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Hello, my name is Frank Turner, I am new to the forum, I am really happy to be here and I am sure I will learn a lot from you guys.

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Hi Guys im new to Styleforum. Seems like you guys have a cool thing going here and I hope to learn a lot!

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Hi guys my name is Vince and I'm in my mid twenties.  I joined the forum to learn how to refine my style and from my brief lurking here it seems that there's a good bunch of people on the forum as well.  I look forward to the advice and the good times.


Nice meeting you all.

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Hi all

I've started to look more deeply into fashion and menswear for a few months. I'm here to get new inspirations, greater knowledge and share some discussions.

I'm French, living in Paris and conducting a PhD in Science.
Due to a low budget, my style is currently basic and simple, and I will progressively tries to upgrade towards something more personal. I am sure reading and contributing here will help me in that matter.


See you around !

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AnnualMan here, based in Zurich and London. As the name suggests, I'm a big watch fan (mainly Patek), but am generally a great appreciator of the high quality, hand made side of life. I believe that life's too short to be surrounded by ugly things, and if you can buy the best you should. In many instances in life this is simply impossible (for me at least), so where I can I do. Clothing wise I'm a fan of Loro Piana sweaters, Kiton ties, Gieves & Hawks suits, and Ferragamo shoes (Berluti would be nice although no goodyear welt is a crime for that price!). I find Hermes to be a very interesting prospect, but would like to learn more to ensure the value is there and its not all PR before I take the plunge. A Copernic wallet seems to be calling my name......
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I am a retired senior, one advanced degree, veteran, married 46 yrs to a wonderful woman, and have been lucky to be not too unsuccessful.
I have always loved fine things but never been able to comfortably afford them. I could buy them at the expense of our future but do not, hence I do buy used quality clothes, shoes and cars. I enjoy hearing from all you younger type A folks who are making the marks I never could. Congratulations!
I do have an issue with one poster propounding his notion that we who buy used shoes are "losers" "creeps" etc. To him I say: it will be an illuminating experience for you to say that to my face.
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Hello folks, new here looking to get some advice, maybe share some too.  I appreciate quality over quantity, and try to appreciate the good things in life :)

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Hi folks,


I'm (obviously) new here.  I'm looking to mostly lurk and learn, to get a sense of the forum before I post with any regularity.


My aim is simple: to improve my sense of style, developing my own style in the process



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Hi all,


My name is Pierre and I live in South of France. I'm 23 years old and just graduating. I like to follow fashion and get style inspirations and I'm sure I will learn a lot on this board. 


I am looking forward contributing to this community.

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Whats up guys, 

I'm here to see new pieces and sell some of my own.  I live in a town that's pretty limited so the internet is my portal to all things fashion. 

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Hi, I'm Glauco.


I live in Brasilia, Brazil. I'm new to this whole thing of "getting style right" so I don't have any particular wardrobe to share with you, gents. I hope I can learn and share much with you.


Have a good day y'all.

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Hello, names Falkor, like the Lucky Dragon from The Never Ending Story. I like Fashion and stuff... Thanks.

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Hi.  Name is Daniel. I wear mostly business casual and jeans on fridays.  I am looking to up my shoe game and am looking for good group mto's.

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My name's Greg, I've got a budding interest in menswear and the finer points of dressing well. I'm into "aesthetics" over "fashion" or "style," if that makes sense, and am basically looking to expand my sartorial horizons as far as possible in developing a cohesive, interesting, and, well, informed, wardrobe. Thanks!

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Hi, my name is Josh, I work in banking and I'm always looking for new/experimental designers and labels.

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