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I'm Wolf and i've been looking at this site for a couple of months now, reading about styles and ideas. I'm currently redoing my wardrobe to fit my style (tailored casual button downs and jeans mainly). With the fall and winter months coming i've been trying to get new clothes and jackets lined out. I am a college student at Oklahoma State University and study Business Management and Finance. I am a 6'5" guy about 200 lbs and wear large sized clothes. I am always looking for new style ideas for my build and personal taste.  

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Hi everyone,


I am Julius from Uganda. I started having keen interest in menswear last year. I love dressing well and like suits and blazers a lot. Almost all the menswear blogs and sites I follow highly recommend styleforum so I decided to register. I've also learned that its a place where someone can find some really good deals on clothes and shoes. I look forward to getting myself some good stuff here.

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Hi all just saying hello. I've been reading the forum for some time and thought I'd take the plunge and join up. I live in London have an interest in cloths and shoes, Edward Green is probably my favourite shoe maker. Anyway best wishes to all. Cheers. Naesuk
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Hello, I was Googling "Vintage Ray-Bans", and up came Style Forum... Looks interesting , I'm mostly into vintage, I'm 47, Married, and am moving from S.F. To Las Vegas in One Week-YIKES!! Wanted to ask MuseHead a question....I'm "cyber-challenged" I can be slow to catch on to stuff!! Thanks! ;-)@musehead
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Hi all,


I'm a 30 year old lawyer from Edmonton, Canada.  I have been building my wardrobe for a few years now but wanted to take things to another level over the coming years and am hoping to learn a lot from the members here.  Thanks for all the useful information shared here.  

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Hi guys,


Up until quite recently I have paid little to no attention to my appearance seeing such a pursuit as a pointless, vain affliction; however, humans are visual creatures and how I present myself is just as important as how intelligent, effective, etc. I am.


Put differently, I have been slowly transforming my appearance from baboon to gentleman. My first bespoke suit is at the tailor and will be delivered in the next few weeks.


Throughout my process, I will be writing about the various vendors, services, and people who have helped me along the way. Why you ask? I live in South Africa and finding quality in this place is quite a challenge.


PM me if you want to chat.




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Hey forum! Been reading this forum for a while now. Finally decided to contribute. I'm 28 from PA, aboud 6'0, 175lbs. I love coming to this site to help with sizing on these high end online retail shops. It's a huge help. I look forward to posting pics and contributing as well! 




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Hi all. Have looked to forum as a reference for years, but just officially joined. Moved from Atlanta to London last week -- and seeing that I will be wearing a lot more suits, and upgrading more wardrobe to blend into London professional and social scene -- so look forward to more i learning from this group.
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Hello All...

When I lived back in Washington DC, all I had to go on was the book Dress For Success...  I started at the local Raleigh's Menswear but moved up to Britches', and had Bostonian cap toes and penny loafers made in the US, and I think Johnson and Murphy Wingtips also made in the US.  All of them lined in leather.  I worked in banking and was in a suit 5 days a week.  I loved the Cap-Toes and loafers for their looks, but the Wingtips were the most comfortable shoes ever.  Fast forward 23 years and my present career has me in polo shirts, jeans, and whatever shoes I happen to need that day, when I have to go to the office.  It's rather casual.


About 10 years ago, my now ex-wife donated all of my dress shoes, suits, shirts and most of my ties...  


A year ago I found myself in need of a suit and shoes.  The "highest end" store I could get to was a Dillards (I can hear you all saying Noooooooooooo), and did pick up a suit, and a pair of J&M loafers.  I'll start with the shoes.  Because I was rushed for time, and I do kind of live 70 miles from the closest place that sells more than western wear, (any other excuses I can come up with?) I let him talk me into the shoes a size 12D, smaller, and narrower than I needed.  I was also iffy on the style as it was not a beef-roll loafer, I was used to, and had such fond memories of those Bostonians I had.  The suit is also iffy in the fit area, though it does seem to be a descent quality fabric.


Since that experience, I have shied away from dealing with my bad purchases...   till now.


I discovered this site looking for info on my beloved Bostonian shoes.  Only to find they have moved the building operation off-shore, and most of the shoes look like crap.  All trendy, long and seemingly junk materials.  This site has so far provided a lot to think about, and consider.  Lots of good information and advice.


I find myself in the market for a descent pair of Beef-roll Penny Loafers.  Black.  Size 12.5-13 E.  They will be worn about 6 times a year.  I am also considering a pair of Cap-Toes, also black, to be worn maybe twice a year.  I hate when my feet are miserable, I am in my 50's and won't put up with that anymore.  I am comfortable with the $200-300 price range.  Any suggestions?

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Student from Ireland with an interest in fashion. Being a typical student I haven't as much money as I would like to spend on clothes which is always a pain, so I'm definitely behind a lot of users here on my style. Also have an interest in marketing, web design and general social media craic.

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Hi all, my name is Danny and my fashion interest are in casual(street wear) and semi-formal wear. Besides clothing, I also have a big interest in mens accessories both classic and new trends. Hopefully I can learn and contribute to this great community.  

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Hello All my name is Joe D. I am the owner and designer of SNPR Leather Works. We specialize in some of the worlds best handmade custom watch straps and leather goods. We use Horween premium hides. I look forward to participating here. Thank you.
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I'am Bienluienapris, i live in Switzerland and i read you since long time, i'm a member of french forum like Depiedencap or Engrandepompe where like you, we talk about elegance. So i'm not a rookie :foo:


For the cliché, i'm young, 23 years old and work in a bank, in Geneva.


It will be a pleasure to discuss with you :cheers:


Thanks in advance for everything.

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Hey guys after lurking on this forum for past three years I have decided to join it. Looking forward to learning from members here and contributing.


My dressing style is casual (jeans-t shirts/polos), dress denims-sport shirts/polos, dress slacks-dress shirts and Jackets (Wool & Leather).


I work in the Tech industry in US

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Long-time lurker looking to engage in dialogue. From the Pittsburgh area.

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