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Hi, I'm tonecrush. Recently signed up to join in on the baller boot thread amongst many other interesting things. I got interested (again) in fashion after discovering a local boutique and subsequently avant garde brands such m.a+, carpe diem, Lumen et Umbra etc. Obsessed with high end boots and derbies, hope to be a proud owner of some sometime soon.

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After more hours than I care to calculate spent here perusing the myriad posts, here I am.
In truth , it was not prior to around November that I was even aware of 1/90th of the designers bandied about here.

Where once Saks and whatever made in Tunesia Collezioni was on sale there comprised my knowledge base, now my head has simply been blown.

Furthermore, the first order of Barneys Warehouse finery resulted in the horrid realization that I am so bloody fat that I could not literally wear any of it! Mind you some was XXL, but American vanity sizing is not some Eurocentric jab, rather the reality.

Anywho , that begat a weight loss that stands at around 100lbs that has been immeasurably aided by playing tennis literally 7 days a week.

So now, I can fit into all brands I have tried (thank whatevs deity), but my many of the folks around here I am no doubt a large mammal.
I am Jack and I wear a size Large (for realz or actual) if you will...
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Hi all.

I am Rohit. I am a graduate student and I have been perusing this site for advice as a lurker for some time. I finally decided to join today icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
Looking forward to learning from the experts here.
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I'm Massimo from Florence - enjoyed reading the forum until now and wrote my first post today :)

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Hello im iskandar@dar...

Im new here....i enjoy to read post here..

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I'm James. I live in CT. I found this site when trying to authenticate a suit on Ebay. Hopefully the knowledgeable members of this forum can help me out with my question. This seems to be a really great online community. I'm happy to get the chance to be a part of it!




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Saying hello from Nth QLD, in Australia. A plethora of info in this forum so I thought I might join and subscribe to some threads. 





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Amidst My Dream,


20 year old. Casual smoker. Poetry. Jazz. Coffee. Books. Fitness.


Currently pursuing a career as an Actuary.


I dig men's style.

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Hi all,


I finally joined today but have enjoyed the site for years. I'm a lawyer in DC. I recently moved from NY.


I was walking near Dupont Circle the other day when a guy stopped me to ask if he could take my picture. I was surprised but said okay. He pulled out his phone. Then he told me to turn around, which I did, and he took a photo of my back. I asked him why. He laughed and showed me the phone's screen: a close-cropped image of my Filson bag with an amicus brief and a copy of Foreign Affairs poking out of the pocket. "That has to be the most DC thing I've ever seen," he said. It very clearly wasn't a compliment.



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Hello all! I mainly joined in an attempt to find a Belstaff Hero jacket! I tried joining filmjackets.con where all the google searches lead, but their admin seems to be gone, so here I am! One more day and I can post in the marketplace!!!
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Just joined Styleforum. I'm 40, live in Paris, France. Mostly into classic British elegance (particularly Northampton shoes). I usually post in French discussion boards but I am interested in a more international perspective.
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Hi fellowes,

My name is Mike. A common dude who likes luxury stuff which could be bad or good. Since I am not rich enough, I always pick something on sale or gently cared. However, I always admire the process to make things; for example, the process how to make a pair of great quality dress shoes from manufacturing stand of point. I think they are like Arts.

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Recent member, long time lurker. Glad to be part of this community!

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Hi  everyone here , 


I'm Sonny I'm 23 , I'm half french half moroccan but feel like I'm a 100% American haha, 


I love especially designer t shirt and maroquinerie , my favorites brands are Dior , Givenchy and Saint Laurent .


I'm working in ready to wear and real estate and investments , by the way if someone here would like to invest in Morocco , give me a sign 



hope to meet some interesting people here and will do my best to help if I can !




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I'm Stan. My username comes from the fact that practically all of my wardrobe (the wardrobe that I have fun with: sport coats, ties, etc.) is secondhand from my two older brothers' shared closet. When they left for college, they left their clothes. Not to mention that they'd never put on a jacket and tie in their lives. I'm only 17 and my desire to become well-dressed started when I got my first pair of brown chelsea boots. Which, looking back on them, are pretty ugly. I've since gotten a far sharper black pair with a more pointed toe. The main staple of my wardrobe at this point is a Joseph A. Bank 3/4 lined camel hair SC. You'd assume the jacket is large, boxy, and all-around ill-fitting. However, I think it's about a 38R whereas I'm around a 39-40, giving it a perfect fit in the chest and shoulders, but leaving my cuffs a bit too exposed. I'm okay with this though, because the feeling when the jacket is buttoned is perfectly flattering for my waist and shoulders. I'm in need of a semi-wide lapeled navy sport coat that's a light weight. I have sport coats of all sorts-from wool harris tweed (oversized); to a gray summer-weight jacket (mystery brand--thrifted); a dark brown glend plaid jacket by halston that fits perfectly; a gant tan corduroy jacket, and a light tan yves saint laurent raw silk jacket that is nearly painfully small, however the only truly summer-weight jacket I own. I wear mostly J. crew odd trousers--I've got 3 of each primary color- the yellow pair being bound for the back of the closet til next year soon, unfortunately. 
Do reply if any of you are curious about the rest of my wardrobe, I'd love to continue talking about my semi-humble wardrobe!

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