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Hi folks,


I'm joining after lurking for longer than I'd care to say. I've been dressing in the coat and tie tradition since my teens, and have typically worn bespoke or mtm, though I have been known to sift through thrift stores in search of the old and interesting. I'm looking to expand my knowledge of fabric, and to discuss the nitty-gritty of classic menswear with other enthusiasts.




-- N

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Good morning! Finally came round to joining...


I'm Dutch, in the 35-45 age bracket, and have been interested in style for a couple of years now. I have progressed in shirts and suits from RTW, getting the right size in RTW (!), to bespoke - did you notice these last a lot longer than RTW?. I am now wandering into the territory of bespoke shoes, very exciting!

Stylewise I am still developing, but I am tending towards a less-is-more approach.


Anyway, that's it for now. On to reading the forums!



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hi everyone

I love suits!Suit is my life!

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Hi, I'm Chris! it's my Third time posting. So I don't really what to say.

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First day here form Spain (Madrid), hope to enjoy and learn from the nice and huge group of gentlemen wich are part of this community.



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I come here to lose my money,about ccp and guidi
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I come here to lose my money,about ccp and guidi
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I come here to lose my money,about ccp and guidi
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Dear all

I'm SpallaCamicia, from Sydney Australia and have been following Style Forum for many years. It's a great resource for gents fashion, and has always been a good read.

I'm a big fan of custom made clothing and enjoy the detail and thought process of getting the "right fit". I'm inspired by some great gents Sydney based dressers that are able to pull of looks which are simple, elegant and appropriate.

I'm into the subtleties of sartorial wear, like a Neapolitan Shoulder (aka SpallaCamicia), a soft floating canvas or a handmade button hole showing the utmost in craftsmanship.

I prefer focusing on these details, rather then some more "louder" ways of styling like jackets which pull to aggressively a the waist, too short on the length or pants which are too tight.

I'm a big fan also of Crockett and Jones English shoes and believe that there is no better value than CJ when you factor in the workmanship, quality of leathers, their lasts and the decades of use you should get out of them.

Lastly I like Vitale Barberis Canonico as a true Italian cloth, made with such skill that only the Italian know how in its softness, texture patterns yet being affordable. They are true masters who own their own Aussie sheep in my State, and are owners of the worlds oldest mill. Can't beat that!

Pleasure to make your acquaintance, I hope that this is just the start of years of happy posting.

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Hi everyone,


I'm for Germany and am quite impressed by the level of expertise of everyone discussing fashion here. I am actually looking for an outlet for some stuff I have and it seems as though this is the place that offers the appropriate amount of appreciation. Additionally, I am looking at expanding my own wardrobe considerably and this seems like the place to find good attire and advice.


Stay classy, styleforum.

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Hey im Sam, I'm new but I heard this forum is helpful for answering questions about fabric restoration and I'm also looking forward to answering other people's questions on restoration. I'm happy to be part of the team biggrin.gif
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My name is Josh. I'm 28 and I'm currently a US Army Military Police officer. I will soon be starting training to become a Criminal Investigator with US Army Criminal Investigation Division. My style is pretty bad mostly just t-shirts and shorts from Old Navy. I am looking to improve my style and learn how to dress in a more professional manner.
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I'm Kyle. I've always been into fashion but grew up in the mountains so I like to blend style with my heritage.
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I'm 40 yrs old and work in the music business.  Relative to folks in my biz, I'm a pretty conservative dresser partly owing to a somewhat preppy background.  I picked up a Eidos wool/cashmere sportcoat today at a good price, and I just registered so I could get some advice on the thread on the shoulder and the buttons not on the cuffs.  I'm pretty sure there is some stuff I need to do but not sure what!

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Hi, my name is "MrPorter."  I am a 26 year old civil engineer intern from New Orleans.  Hopefully I will soon be a state licensed civil engineer, as I will be taking the licensing exam early next year.  I have many hobbies/interests including hunting, fishing, kayaking, automotive restoration, fitness, and menswear.  I tend to focus on quality and not quantity.  I do not mind wearing the same things over and over again, as long as I look and feel good in them.  I don't know who first said this, but I've always appreciated it....


"The goal is not to look different every day, it is to look good every day." 

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