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Hello everyone. I've lurked the forum for a few years (found lots of great pictures and advice from your threads), and recently decided I may as well become a member.

I'm 19, and like simple, well-fitting clothes. I also have something approaching a fetish for traditionally made leather shoes; I don't own anything spectacular yet, but I'm planning some custom boots from Nick's right now.

Hopefully I can learn even more from posting than I did from lurking.

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r/goodyearwelt(er) for sure! If not, you may like the place.

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I'm Antoine 27yo from France


I love techno, rawr denim and my cats

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Hi guys,


29yo, from France. I usually post on the french forum commeuncamion under the nick name The Dude, and more ofent on Superfuture under the nick name ACME. I'm glade to be here. I came on SF to bring more various things from those two previews forum.


See you.

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Hi guys,


I've been lurking here for a couple of months now, it was my recent love for the brand Rogue Territory that brought me here, I decided to start participating and discuss. I'm very into denim and general style/ Americana. I'm pretty excited to actually start posting on here. 


Talk soon!

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Hi everyone,


Although I have been reading this forum for quite a while this is my first post. 

I always try to look my sharpest, but as a very slim tall guy, with relatively broad shoulders, I have always had difficulty too find clothing that fits me well.

Besides looking for advice I decided to join into the community now and start posting in some threads.

I look forward too contributing too this forum!

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I have always been interested in dressing well, but before the internet not many places you could get advice from real people rather than a magazine, i live and work in London and want to slowly change my wardrobe to fewer but better quality items.


I have some of the Good Uk brands but want to learn about brands from other countries.


I work near the Jermyn St and some times go to look and buy from the retailers in that area.

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Hello forum. Looks like I joined at a bad time, this part of forum spammed with nonsense about sports. My name is Matthew. I am 35 yrs old, feel older in the mind, but look far younger in the flesh. I am an Aussie, from outback, currently in Sydney for study, then back to outback for a rest, then will come back to Sydney for more study next year. It is a career change, not midlife crisis I tell myself. But, in all seriousness it is a career change (September 11 incident and Global Recession etc really hit my previous industry hard and i had to pull out). I will not divulge exactly what town in the outback due to privacy concerns (since the towns are extremely small all over in outback Australia in the way of population). I will also not divulge my previous profession (since this too is also small and lucrative). So, I now prefer to just be known as "Matthew the Aussie student in Sydney, Australia". Anyway, I am new here. Came across this site by accident a few weeks back doing research into Valentino Garavani (and all the spinoffs). Found myself coming back numerous times after following up on member suggestions for suits, such as Kiton or Zegna etc. Found out much, and still finding out a whole new world of fashion, brands, dos and donts, style etc, all thanks to forum members. Some trolls, most are in the know and helpful. Overall I was convinced enough to signup and participate occasionally. I can't offer much in the way of fashion advice, as I am learning myself. I am not interested in politics, religion or any other subject that is notorious for contention, double standards what-have-you. This is a forum dedicated to site and fashion and I hope to gain knowledge and wisdom from you all. Up until recently, as in up till last few weeks, I assumed Versace, Valentino and Armani were the top end brands - how I was wrong. Let me also thank most members for saving me $$$ on not wasting it on Kiton Jeans (yes I was curious as many are). Instead I will stick with proven Levis and the like thanks. Normally I am a Levi jeans, Oliver boots (no spurs sorry Yanks) and long sleeve collared shirt man, occasionally sporting the typical akubra 'cowboy' hat (if in outback). However, here in the city my main casual wear in public is typically student attire, this basically means no rules apply to dress sense and on campus I can get away wearing pretty much anything I want. Generally though I wear jeans, sneakers, solid colour polo shirt (if summer), solid colour long sleeve shirt (if winter), solid colour neutral jacket or blazer (browns). I have a long way to go in style. Recently I found out from this forum I ought to be wearing similar colored socks with pants, all these years I tried wearing similar looking matching socks with shoes - ouch! You can call me 'grasshopper', as my parents did back in the 80s (when they still could not decide on a name for me up till I was 3 years age). From the 'Kung-Fu' television show for those that remember. Anyway, I will drop by in the thread here and there, and will even buy the odd thing off you members now and then in the classifieds. I will complete my profile and add more info etc in the next few days. Cheers big ears. P.s. I don't drink alcohol. I am however a coffee, tea, hand made lemonade and water type of person. I also hate sports, degrading opposite sex, 24 hour car talk, and typical Aussie alpha male (white english culture) behaviours. I am not proud to be called an "Aussie", not when you consider the culture behind it. I am however thankful and blessed to be an Australian citizen living here. My roots are Germany and Croatia. Valedictions.

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Hello everyone! My name is William, but I go by middle name, Francis. I reside in a little village called Scotia, but want to live in New York City when I'm older. Currently, I study business, but I want to be a tailor. I'll be studying menswear after a transfer in a few years, and am teaching myself tailoring when I can. I used to be a boxer, but now I just do the training to stay in shape. Am thinking about a comeback, if I have the time. I started an interest in menswear a few years ago, and decided I wanted to be a tailor last year. I've looked on this site many times, usually for style advice. But I'm happy to be here.
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Regular reader of this forum, I finally decided to join it.

So I bow to the "ritual" of the presentation, despite of my aversion to this kind of exercise... That's why I'll be succinct.

As I wrote above, I read this forum regularly and I've always find good advice. I'm particularly interested in the "preppy" style, that I love, and shoes. 

Here is for my presentation. 

Oh I forgot! I'm French, so sorry for the spelling mistakes :-)


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Hi there!
I'm a french 27 yo who like to dress. I love shoes (Meccarielo, Vass, CJ), I like classical shirts, nice suits etc.
I'm very actif on french fora, so I'll see if styleforum suits me toi.
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Hello everyone, my name is Wes and I am newbie to the suit world and fashion world. I am here mainly to learn and learn how to present myself in much better way by the way of dressing properly. I currently work as a warehouse supervisor but hopefully soon I will have a job in a normal office environment as a buyer. With the new job will come opportunities to actually "dress for success" and I am hoping to learn how to properly do that. 

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Hi my name is Michael and I'm 28. I'm trying to learn to cut down on my closet and become more minimalist. I'm kind of undergoing a few changes to my wardrobe as in my earlier 20's I went out a lot more and now that I have a gf and steady job I kind of only go out with her now instead of trying to stand out. I need to learn how to get rid of clothes I haven't wore in months.


I'm actually very curious about buying and selling clothes online. I'm kind of curious what other outlets there are for men other than ebay, so if anyone has any suggestions or wants to discuss pm me.

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Greetings, I'm Shuggie. I'm a high school student currently living in the Reno, NV area. Living here leaves me short for good options on clothing, so I typically shop online which has unfortunately led to some pretty bad purchases. I joined the forum with the intention to broaden my views and understanding on clothing in general. My first purchase of anything over a couple hundred bucks was thanks to the sales thread, whom i owe my thanks to because i picked up a pair of CP's. Heading off to college soon in hopes of majoring in marketing and I wish to improve upon my current wardrobe which mostly consists of polos and sneakers, but I'll get there soon enough. Any advice to a youth is greatly appreciated. 

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I am Kanye West

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