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Hi guys,


I'm from Germany and love reading up on menswear, especially shoes. I love dressing well and mostly wear sport coat ensembles.

Looking forward to participate in sharing experience and opinions!

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Hi Everybody,


I`m new and always interested in new fashion trends...especially leatherbags





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Hey everyone. I anchor a tv show and follow the style of the classics. McQueen. Bond etc. hope to make some purchases and some friends and maybe learn a thing or two.
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Hi guys,

I'm from the Netherlands and like to learn more from this forum specially searching for long established brands. I sometimes like to dress up but equally comfortable in jeans and shirts
Looking forward to participate and learn from all at the forums.
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hello, my name is William, i stumbled upon this forum in search of information as i educate myself about classic menswear or as i understand it, the only form of acceptable menswear. a year ago i decided to fully cleanse myself of inferior clothing, and began the journey whilst buying a few off the rack suits and pants to start me off, i was in mexico at the time, and the place i was at had no tailor for hundreds of miles so i made due with what i could. i currently find myslef in Asia, taiwan in fact and after a half dozen MTM suits to further my understanding, i am now preparing for the next step of purchasing a full bespoke suit. i am here in search of knowledge as i make my way further up the style ladder and will ask a million questions... so thanks in advance!

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Hi everyone! We are Real Clobber Menswear Lifestyle Magazine


Welcome to Real Clobber the place to fuel your clobber addiction...

Here at real clobber our passion is clothing from heritage to streetwear to casual, we love it more than life itself.  After working in the designer menswear industry for some time we saw the opportunity to offer a menswear lifestyle blog & lifestyle magazine  showcasing the best stores, brands and fashion news from around the globe. We are giving you all the information you need to shop online for designer clothing at the click of a button.

Our site will offer not only advertising opportunities and links to all the best and proper menswear retailers & stores on the planet but a lifestyle themed blog page. Showcasing current look books and styles from the real side of menswear and no mention of catwalks in sight.


We work with the likes of adidas, New Balance, Fjallraven, Puma, ASICS &Carhartt to name a few. Please keep posted for all our menswear updates and latest news!!

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Hi all,

My name is Vlada, I'm logging on from Gold Coast, Australia.

I'm a stockbroker so I'm interested in primarily suits and ties and I stumbled across this forum while searching for Versace Ties. I just turned 30 and for the first time saw the old Gianni Versace ties, the vintage / colourful / loud designs he did in the 90's and very quickly fell in love with them.

I'm interested in finding out more about the forum and participating with members. I'm particularly interested in anyone who is selling the old school Versace ties I mentioned that are in good condition. Please feel free to contact me if you're selling.

I look forward to interacting with you guys here.

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Hey there,


I'm Stijn, young bloke living in Belgium who has a passion for haute horlogerie (collector) as well as nice clothing. Seems like I found a spot here as I do think I have much to learn. Not much of a poster, more a reader.


Looking forward to get to know this place!

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Hungry here!  


Lo-head and avid thrifter

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Peter here!

New to the forum but been around menswear for some time now.


I am driving the effort behind this online magazine:

CORDIAL MAGAZINE features travel, food, menswear, gadgets, art, design, and everything else that is fashion forward and relevant. Our motto is "feel good" and only try to keep our content positive. Please follow us on instagram at @cordialmagazine. Our plan is to develop followers and launch a men's accessories store. Your support now will NOT BE OVERLOOKED! And a special promotion to all the fam will be given. Thanks again!



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Hello everyone! My name is Zander. I'm new to the scene and just recently became fashion conscious. These past couple of years I would only wear sweatpants and a hoodie, the regular outfit for most high school students. I want to improve on my clothing fit and my knowledge of men's fashion. I hope to learn from you guys and eventually become a forum contributor. 


Have a nice day/night!


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My name is John, I'm a perfect 42 long. I've always been an untucked button down with jeans or polo with microfiber slacks. Lately I've been really into dressing up my button downs with jeans and coats. I've bought chaps black and gray blazers, and a Hilfiger camel with blue window pane sport cut...
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Hello, I am Michael. I am really happy to join these forums, I hope to learn a lot from you guys. 



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Hi All,


Joining today after seeing this forum mentioned elsewhere.  Looks like some good threads to get involved in.  Clothes wise I am in to well made subtle labels for casual wear, and rarely wear anything with visible branding.  Current favourite labels are Oliver Spencer, Albam, Uniqlo (for value), Engineered Garments, Post Overalls etc.  Am looking at investing in a new coat, and am keen on trying Ten-C (although the mention of Styleforum I saw elsewhere was for a thread on Ten-C which was not entirely complimentary of the quality!).  Anyway, look forward to getting involved.

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im ROD FRANCISCO owner of ROD FRANCISCO TAILORING a tailor from kamuning, Manila 38 yrs old and married for 13 yrs. with 3 kiddos. I joined here for more info and reading those some questioned.If i can suggest or answering some question about my job i would rather do...thanks..

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