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Hi. I'm 33, married, father of two. I am most comfortable in a pair of gym shorts. I have tons of clothes, yet never enough, and I hate wearing all of them. And I love beer. And grilling. Cheers!
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Hi !

im 17, getting interested in shoe few days ago as i bought my first dress shoes (which turns out i bought a shit product)

currently planning to start investing in shoe from now on

also planning to invest in fashion as soon as i succeed my diet :happy:

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Originally Posted by ifvibhu View Post

Enough to buy nice clothes. So a lot...

So ten or twelve dollars?
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Originally Posted by Harold falcon View Post

So ten or twelve dollars?

I could do with three fiddy

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Uh oh, it's that dang Loch Ness Monster again. He keeps askin for tree fiddy. You didn't give him anything, did you?
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Im mike from south africa im starting my new store fo cloth
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Hello fellas, I'm a kinda young-ish dude from a small Eastern European country, a country where the sense of style is as present as a blooming economy. Trainers and badly patterned shirts are something you are exposed to daily so this forum and exclusively , including some other websites should keep me away from esthetic suicide.


I hope I have a nice time here you look like nice guys.

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Hello there boys,


It appears I’m the only girl here? Looking forward to sharing my interest in menswear in the forum. Always been a big fan of menswear as opposed to the ridiculous frou frou and passing fads often found in women's fashion. 

I love everything about menswear and accessories. The quality, durability, fine craftsmanship, and understated elegance of timeless male fashion are features not often found in women’s fashion, although I would never say no to a hot little dress. In fact, my favorite hobby is to take inspirational cues from men’s fashion and translate it into wearable looks that work on me as a woman. 


My collection of growing menswear consists of wingtips and cap toes, silk pocket squares, and fringed silk scarves (always English, always Tootal). Recent splurges include vegetable tanned leather luggage from Tuscany and a rosewood handle Brigg umbrella. All of which I shall be taking with me to Oxford for my graduate studies. 


By the way I’m Californian by birth but Thai by blood, going to England by choice.

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Hello Everybody, I'm Neil aka Handy aka Stache O'Neil.  I'm just a dude.  I wear Chuck's on my feet all year round.  I shaved my head and grew a handlebar mustache to balance it out.  I still wear a watch which is probably not uncommon here.  I'm two sides of a coin.  I work two jobs, I love to exercise, I go to church, I love animals and being close to family.  I also like comics, craft beer, good smoke, bad movies, punk, rockabilly, and psychobilly music. I like to try new things. I'm always up for a challenge.  I'm not afraid to fail.


I came here because I can't find jeans that fit.  This is probably for another section in which I will repeat most of this but I'm on a roll right now.  I usually wear jeans and t-shirts and that's not likely to change but I always feel I'm gonna hulk out the thighs of my pants. I generally wear a 34 waist and I have like a 27" thigh, maybe larger.  I'll take some measurements this week and update later.

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Hi all I'm Owen. Recent Stanford grad, became an apparel nut towards the end of school. I actually made the shirt I am wearing in my profile pic myself.


I usually dress casually but try to keep it classy - I love printed shirts on top, jeans or cords on bottom, and drivers or loafers for my feet. Tod's and Alden's are my faves for shoes. Cheers guys.

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Hello everyone. I will primarily be using this site for buying and selling, as well as posting any ebay auctions I have going. It seems I have to wait a few days to start this, so I am going to introduce myself in the meantime.


I am a mid twenties male from the east coast. I am a fan of New England style and most menswear classics, keeping as few items as possible, while maintaining the essentials. My areas of interest as far as menswear goes, is vintage Brooks Brothers and "Ivy Style," as some refer to it. I also love seeing old ads and catalogs too.

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I am a new member on here and would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

I am in my 50s and happily married for 32 years. I am a Grandfather twice over to two beautiful girls and hoping for more of them. I also have two children, a son and a daughter.

My employment status is self employed. I am a planning advisor to speculative developers and major construction companies. I am based in the Midlands UK.

My interests are; Fox-hunting, Shooting, Fishing and Golf. My one other interest is Horse-racing of which I have had a few runners of my own.

My passion in life I am afraid is quality shoes.

Well that's me folks.
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i'm copknocks.  i'm from pittsburgh & go to law school.  most days you can find me in some kind of nike.  

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Originally Posted by copknocks View Post

i'm copknocks.  i'm from pittsburgh & go to law school.  most days you can find me in some kind of nike.  

Nikes are hardly appropriate for court.
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Hi I'm also a newbie, I live in magnificent Canberra in Australia  where I make pizzas for a living and study at uni.


Men's fashion is an area of study that I have neglected in the past. I found this forum a few days ago when I was trying to learn how to tie a bow tie. Daresay I'll learn a lot from here.


I didn't know there was more than one style of shoe, and that they had names (!?)

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