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I've been lurking as a non-member for nearly a month now, mostly in SW&D.  I've been working on getting myself together post-college.  I dig a lot of vintage workwear, skinhead/suedehead looks, since I grew up on punk rock and working hard labor.  I'm mostly here just to read what all's going on and get a good handle on what brands are decent and what looks good, and I don't plan on posting much.  I finally joined just so I could block Hirsch and Snoopy.

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Hello I'm new here. Found styleforum after researching leather jackets and found the toj thread.


I'm from Toronto, a programmer, and I like style/fashion, technology, exercise/being active, and rock music among other things.

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To Olsrocket27,
I can tell you every bit of gear you need for that era as I was a Skinhead, Suedehead and Boot-boy after that...
Start with a Pair of Originals...Levi's 501's shrink to fit, then decide on whether you want to wear them at "half-mast" other words, showing your ankles, with red socks and Dr. Marten's Boots. 8 Lace-holes, straight laces please...clip-on braces that cross at your back. These should be red to match the socks. Shirt should be slim-fit Ben Sherman in a tight check /tartan, or Brutus shirts will do. Black or bottle green Harrington G9 preferably made by Baracuta or Merc will do but it's not a major thing.
Next is the genuine Abercrombie Worsted Astrokan collars necessary, just a handkerchief peaked in the breast pocket showing your colours pertaining to your "Crew", the handkerchief should be held in place with a tie stud/pin through the centre. You next items of apparel need to be a pair of Royals...preferably long wing Royal brogues with a half inch Policeman's sole, and segs or blakeys studs under the soles so people can hear you coming! Next is a pair of Levi's Sta-prest trousers again with no more than an 18" bottom, and a half inch turn up. White socks or red to be worn.
On your head should be a Pork-pie hat or a trilby, with a cigarette coupon in the hat band.
Tonic Suits were very much "in" at this time as was Prince of Wales check suits, but your hair will need to be cropped to a number one...eight of an inch all over, shaved in parting, Boston back and leave the side-burns!
Loafers were also wearable but we never wore ties until Suedehead days, and one phase rolled into the next but with the Mod straight haircut with an emphasis on neatness....scooters were the favourite mode of transport with Parkas or your "Crombie" overcoat and your football scarf...that's soccer to our American Crew.
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Hi Everyone, My name is Steven, I am from China, I like fashion and dresses, I plan to open a studio here, but I want to learn more from here. Especially for custom made suits and shirts. I really appreciated if someone could give me better suggestion.

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Hi guys,


my name is kasey.


i found this forum by googling SLP


I am into SLP, MMM, RO.


my hobbies are watches and high fashion.


thanks :)

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Whertigo here. I'm slowly getting into fashion, and my tastes are getting more expensive by the minute.

I'm a "street wear with an edge" guy, and love stuff from b:scott, religion and zanerobe. Recently discovered Rick Owens.
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Page 231, damn! I'm late to arrive, it seems...


This all started a couple weeks ago when I was on one of my London trips and I decided that I wanted shirts that actually fit. Even the "slim fit" ones from 10 or 15 years ago feel like I can hide half a side of beef in them with me. As I shopped the various areas and options, the end result was that (a) I still like Canali suits, (b) Paul Smith is great if you're a 20- or 30-something hipster looking for the Brit-boy look, and (c) Thomas Pink ain't what they were 10 years ago.


Searching Google for "best custom shirt" yields all kinds of crap, along with the likes of Proper Cloth and Kamakura Shirts. I will probably be giving them a shot in two weeks when I'm next in NYC. But then what about my suits? I love my Canalis, but I'm told "no brown around town" so what to do? I'm going to have to explore that one. 


I land back home in San Francisco Thursday night and continue my searching. I see there is this "Kent Wang guy" with a trunk show in San Francisco, umm, today and tomorrow (this past Friday and Saturday now). So, I drag my jet-lagged self over there intending to look at shirts, and end up ordering a new suit in a medium gray nailhead, TR7125. How did that happen? 


Anyways, I'm lucky enough to be able to wear casual clothing most of the time, but do have to wear a suit when I'm meeting with customers and prospects, generally in Europe. SO now "all I've got to do" is figure out shirts and ties. 


I'm reasonably handy with my now-Vintage Viking 150 sewing machine, and just added a Pfaff 145 walking-foot machine for sewing outdoor fabrics, canvas, and leather. 


Past clothing, I love good coffee and am in the midsts of restoring a vintage La Marzocco GS two-group machine. When I can get away to warmer water, I'll dive when I can.


So, I've got lots of reading to do here and then I'll probably post a "What do I keep, what do I donate?" thread to get some advice on how to update what I've got for those few days a week on travel when I need to be with suit and tie.


I'm bummed that half-lined Kent Wang won't be here in time for my next trip, but the promise of a lighter and thinner set of packed bags being hauled up and down the stairs in the London tube stations is very attractive!


