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I'm Matt. I'm a 24 year old uni student. I'm studying accounting and human resources management, and also work as an accounts assistant. 


I used to have very little interest in fashion, however over the past couple of years I've become progressively more interested in it. 


At work, my style is usually business casual. When not at work, I'm almost always wearing jeans or chinos, and a t-shirt. 


I am hoping to learn from others in this community so that I can continue developing my personal style.


Thanks for reading,



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Hi all,


My name's Paul. I'm a 24 year old Mechanical Engineer from Milwaukee, WI, USA. 


At the office, the status quo is typical millenial American "business casual"—khakis and polos/dress shirts. I try to step it up a notch whenever possible with a SC/PS or similar.


I don't often get the opportunity to wear suits, but I jump at any chance to do so. Here's what I'm wearing right now:



Suit: Indochino Charcoal Grey

Shirt: Ledbury Bengal Stripe

Tie: Lands' End (thrifted)


Shoes: AE Park Ave.


Thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to participating here!

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Hi I'm Ken, 24 and I love movies and fashion but unfortunately cursed to be 5'2", so not having a lot of clothes that fits is a heartbreak. Oh well :\

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Hey all, I'm Chris.  I live in NYC and dress in business casual, with denim.  I dress it up on occasion for work.  I am pretty casual, but my favorite brands are RRL, Sean, Supreme and Adidas.  I'm looking to stay current and always dress well.

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Im Mohamed a uni student, ive been interested in fashion for a while now. My style has been evolving from street wear to more quality menswear. 

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Eric from Chicago. Into classic menswear and the opportunity to learn more about it.

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Good Evening,
Recent admirer of various shoe threads here on styleforum. Wanted to join the party and possibly add my voice to the chorus of value for money crooners that sing the praises of dressing well in these times of disposable goods. Had a good exchange with Nick at Bespoke England and will post a pic soon in the G$G ( not a typo ; ) appreciation thread.
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My name is Jerry. I am a new professional just starting out in the Accounting public practice industry. I found this website when I was looking for tips on how to look better in formal wear as I aspire to look the part when I start working.

I've read some pretty awesome articles on this forum. Thanks for reading!




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Hi everybody I'm Carl.I'm an international student living in Atlanta. I love menswear and I want to know more about it. My style is a mix of both menswear and streetwear.

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hi there,


dinh, i am an enthusiast from paris. lovin' lanvin, kriss, givenchy, raf simons and all kind of futuristic designers.


hope to get some cool talk and opportunities here.

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Hello there, I'm a full-time student at OSU, studying Physics. Longtime lurker over at r/Malefashionadvice of reddit, and now that I'm off to University I'd like to get more serious about fashion and my own personal style. With my meager budget I hope to start building a larger wardrobe of high quality pieces. Right now i feel like I'm stuck in a stylistic rut, buying clothing that is too safe, too plain, and basically the same exact thing I already have, so maybe I can get some help here. 



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What's up good people.
Marko here, live from the 757.
Pleasure to join y'all.
RRL/Ralph Lauren junkie.
Plenty of nice pieces for sale.
looking to pick up a few as well.
Keep your eyes open for a quality steal!

Once again pleasure to be here.
See y'all around.
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aftereffector here, but call me Daniel.  I've been a lurker for a while, signed up a few months ago, but never got around to introducing myself back then :)  I came here for business casual style advice and picked up a lot of knowledge about a lot of other things along the way - though mostly I'd have to say that now I know how much I *don't* know about good clothes.  Right now I'm on a knowledge hunt about Park Avenue lasts.



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Hi there,


i´m David, a 20 year old student from Hamburg, Germany.

Looking here for some inspirations and hope i can post something useful too.



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Hi, there!


Name's carlos. Looking to find some cool tips and browse this awesome site.


see ya 

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