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Recent BFA grad here. Always working and since I don't live in NYC I have a little dough to spend now that I'm through with school. My wardrobe consists mainly of Acne, Stephan Schneider, Our Legacy, and John Elliot but the outerwear is a little more diverse (Rick Owens DRKSHDW, Robert Geller, Engineered Garments, Nonnative, etc.) Been lurking a long time, signing up to discuss the brands I like and hopefully discover some new ones.

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Hi everybody! My name is Jules, and I hail from England. I was born in the 50's, grew up in the 70's and started to dress well and started a few trends of my own...I suppose I spent a lot of time in clubs in hot pursuit of good music and fine looking women! I had some good cars too, among them a 68 Mustang, 67 Thunderbird, 68 Torino Fastback, 71 Dodge Challenger and a 70 Cougar XR7 to name a few.
I like Soul and Jazz, Latin Salsa and Mrs 57 and I like to throw some shapes on the dance floor too!
I work in Film and TV, like to eat well and have every intention of growing old in style and total disgrace!!!
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Hi All,


Have visited this site a few times while searching for information about suits, dress shirts, trousers, tailored clothing, and shoes. Finally decided to join as I am slowly starting to build my own closet being recently full-time employed. Was always particular about clothing and their fit so looking forward to learning alot in this forum and contributing as well.

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I've been lurking as a non-member for nearly a month now, mostly in SW&D.  I've been working on getting myself together post-college.  I dig a lot of vintage workwear, skinhead/suedehead looks, since I grew up on punk rock and working hard labor.  I'm mostly here just to read what all's going on and get a good handle on what brands are decent and what looks good, and I don't plan on posting much.  I finally joined just so I could block Hirsch and Snoopy.

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Hello I'm new here. Found styleforum after researching leather jackets and found the toj thread.


I'm from Toronto, a programmer, and I like style/fashion, technology, exercise/being active, and rock music among other things.

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To Olsrocket27,
I can tell you every bit of gear you need for that era as I was a Skinhead, Suedehead and Boot-boy after that...
Start with a Pair of Originals...Levi's 501's shrink to fit, then decide on whether you want to wear them at "half-mast"...in other words, showing your ankles, with red socks and Dr. Marten's Boots. 8 Lace-holes, straight laces please...clip-on braces that cross at your back. These should be red to match the socks. Shirt should be slim-fit Ben Sherman in a tight check /tartan, or Brutus shirts will do. Black or bottle green Harrington G9 preferably made by Baracuta or Merc will do but it's not a major thing.
Next is the genuine Abercrombie Worsted Overcoat...no Astrokan collars necessary, just a handkerchief peaked in the breast pocket showing your colours pertaining to your "Crew", the handkerchief should be held in place with a tie stud/pin through the centre. You next items of apparel need to be a pair of Royals...preferably long wing Royal brogues with a half inch Policeman's sole, and segs or blakeys studs under the soles so people can hear you coming! Next is a pair of Levi's Sta-prest trousers again with no more than an 18" bottom, and a half inch turn up. White socks or red to be worn.
On your head should be a Pork-pie hat or a trilby, with a cigarette coupon in the hat band.
Tonic Suits were very much "in" at this time as was Prince of Wales check suits, but your hair will need to be cropped to a number one...eight of an inch all over, shaved in parting, Boston back and leave the side-burns!
Loafers were also wearable but we never wore ties until Suedehead days, and one phase rolled into the next but with the Mod straight haircut with an emphasis on neatness....scooters were the favourite mode of transport with Parkas or your "Crombie" overcoat and your football scarf...that's soccer to our American Crew.
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Hi Everyone, My name is Steven, I am from China, I like fashion and dresses, I plan to open a studio here, but I want to learn more from here. Especially for custom made suits and shirts. I really appreciated if someone could give me better suggestion.

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Hi guys,


my name is kasey.


i found this forum by googling SLP


I am into SLP, MMM, RO.


my hobbies are watches and high fashion.


thanks :)

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