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Hi everyone, I'll go by Mr. Gentliee here! 


I'm based in Toronto and am a big fan of classic menswear. I have a assembled quite a large collection of interesting pieces and its still growing! 


I'll be using SF primarily to connect with other enthusiasts and hopefully share some of my collection with you. Look out for me in the marketplace soon!





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Hi all... Naveed here from Chennai,India... Am into leather business with Formal shoes,casual and semi-formal shoes as our main products. Randomly landed here while surfing for selling my products.. Trust it turns out to be a positive forum with lots of learnings (and ofcz business)...

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Hey all. I'm from Singapore and I signed up for a styleforum account in a small quest when looking for an old thread. I intend to use this forum as a resource to further study classic mens style in general (I started off following American prep and ivy blogs and this remains an area of my interest). I could also contribute in terms of suggesting suitable wear for the tropics.


I'm a new user on Dappered too, and my purchases are generally aligned with the rest of the users there, so not much nice sounding Italian brands for me :(.

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Hello everyone,


My name is Walter, I'm from France and I'm 17 years old.

I'm based in Paris and I probably go for USA in one year.


I registered on StyleForum because that's one of the most important website of menswear. 

I follow various panel of blog ; Bonnegueule, PG, FTDF, Milanese Special Selection, The Bespoke Dudes, and few tumblr.

The sartorial style have my preference with a little bit decontraction, and workwear pieces.


Excuse my approximately english ;)

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I am currently a college student. The Parsons New School for Design accepted me last fall but instead I went to a liberal arts college. Quality garments and shoes with tasteful designs are my favorites. I am starting to build my wardrobe so I still have a long way to go. After being a guest of the forum for approximately a year and half, I decided to join the forum and share my limited knowledge with fellow forum members.

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Hi Folks,


My name is John.  I've been in a part of the business world that drifted away from wearing suits and ties over the last couple of decades.  When I first entered the business world, suits and ties were the norm.  I've accepted a new position in a related industry in which a suit and tie is appropriate much of the time.


I've always appreciated fine clothing.  I'm excited to have the opportunity to rebuild my wardrobe.  I've found this forum very helpful in identifying some of the best current designers.  I'm looking forward to being part of the conversation.

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Hi everyone -


My name is Damon, and I am a west-coast transplant living in Washington DC.  I travel a lot for work, usually to the Middle East and South Asia.  It's only been for the past five years or so that I've gotten into nicer clothes - retiring my jeans and t-shirts for suits.  I registered here because I regularly find myself ending up here via google.  



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My name is Steven.


I've always been a cotton/wool guy, but have been overweight all of my life and was never able to purchase clothes that fit me properly.


About three years ago I finally had enough money to purchase a custom shirt and never looked back.


Still very difficult to fit... no neck, broad chest, short arms...


But custom clothing is a life changing experience.

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Hi, I'm Lawrence from Singapore and I've been following SF for 3 years now.. and finally decide to get an account smile.gif
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Hi everyone, 

my Name is Sven, im from Germany, and a soon-to-be University student, but still at school at the moment. 

I love to wear formal clothing like suits, but got too less opportunities to wear them at my Age.


The reason i registred here was because google lead me here a few times and the page got my interest. Also i needed some help with finding a coat.

Also i love to keep up with styles and fashion and the whole fashion world is a very interesting topic to me.


Thanks for reading and excuse my English, im still trying to improve it.

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My name is Julien, I'm 25 years old and I would like improve my style.

I don't have much relations skilled in style so I hope you could help me!


I'm French (as you certainly noticed with my mistakes) but I like UK style, especially knitwears and boots.

I think this is the best place to find good advices and I hope improve my English too!





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Hi All,


I'm 28. I like to roll up my sleeves unless I'm wearing a jacket.


Finally finishing up school (PhD) and getting a "real world job" so I wanted to learn about style and have been lurking here a bit.


However, I sometimes wonder how seriously to take some of the advice here... For example I remember seeing post about "never wearing shorts in public" by a senior member which just sounded ridiculous. I'm sure anybody who works out their legs wouldn't mind showing them off. So, is there a thread that shows the average age groups and professions of most of the senior members that are constantly offering up advice? 

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I'm Marko and i live in Europe. My favorite style is beard, tattoos and some cool suit. I'm here just for fun and to connect. Cheers

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I'm Yongsoo. I live and work in Cambridge, MA as in-house counsel. Since I'm not a law firm, the work attire ranges from the techs in hoodies, jeans and sneakers to myself in business casual.


I've used this site and the advice of its members for at least a few years now but haven't ever participated. I figured it's about time to register, especially since I've decided to recently update the wardrobe. Shoes are my current piece. That said, I'm more of a watch guy than anything else and spend some breaks reading posts over at WUS.

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Hi there, I'm Steve.


I live in Toronto and have found the forum a great style resource over the past few years.  Glad to have finally signed up and Looking forward to being able to contribute.

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