Back to reading...




San Francisco

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My name is David Zaritsky and I am the proprietor of a new shop in Newtown, PA that sells ONLY USA made goods for men.  I have been a long time fan of Style Forum and I am here to keep abreast of interests as well as to possibly connect with local Pennsylvania like minded people that are interested in USA made small batch clothing.  Our site is to get a flavor of who we are....


Simply put, Craftsmanship sells American made products for men that are sold in small batches from small companies with big ideas. 

That being said, what we carry in our store is very important to us.  We carry brands that we have already experienced and adore.  We offer brands that have story-telling properties to them.  Most of all we have brands that will connect with our customers and our own brand to create impact points that last a lifetime.  We support small USA companies that are attempting something big.

How did this all start?  This is where it gets interesting…as a James Bond fan (I have one of the largest Bond prop and wardrobe collections in the states) I became very interested in the different USA brands that were frequented by Daniel Craig.  Like Steve McQueen was, Craig is a self-proclaimed USA clothing brand junkie and in doing my research I too became swept up in the stories and journey of these brands.  I was always a fan of the “old-ways” of craftsmanship, pomp and circumstance, and traditional moments that men have always gravitated towards.  I dreamed of a place where I could receive a vintage barber cut, an old fashioned razor shave,  shop for USA made products, all while trying a local brew.  But the most inspirational journeys create dreams and like most dreamers I wanted to make mine a reality.  Combining with a local institution, John’s Barber Shop, Craftsmanship has moved from dream to a reality.

As proprietors of Craftsmanship we want you to get to know us as much as we want to get to know you.  We are David and Danielle Zaritsky, Newtown residents, Parents, people with Marketing and Retail experience, Curators of fine brands, Supporters of American Made Matters, and people that love to shop LOCAL. This means we’re dedicated to trying harder than any retailer you’ve met before.

We are passionate about delivering inspired experiences in everything we do both online and off.  We are not led by trends but rather an appreciation for utility, longevity and provenance. We have a desire to offer lasting items that get better with age.

We are forged through rational and emotional benefits:

Rational Benefit:  Buying USA and local helps my economy, and better clothing lasts longer.

Emotional Benefit:  I feel good spending a little more on the experience and brands that are better made and made in the USA.




Pertinent links and social media:

Web site:

Instagram:  craftsmanshipusa


Address:  120 South State Street, Newtown, PA 18940

Phone:  (215) 987-6560


We are also interested in advertising on this site....image1.JPGCraftsmanship logo.jpg

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Hi All,


I am Tahiry, looking for some style advices.



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Hi I'm from Chicago and finally starting to care about dressing better since my wife always looks good and i don't want to look like a fool next to her. I also don't want to be wasting good money on non-quality items. Looking forward to learning and contributing if i can.
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yeah im here to lose money too. Form NY

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Hello, I'm Patrick.  I'm a librarian, although I previously worked in a mental hospital as an orderly, at an RTC as a psychiatry liaison, and at a hospital as a clinical coordinator.  Mostly, I wear jeans, flat front khakis, t-shirts, sweaters, flannels, and hooded sweatshirts.  Occasionally, I have the opportunity to make use of my Harris tweed jackets and hats.  I'm still only starting out, trying to get a hang of the rules and how to break them (if at all).  I just bought my first suit that wasn't off the rack, and my first pair of  higher-end shoes (Allen Edmonds) to start building a professional wardrobe.

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Hi good afternoon to all your SF'ers.


I am Leo, and I move edible oil around the world for a living.


In mid-30's and hail from ever-humid and sunny Singapore. Unfortunately in my circle of friends who have rather "artsy" styles (blue velvet tuxedo jacket with a white wife-beater and burgundy cut-offs and green Dr Marten's... and climbing rope plaited into a belt.... well you get the idea) I am the only one that had the boring style.


Only recently due to my frequent travels (once a month at least) to London, Barcelona, Geneva, etc etc that I've begun to really appreciate and love a Proper suit.


I'll probably be hanging around more in the Classic Menswear area of the forum, see you chaps around!

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Hello StyleForum,


I am Bill, a MBA student from New York preparing to graduate in May 2015.  My goal of continuing to develop a proper wardrobe both professionally and personally has brought me to StyleForum.  I have been lurking for a couple weeks now and have decided to register as a user.  It has become evident that there is a plethora of valuable information here.

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Hi to one & all


    I am Man of Honor (no not Superman the Man of Steel with a red cape). I am in my mid fifties, after a very succesful career I am out on my own doing consultancy. I have always enjoyed the fine art of the sartorial splendor. So now I have the time to enjoy my tastes, whims and fancies, I look  forward to seeing & reading your adventures in the art of sartorial splendors.Wishing all the gentlemen the very best.


Man of Honor

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