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Hello, my name is Ron, I am from NJ and living in Franca, I am very happy to join this forum.

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Whats up guys. Im here looking for suggestions/info on work boots. Sorry to say, but I'll be in and out. Im a mechanic, so I wear the same thing day in day out. Just looking for info on those boutique work boot brands like White, Wesco, Viberg etc. Thanks!!


Here is my thread:

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Hello there.  My name's Jocar and I joined here to learn more about shoes as I seek to upgrade from my usual ones.  In doing so, I also hope to improve in the clothes game, building from the ground up.


Good day.

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Hi all,

I am a NYC transplant by way of London and Paris, and enjoy beautiful, nicely crafted things from clothes to shoes to watches -and also food! Always eager to share and learn more.



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I live in the Chicagoland area. I'm a pastor of a church so I dress sort of business casual pretty often. I only go full suit and tie for weddings, funerals and special events. 


I recently lost about 30 lbs and while that's a great thing, I also have lost a lot of great pieces that are just too big on me. The weight is staying off though, because it's been almost a year. I'm tried of wearing clothes that are too big and I'm committed to never fill them out again. So I need a new wardrobe, little by little. 

Given my budget and my role in the community my aim is to dress nice but not ostentatiously nice. 


I've poked around on here and I like the discussions I see. I know I'm going to learn a ton and I'm looking forward to it!

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I'm danny. I live in China.I just joined this community and it is very warm and nice!

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Hi, I'm Sonny and come from Manchester. I am a practising artist that makes large scale wooden assemblage that is usually sourced in skips and other delectable places. I also make collage and integrate text.
I have two studios for both clean and messy work. Going to opening and other art socials is where I like to dress up, mainly in tweed and a bowtie.
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Hi All,  I’m Nathalie


I realise that I'm a woman posting on what is primarily a guys fashion forum, but quite frankly my husbund needs some help and ideas to get more clued in to what to wear.


I’m a real people person and a bit of a social butterfly but I’m happiest writing blogs, mixing cocktails or hanging out with my partner. I love giving tips on fashion and design trends and exploring what's out there and new.


If anyone needs tips from a woman's perspective, ill be happy to help!

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Joining mostly for boot threads, but also denim.  

I've been making ads for some Japanese denim companies and facilitated a big contest recently that's just starting up.  I'm into ONI, PBJ and Momotaro.  Also American brands like Railcar and Left Field.  My American denim is all black and my Japanese denim is all indigo.

Mostly have Red Wings and about 20 pairs of vintage Adidas.  Just recently pulled the trigger on some custom White's boots.  I inherited from pops a myriad of Burberry and Hermes stuff that I really like.  

And I absolutely adore my Schott 118.


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hi everyone, i've been a long time reader but never posted (or opened an account) until recently. I've been into fashion as long as i can remember, and for the past 8 years I've been a brand manager for a variety of mens apparel brands, operating my own agency based in Vancouver, Canada.

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Yoba, a French guy fresh off the boat, I arrived in Chicago last month. I thought I would get a life by stopping posting on French sartorial websites but it seems that American ones are pretty active. Too bad. 

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Hi everyone,


I'm Kyle, and I'm from Norman, OK. I'm currently living in Oklahoma City while attending the University of Oklahoma. I'm here to learn more about suiting while I work on building a better wardrobe. I'm currently looking for a good tailor in the OKC Metro area, but most of the places I've come across are into the traditional, boxy suits and such. If anyone knows of a good, modern tailor here in the area, please PM me!

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Hey everyone,

My name's Daniel and I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Just got into dressing well and sharp so I would really love to hear from everyone!

and loving the forum that's why i could not lurk anymore smile.gif

Thanks and cheers.
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Hi everyone. I've been an avid lurker for years. Finally made an account today. Looking forward to learning from everyone.
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      Hello all,

            My name is Ethan. I'm from Alabama, and I'm currently a student. I've recently developed a taste for style, particularly raw denim. I'm a big fan of film, food, computers, tea, and, of course, clothing. I'm completely new to the forum, but I've heard lots of good things from the guys over at /r/rawdenim and mfa. I'm excited to be here!

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