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Hello everyone, my name is Wes and I am newbie to the suit world and fashion world. I am here mainly to learn and learn how to present myself in much better way by the way of dressing properly. I currently work as a warehouse supervisor but hopefully soon I will have a job in a normal office environment as a buyer. With the new job will come opportunities to actually "dress for success" and I am hoping to learn how to properly do that. 

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Hi my name is Michael and I'm 28. I'm trying to learn to cut down on my closet and become more minimalist. I'm kind of undergoing a few changes to my wardrobe as in my earlier 20's I went out a lot more and now that I have a gf and steady job I kind of only go out with her now instead of trying to stand out. I need to learn how to get rid of clothes I haven't wore in months.


I'm actually very curious about buying and selling clothes online. I'm kind of curious what other outlets there are for men other than ebay, so if anyone has any suggestions or wants to discuss pm me.

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Greetings, I'm Shuggie. I'm a high school student currently living in the Reno, NV area. Living here leaves me short for good options on clothing, so I typically shop online which has unfortunately led to some pretty bad purchases. I joined the forum with the intention to broaden my views and understanding on clothing in general. My first purchase of anything over a couple hundred bucks was thanks to the sales thread, whom i owe my thanks to because i picked up a pair of CP's. Heading off to college soon in hopes of majoring in marketing and I wish to improve upon my current wardrobe which mostly consists of polos and sneakers, but I'll get there soon enough. Any advice to a youth is greatly appreciated. 

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I am Kanye West

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I'm Wolf and i've been looking at this site for a couple of months now, reading about styles and ideas. I'm currently redoing my wardrobe to fit my style (tailored casual button downs and jeans mainly). With the fall and winter months coming i've been trying to get new clothes and jackets lined out. I am a college student at Oklahoma State University and study Business Management and Finance. I am a 6'5" guy about 200 lbs and wear large sized clothes. I am always looking for new style ideas for my build and personal taste.  

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Hi everyone,


I am Julius from Uganda. I started having keen interest in menswear last year. I love dressing well and like suits and blazers a lot. Almost all the menswear blogs and sites I follow highly recommend styleforum so I decided to register. I've also learned that its a place where someone can find some really good deals on clothes and shoes. I look forward to getting myself some good stuff here.

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