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Hey all,

Joining in from Virginia, USA. Have been trying to redo my wardrobe since I have gone up sizes in clothing due to excessive gym time. A friend pointed me in this direction and said that since I am investing in my clothing now, it would be worth it to know what I am buying. I grew up in a rural area so I am very into the workwear look for my casual clothing. For work I typically go a bit more business casual with chinos and button ups.

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i am from Greece.
20 yearls old 
176cm tall and weight 60kg
I like to wear Jeans most of the time usually with a tshirt or shirt.I also like leather boots and jackets.
I play electric guitar and i am studying electrical engineering
That's all 

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I‘m Jmsae!


come from France

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Hi, I'm Grenache.

I live in the Midwest and have joined in order to increase my knowledge on clothes/fashion. I wear suits daily and am at the point where I want to get good quality and value on what I buy.
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Hello.  I'm joining from Portlandia, where it's actually possible to be overdressed in jeans.  In spite of this I've pretty much lived in suits for the last 20-odd years.  I'm not really into the super high-end stuff.  If it fits and looks good and is made of natural fabric, that's good enough for me.  I'm here for the insight and the discussion.  Over the years I've developed an interest in the history of clothing, and this seems to be a good place for that.

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I'm vamosfemi and I'm new here
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Hey guys, Mike here from the Toronto area. Been reading posts on this forum for about a year now and decided to join. 

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Hi im maseii im new nice to meet
Y'all! smile.gif cant wait to see what u guys have here nice forum u got here j! smile.gif
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Hi my name is punt, a long time reader and a small poster on the Dutch Styleforum. As quality is going down @ .nl I am going to be a bit more active @ .net.

Learned most from T4 and a bit from C&A and mostly order bespoke or occasionally MTM...

Love little details and I always regret buying cheap:)

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I'm introducing myself as the confirmation email commands. I've been lurking here for some time and decided to create an account because, why not. I live and work in Ottawa Canada (but not for the government) which was rated one of the ten worst dressed cities in North America–and not without cause–but I'm hopeful that someday soon we will fall to #11.

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