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Hi all, recent college graduate and trying to revamp my wardrobe for the working world. Interested in suits, tailoring and bespoke.

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I'm Guy, i'm a mechanic and a combat instructor and for those rare days where I don't want to look like an Ogre I came here for knowledge on how to dress appropriately.

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Hello everyone I am Judy. 

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Hi I'm Jordan.  Searching for that perfect pair of pants.  Everything else is kind of a distraction.  Know where to find them?? Thanks

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Hello everyone,


My name is Christos and I experiencing my sartorial revolution. When I do have a question I will post.Thank you in advance.

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Hi all, been lurking for a while and decided to join. Looking to get involved in some cool GMTO.
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Hi guys,


I'm Alan and I love shoes, watches and clothes! Those are my style related interests, in a nutshell. Big time shell cordovan enthusiast among other things.

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Hi all, I'm SYCSYC, a suits lover from Paris. Decided to suscribe because of the SF Friday Challenges. I look forward to see amazing outfits here!
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Hey everybody, stumbled on this site while looking to purchase a tuxedo. This place has been incredibly informative and has really opened my eyes to high-end men's fashion.
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Hey guys. I am a young (under 25 year old) law student in Canada.


I just started getting into men's fashion and dressing more "adult like" a few months ago when law school began. I didn't even own a blazer and only had two button ups at the time.


I've re-hauled my wardrobe but mostly with budget items, and now I am looking to step things up and go for quality over quantity.


I hope I can learn a lot from you guys, and save some money in the process.

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Hi All,


My name is Jay and I am here because I am into watches, sunglasses, and high performance yet fashionable outerwear.  Looking forward to getting new ideas from the community here ad possible finding some great gear!



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Hello Everyone,

  My name is Jonathan. I have perused this site over the lest two years to gain insight into how to properly dress and get the most quality and value out of each clothing purchase. This site along with my local men's store has been a huge help. 

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Hi, I'm Drew. I want to dress better than I do. I can't afford the best but at least want what I can afford to look like I know what I am doing.


I am looking forward to speaking with like minded people.

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Hi, I'm Eddie, I'm generally looking for expert opinions on my personal wardrobe and specifically interested in advice about a leather jacket company I'm trying to set up.

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Hey everyone, I'm Billy. I live in the DC area, and love wearing my boots a nice pair of jeans and a nice button down. When the cooler weather hits you'll almost always see me in my Barbour jacket (favorite item in my closet).
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