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Hello Everyone, I'm Fred, from Vancouver, Canada, and I'm into minimalism in both casual and formal wear. Some brands that I'm into are Thom Browne and John Elliott. I've joined the forum to gain more knowledge on how other brands fit and possibly trade some pieces with people of similar interests! Thank-you

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I Jean. I live in Bali and run a small bespoke shoemaking business

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Ivan from San Francisco. T-Shirt and jeans type of guy. Still trying to find a nice pair of casual shoes that are comfortable.

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Hi,everyone! I'm Harrison Morgan and I'm new here. I love all things fashion so I'm super stoked to be apart of this. I look forward to getting to know you all more over the course of the forum. Here's my Twitter if you'd like to keep up with my endeavors: https://twitter.com/harrythemorgan


Hope to see you around! 


P.S: Can anyone recommend any good skate shoes besides mainstream brands? 

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Hello Everyone,


    I have been directed to this site so many times as I researched proper business attire as I moved into a new career, I decided to join as I have applied SOME of what I have learned thus far.  I recently moved into finance but previously was a military contractor so a suit vice a black t shirt and body armor is kind of new to me.  I look forward to interacting with you all from here on out.

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I live in France.

I like bespoke clothes, shoes and the artisans who can do theses things.

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Hello folks.


I'm Nathan, from South Korea.

I live in Seoul city, with beautiful wife and cut baby boy.


Love to play basketball, any kind of sports.

I'm playing guitar too.


Normally wear separate styles, mixed up with jeans and sports coat.


I hope to learn and talk styles here with you guys.




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Scott from Chicago. Been lurking for years and a long time SuFu member, but now it's time to get more active here.

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Hi, newbie here. I posted a few times already yesterday. I am from Spain and I hope to be here for a while. I like classic style although I don't dress too formal on my everyday life. :)

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Andy here, from San Jose, California. I've been browsing around the internet for a while, reading Put This On, Die Workwear, A Suitable Wardrobe, and other sites. And so I've made my way here.


I'm trying to dress better, learning as I go.

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Hi, i'm alex, I live in london, come from moscow

i pretty much a normal guy interested in fashion &clothing.

i work as a real estate agent .. i enjoy it, i guess. just graduated from university.

i'm half russian  half french but i already spent several years in uk.:)

nice to meet you all!

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Hey all,


My name is tony, I've got a closet full of denim and suits. It's always great to see what the folks are wearing these days (and it's fun to crawl around the archives sometimes). I've got a bucket list of things that I'm always on the lookout for, and it's cool to be able to solve old problems and find new problems, hopefully with the help of you all. Anyways, I like to think that finding and wearing clothes is a kind of aspirational activity, you know? Be what you want to be kind of a deal.



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Hi, I'm Henry from Toronto.

Married like silver jubilee, 2 almost grown kids.


Work necessitates I wear very casual, so jeans and shorts pretty much most days. I own a print

company but decided, by my wife I should dress more like a big boy. So slowly been adding to my big boy wardrobe

from nice classic and simple pieces from just about any company/designer, but my weakness

leans toward shoes, and boots. doesn't matter so long as they're comfortable and of decent quality.


Here's to sticking around and getting influenced towards more "stuff"



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Hi, everyone! Glad to join you all here. I'm Annaly and I live in Los Angeles now. I got married 2 years ago and I have one boy now.

I work as dress designer for a new brand Azazie in Los Angeles with my husband. I like reading, fashion, photography in my spare time. I come here for something helpful and fashionable. And I like shopping and enjoy the different style clothes because I need inspiration about my design works. So any suggestion about my works are welcomed.


Thank you!

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Hi everyone. My name is Rama, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. I'm a middle-aged Indian working and living here with my wife and two sons. I'm an almost prudish formal dresser and can't be spotted in casuals beyond bounds of my home :)


Nothing much else to write about myself, to be honest :)

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