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What's up good people.
Marko here, live from the 757.
Pleasure to join y'all.
RRL/Ralph Lauren junkie.
Plenty of nice pieces for sale.
looking to pick up a few as well.
Keep your eyes open for a quality steal!

Once again pleasure to be here.
See y'all around.
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aftereffector here, but call me Daniel.  I've been a lurker for a while, signed up a few months ago, but never got around to introducing myself back then :)  I came here for business casual style advice and picked up a lot of knowledge about a lot of other things along the way - though mostly I'd have to say that now I know how much I *don't* know about good clothes.  Right now I'm on a knowledge hunt about Park Avenue lasts.



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Hi there,


i´m David, a 20 year old student from Hamburg, Germany.

Looking here for some inspirations and hope i can post something useful too.



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Hi, there!


Name's carlos. Looking to find some cool tips and browse this awesome site.


see ya 

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Hello, my name is Ron, I am from NJ and living in Franca, I am very happy to join this forum.

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Whats up guys. Im here looking for suggestions/info on work boots. Sorry to say, but I'll be in and out. Im a mechanic, so I wear the same thing day in day out. Just looking for info on those boutique work boot brands like White, Wesco, Viberg etc. Thanks!!


Here is my thread:



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Hello there.  My name's Jocar and I joined here to learn more about shoes as I seek to upgrade from my usual ones.  In doing so, I also hope to improve in the clothes game, building from the ground up.


Good day.

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Hi all,

I am a NYC transplant by way of London and Paris, and enjoy beautiful, nicely crafted things from clothes to shoes to watches -and also food! Always eager to share and learn more.



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Hey mates,


My name is César and I work for as a Digital Marketing Consultant for Fashion Brands. I'm based in London.


I started 4 months ago a Menswear Blog packed with editorials, trends, inspiration etc. The URL is www.scotch-and-rose.com 


I'm joining to find out what are the most common questions guys have about fashion. Hopefully, this will be useful for me  to know how to tailor my content and make it more appealing. I don't consider myself a fashion expert, but I enjoy writing on my site, so please, if you have 5 free mins could you visit it? I would deeply appreciate it. 


Thank you guys!! Appreciate the support.

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I live in the Chicagoland area. I'm a pastor of a church so I dress sort of business casual pretty often. I only go full suit and tie for weddings, funerals and special events. 


I recently lost about 30 lbs and while that's a great thing, I also have lost a lot of great pieces that are just too big on me. The weight is staying off though, because it's been almost a year. I'm tried of wearing clothes that are too big and I'm committed to never fill them out again. So I need a new wardrobe, little by little. 

Given my budget and my role in the community my aim is to dress nice but not ostentatiously nice. 


I've poked around on here and I like the discussions I see. I know I'm going to learn a ton and I'm looking forward to it!

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