's a marketing site and this site the best for marketing.

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Hi my name is Arthur, I am a 21 year old college student from New York, but I go to school in New England. I've always been interested in fashion, in the sense that I like to wear what looks good. The scene I grew up in New York is very different from the traditional New England scene, so it's interesting to see how what is considered fashionable differs depending on your location. I came on this site to mingle and learn from like minded individuals, and to also get a peak on upcoming brands. 


Happy Holidays!

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Hello all,
My name is Greg and I've enjoyed lurking on this forum for awhile. I'm retired from law enforcement and one of the few hobbies I have is collecting vintage and custom made cowboy boots. Really enjoy the thread on cowboy boots so thought I might as well join in.
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Hi all guys, happy to join your forum. I'm a fan and collector of vintage leather jackets like Aero Leather, Schott, Chevignon, Vanson

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Hello everybody, I am 17 and french. I live in Paris.


First, I came here to find some informations about Schneider's work, I did, and I decided to stay because it makes me progress in english and also because SF forum is very interesting ahah


A bientôt! :cheers:

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Hello there.

NYC. 33. Working out how to dress like an adult. Huge fan of The Armoury, Epaulet, Frans Boone, The Bureau, Monocle, NMWA, P. Johnson, and Carson Street. Typical, I guess!
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Hi, I am Mike.


I like old faded and comfortable, cotton denim blue jeans. They are my favorite pants to wear but of course are not practicle for many things.

Nice and fashionable button-ups that are not to flashy make my wanted list.

Now I am finding I love the newer breathable materials that they are producing.

Where before it was restricted to workouts and such, now I can look good, presentable and feel comfortable as well as not sweat.If I get wet the material dries so quickly it almost doesn't matter. I love it. Not to mention they are soft, as comfortable as can be. The little holes are so small they really do look good.

I tend to like darker colors and then shake it up with a lighter beige or something. I actually like red a lot too, I just don't seem to have any red clothing left for some reason.

Other stuff:

Anyway, I like outdoors activities like fishing and just getting outside. Take part in activities that amount to exercise so it lessens any time burdens as well.

Reading is enjoyed at night before I sleep, sometimes. Then I prefer a good fantasy book. The darker ones are rather interesting and I find that a good fantasy book tends to be written better than most other genres. Better plots and stories and character development.

Otherwise I read a lot of self training types of material.

Working on my first ebook that is near completion. Hopefully out within 2 weeks. I am looking forward to this. The suspense makes a person want to through it out in the public eye but the common sense says no, finish it, fool. HAHA

It will be an accomplishment when it is published though.

That's all for now.

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