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Harold Falcon,  yes sir.  I aquired my first Jeep JKU about 1-1/2 years ago.  I love it.  I have meet lots of people (and I am not really a people that are just as jeep crazy as I.  I spend hours surfing through jeep "Porn" on line trying to figure out what the next mod will be, LOL.


Below is my addition.  Sorry only pic i have on this computer.


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Hey all!  Looking forward to learn on StyleForum!  Raw denim was def my gateway drug to all this haha.

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Hi All, I am Cuvee55, it took me 5 minutes to find a proper username as all the nice names have been registered:). I am interested in suits and hopefully I can find much helpful information on it. 

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I'm from originally from India but currently living and working in Los Angeles, CA in my early 30s doing consulting job. I wear mostly Charles Tyrwhitt, bespoke shirts from my tailor in Bangkok, Louis Phillipe(from India), and a few Brooks Brothers. My job needs me to wear suits, have couple of bespoke, and cK sports coat and suits. Looking to get some better suits as part of building my wardrobe.

Huge fan of shoes and am getting into buying real shoes, so far have couple of Allen Edmonds, Roush(India) for office and bunch of Jordan's for weekend.

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Hi everyone,

My name is Jan. I have always been very interested in fashion in particular boutique fashion. So, I decided to join styleforum to get in touch with people who share my passion. Besides, my brother and I just launched our online retail store for male boutique fashion a few days ago and I figured this would be a good way to spread the word about it. If you are interested in sophisticated clothing styles of upcoming brands from all around the world, please check out our website under


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I am Sean. I blog about my search for Prepdom. I was looking for something that represented who I am and my lifestyle. I have "preppy' roots and started my search for Prepdom. I have created a Prepdom Manual to document my journey. You can follow me on 


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Hey hey,


I'm Justin - I'm a fashion business/magazine journalism student at Columbia College in Chicago. I write for Paper Magazine and Bullett Magazine. 

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Originally Posted by JustinTMoran View Post

Hey hey,

I'm Justin - I'm a fashion business/magazine journalism student at Columbia College in Chicago. I write for Paper Magazine and Bullett Magazine. 

So you're unemployed? Living off mommy and daddy?
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I'm a financially independent student living off student loans and absolutely no help from "mommy and daddy," but I appreciate your attempt at condescension. I have two paid jobs and an internship in addition to being a full-time student. 

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How can you have two paid jobs and an internship? Are you a gigolo?
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My passion for beautiful shoes started when I was 12 or 13 years old.


I devour threads about shoes (and some about dress) in many forums.

I am particularly fond of English shoes, and I have a large collection that spans from the entry to high-end levels. I also have a few pairs from some French shoe makers like JM Weston or Paraboot.

In terms of dress, I like the “British style” and am particularly fond of tweed jackets. I order most of my bespoke jackets from England and Scotland online.

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Hello, my name is frank, I am really happy to join this forum and I am sure I am going to learn a lot. I am fascinated by men´s fashion and this forum is the real deal.



Best regards

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I'm Ydne, from France, i'm 23.


Actually, i'm student in french high school Management. I'm happy to be here and share my style with everybody.



Best Regards 

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Good evening everyone,


I have visited the site many times just to read the posts and see the pics.  I look forward to learning more about shoes and fashion as I mature.  I'm a little late to the shoe party, but hey better late than never.



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Hi.  Kevin here.  I joined this thread when I read about Walnut shoes with black pants.


I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, in Sonoma County which is 50 miles north.   I'm a bit of a clothes horse.  The more formal stuff consists primarily of Hugo Boss, and a couple pieces from Armani.  Shoes include Allen Edmonds, Armani, and an esoteric shoe called "Skywalker," which I acquired many years ago.  As far as everyday wear, I'm afraid I'm a Diesel wh0re, a few assorted colors of Ralph Lauren Polos, and some fun t-shirts.  Everyday shoes are Caterpillars which I wear to death.  Assorted black boots.  A couple pairs of Campers and Vans for knocking about at home.


Anyway, its an ongoing process of learning and doing what is correct.  However, I do like breaking rules without looking downright silly.  Think police officer come private investigator Elway on Season 8 of Dexter.  Broke several rules but with his attitude, confidence, and persona carried off his look.  Downright uber cool.


I'll be enjoying the posts!

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