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Good Evening everyone.  Very pleased to finally be a part of the Styleforum.  I am a tailored clothing enthusiast and consultant. 


I have built an interesting and diverse wardrobe over the years...some new items, some cool items from eBay etc.  In some ways, I have become a collector (I'm to 48 suits and odd jackets) and find I keep some pieces around just because they represent sartorial excellent.


I recently started doing some work for my tailor and figured I should join up here as we are about to liquidate some inventory.  We have a lot of interesting hand made old stock stuff from the likes of Norman Hilton, Oakloom, and HSM that I will post in the proper forum.  Until then, I am excited to search around and participate in the discussions. 

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Hi folks,



I found your form ion different occasions through a search on google about men's clothing, more specifically footwear. 

I thought it would be more interesting for you and me if I could participate. I'm originally from Brussels (Belgium) where I 

still live. My hopes are I will be able to join you on some group MTO ^^.



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My name is Taro. I came across your site from a quick Google search about men's style. I'm the founder of Arthur Knight Shoes.

We at Arthur Knight Shoes specializes in quality designer's men and ladies footwear. If you would like to know about our shoes, please visit 


As a shoe enthusiast for many years, I joined this forum for one reason: To share may experiences with shoes. 


Though I'm usually under a busy schedule, I'll try my best to post a thread or two, reply to some threads, and do what I can to change the way we men should dress. 




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Hey guys whats up! My name is Mike, I'm from North New Jersey. I came across this site while searching for a new place where sunglasses may be appreciated. I've had a fixation with quality designer sunglasses for years, and I wanted a place where I could buy sell and trade sunglasses and this seems to be it!

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Hello all! I'm Viatu. I'm a longtime lurker and I've decided to join. I look forward to being a part of this august community. 

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Hi my name is Adrian
I'm 16 and from New York, recently I have taken a liking to fashion. My style is inspired by Mr West & Minimalism. I'm here to get better and promise to be a productive member of this community.
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Hi, my name is Derrick. I'm really excited to find a forum and website for like-minded people. I live in a place where style like mine/ours isn't as big as I'd like so it's really great to get together and talk Margiela. I'm pretty into posting so you'll probably see me around a lot. 


I got really into Japanese designers for a while but I'm slowly moving towards more East Coast prep. I love thick sweaters, navy-inspired clothing and I have a weird weakness for elbow pads (for some reason, I always wear a hole in my right elbow). I got into fashion through home economics because in high school, I loved eating and didn't really want to get near a chainsaw.  


I hope to get to know you all better. Thanks for having me! 

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Hi there!  Name's Brett and I live in South Africa full time, but I do travel for business, which finds me in the States a lot.

Looking to help boost my sense of style by watching others with a bit more sense than I.  I'm told what I wear can be updated quite a bit, but I find I have no idea what I'm looking for most of the time.

Looking forward to being an active participant in the forum. 

Thanks for having me!

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Been lurking the forum for a while. Decided to finally join up so I can get some advice.



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Hey I'm from Canada and I'm really into sneakers. I've been lurking around here for a while and I like the community a lot so I thought I should finally join. Thanks for having me!

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Hey all,

Joining in from Virginia, USA. Have been trying to redo my wardrobe since I have gone up sizes in clothing due to excessive gym time. A friend pointed me in this direction and said that since I am investing in my clothing now, it would be worth it to know what I am buying. I grew up in a rural area so I am very into the workwear look for my casual clothing. For work I typically go a bit more business casual with chinos and button ups.

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i am from Greece.
20 yearls old 
176cm tall and weight 60kg
I like to wear Jeans most of the time usually with a tshirt or shirt.I also like leather boots and jackets.
I play electric guitar and i am studying electrical engineering
That's all 

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I‘m Jmsae!


come from France

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Hi, I'm Grenache.

I live in the Midwest and have joined in order to increase my knowledge on clothes/fashion. I wear suits daily and am at the point where I want to get good quality and value on what I buy.
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Hello.  I'm joining from Portlandia, where it's actually possible to be overdressed in jeans.  In spite of this I've pretty much lived in suits for the last 20-odd years.  I'm not really into the super high-end stuff.  If it fits and looks good and is made of natural fabric, that's good enough for me.  I'm here for the insight and the discussion.  Over the years I've developed an interest in the history of clothing, and this seems to be a good place for that.

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