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JZ here, mid 50s, straight, married, lame dresser learning to improve.  


Since I'm 6'3 250, I find boots/ankle support very desirable.  Wear boots almost all the time.  


Danner and Allen Edmonds are my favorite brands.  Size 15 is often not available, so I over compensate a bit. :)


Here is my current inventory:

With a pair of Chili Daltons and a pair of black Cordovan Ashtons currently on MTO order.  Daltons are without perforations.


Saw the AE appreciation thread, and hoped that the MTO special would rub off on me if I visited and posted.

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Hrm. I'm new. Not happy with my current wardrobe and style habits. Hoping to pickup some tips/assistance/feedback.


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Originally Posted by Punt View Post

Hi my name is punt, a long time reader and a small poster on the Dutch Styleforum. As quality is going down @ .nl I am going to be a bit more active @ .net.

Learned most from T4 and a bit from C&A and mostly order bespoke or occasionally MTM...

Love little details and I always regret buying cheap:)

Sent from my iPhone


Yeah can confirm that dutch styleforum is just crap. Nice to see people moving to .NET :)

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Hello, I'm Daniel and made account here awhile ago and kind of forgot about it. I'm from buffalo,ny. I got into fashion and high quality lifestyle very young. Watching movies and reading books got me into fashion. I have a strong passion for fragrances and anime. I'm going to be posting more here for now on. Thanks for letting me join.
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I'm JTLS. I'm in my mid-20s, and I've been looking at this forum for the past little while as I've gone through various interview processes during law school. I'm now starting my career as a lawyer, and will be consulting this forum more often as I add to my (currently minimal) business wardrobe.


Thanks in advance for the help I'm sure you'll all give me!

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I'm puddsy (also known in some places as tacticalstache)

I'm almost a high school senior, and I live in NYC. My hobbies are clothes, candy, reddit, and mechanical keyboards (I own 11 keyboards and a typewriter).

I was recently on the livestream (the first and only one to date), which solidified my position as a "modern mech expert". I own 2 Filco MJ2s, a Filco miniLA, 2 QFRs, a DS3, a KUL ES-87 (buy one of these, it's amazing), a RealForce 87u modded to 45g uniform, and a few others.

My latest big cop was an OL rainbow denim jacket. It is soon to become one of my F/W staples. I'm really happy with the fit and just the general way it looks.

My current clothing related ventures are finding some boots for NYC winter, and finding a good (preferably olive) fishtail parka for under $150. The boots are easy, the parka not so much.

Anyway, I'll probably be around more and less as time goes on. I'm currently relegated to my phone as I'm on vacation, but once I'm back on my PC expect to see a lot of me.

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My name is merv. From london, England.

In it to try and fine tune my shoes and learn from the experts.
I have a collection of trickers that I am trying to downsize and want to see if there are any alternatives I should be spending my hard cash on.

Thank you for having me here
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Hey everyone, even though I've technically had an account here for a few years when I joined I mainly lurked a lot and seldom posted, and after a while real life caught up a bit too fast and I have been busy doing... things. This is basically a re-introduction post I guess more-so then an introduction post... But it's good to be here. So I guess I may post a bit about myself.

Firstly my name is Kit & I am 25. I am very interested in fashion and have been for a while, but I have very minimalist taste. I can appreciate fashion and people looking good and clothing i love, but doesn't mean I have to own it to appreciate it. As I've been traveling a lot the last few years (just recently got back from living in japan for a bit) my wardrobe is very limited.. but that is the way I like it. Although I do not have many clothes I am constantly updating and replacing what I have.

At the moment I only have 6 T-shirts (AA powerwash, 3xblack x3white), 2 pair of jean (Edwin raws, nudie) a pair of clark DBs, a pair of nike shadow greys, 1 APC fishtail parka, 1 hooded sweatshirt & a baseball cap (Go O's!). I don't own a single button down right now since I just flew in and left/gave away/sold everything I couldn't fit in my backpack back in japan. In general I am a big believer in quality over quantity.

Anyway, that's a bit about me.

Oh, and I will add that the one thing I am trying to track down is a Buzz Rickson MA-1 bomber (size 40)... The one jacket that I want more then anything in this world... I tried to cop in Japan but couldn't they didn't have in my size frown.gif

Anyway, I look forward to posting a lot and shit like that.
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I'm Steve.  I live in London UK and I like clothes.

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Good evening il live in France IN PARIS , i love shoes and my tastes are varied for my choice heart in first !
So i'm fan of Antonio meccariello , JM WESTON , gaziano & girling , santoni , VASS , edward green , CROCKETT and jones , john LOBB , ALTAN BOTTIER ,bocache & salvucci , PAULUS BOLTEN so very differents shoesmarker ...
I'm very Happy to be with us a great forum
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Oi, hi guys. My name is Noah from Columbia, South Carolina. I'm a teenager. My parents sell antiques. One of them is Danish, the other is Jewish. I live in a suburb.


My first interest in fashion came from malefashionadvice, but I'd say it's been refined to a good point by the lovely folks at care-tags. My user is Ryan_Firecrotch on both.

I'm very excited to be here. There's a daunting amount of good content here to file through, so I'm going to enjoy lurking here quite a lot.


I don't have any real fit pics out yet, since I think outfit pictures are for something that justifies sharing? I'd describe my style as dangerously unoffensive, and some of my favorite design houses thus far are Our Legacy, Dana Lee, and Engineered Garments. My wardrobe is teeming with J. Crew. I'm interested a lot in expanding my horizons and keeping an open mind to different styles and design ideas.


I love publications and I love visiting curatorial stores. Some of my favorites have been Norse Store Copenhagen and Gentry NYC. I really like the way store teams work with the community here, and I expect there is some content for my piqued interest in careers in fashion. My ideal endgame is living upstairs in a curatorial store for men and women burrowed into a quiet street in West Copenhagen. We will serve coffee, and there are two olive armchairs for you to read a magazine in.


Anyway, most of all I'm very excited to talk to strangers on the internet about clothes, cheers guys.

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Hi I'm gracie! I found this forum while looking to ID a pair of Ran Ban Sunglasses. I think it's a great site and thank those of for putting it all together. I buy and sell on eBay with particular interest in vintage clothing and accessories.I pick up extra income doing this and found out that I had a real passion for the search.  I'm a mom of three grown children, two of which find home just to appealing to leave. :violin:Anyway I look forward to reading your post and getting some advise.

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Hi friends,


i'am arif, From KL - Malaysia, just to share my interest, knowledge & collection of Rayban USA BL.

If anyone interested to sell/buy rayban usa BL. please do not hesitate to PM me.

whatsapp: +60137059536


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I found about this forum when looking for information about Suit & Supply suits. 

I live in the UK, in the North West.
I really enjoy this website as its members consistently help each other out for advices or suggestions regarding present or future purchases, which is something I am looking for. 
I am very keen on accessories as I believe that details are essential to look sharp.



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Hi everyone,

I'm joining the forum after a couple of weeks of lurking for information on shoe care, shoe antiquing, and general shoe discussion.  In other words I'm an aspiring shoe guy.  Big thanks to all the people who have shared information on these pages including NorCal_1 and Rider to name just a couple.

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