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Originally Posted by MDisciple87 View Post

Hello all,

Just joined recently. Want to learn more about where to buy great fitting yet affordable suits, shirts and shoes.

The official discount store/thrift store bragging thread . it will help you here.


Originally Posted by Wolfranz View Post

Hi, I'm Wolfranz. I came across this site in search of laundry tips (i.e. getting rid of stain rings on dress shirt collars). I'm an architecture intern but I "moonlight" as a violinist in our city's philharmonic orchestra, which means I get to suit up a lot.

the official thrift reclamation thread has tips for care and cleaning.








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Hello all,


Have been lurking for a long time but decided it's time to participate a bit more actively and contribute what I can in discussions.


See all you guys around

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I am Fergusson and after lurking for a while decided to join.

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hello im spoon from manila,

i am a member of several online forums 

such as golf, watches and now styleforum!


i have been an ebay rate for a decade shopping on a daily

basis only bec i love sick deals and theres aren't bespoke or out

of the box choices in manila and even if there were they'd cost double

of what they would be in the usa.


recently discovered shell shoes from a friend. purchased a couple of seconds

allen edmonds and alden from the bay and real happy. has changed my outlook

on shoes and think I'm hooked.


this forum is so daunting too many choices and hope i can meet a few guys here

who can give me a good deal and of course to learn everything there is about style

and fashion!



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Hey, been lurking threads a while and decided to join.  Looking to see what brands have good quality and etc, hopefully I can contribute too. 

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I'm Fuad, 34 years old. I help entrepreneurs to multinational retailers and wholesalers to improve their sourcing strategies on footwear and leather goods from Mexico. I live in Leon, Mexico. I've lived in China, France and Taiwan and traveled to many countries when I was younger. I'm married and have a beautiful daughter. 


Mexico's fashion industry is developing fast and I'll be glad to give you some updates. I focus on footwear and leather goods.


Looking forward to participate in this forum.

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Hey, I'm scapegoatwax.


I'm a 24 year-old plebeian who is trying to refine my casual wear into something that looks nicer. Currently, I'm a 6'0" guy who weighs 145 pounds. There's not a lot to me, but my thighs are comparatively big. The little bit of muscle that I have looks cut, but that's mostly because I have hardly anything else on my skeletal structure.


I hope to get lots of insight from these forums. I look forward to interacting with everyone here.

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I am Zach. I live in Nashville and am in the middle of a career change. I am 29. I have a Tumblr page where I sometimes post things that might be of interest.



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I never thought I'd wash up here. 

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--Redacted for inappropriate content. Clearly I had less to contribute, or to interest you in me, than I thought I did. I'll keep personal info on the down low next time - just simple questions about timeless style and etiquette, I swear! :fonz:--

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Nice. I've got a former friend who's a professional student.

Maybe you could try to get a job or something. Not just suck on the teat of other people.

Also people who wear white ties not at Diplomatic dinners are the waiters. Here's your sign, asshole.
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I've apparently ruffled some feathers. Unintentionally. In retrospect, you're right, my enthusiasm for white tie was wholly inappropriate for this forum on daily wear. Expressing it only showed a disturbing lack of stylistic tact and understanding. And yes, I knew that only diplomats/celebrities, else waiters, wear white tie. Makes my fault all the worse.


My handle's too pretentious, I see that now. I'll get that changed to something mundane and fitting. As to being a student - I meant a student of life. Merely that I keep a habit of learning wherever I go, whatever work (engineering, software, etc.) I do. Not a professional student - gods that would be a terrifying prospect.


I'll shut up and keep lurking. I've clearly got to learn - been far too personal and you don't care for that. Next time, just tell me straight up what I'm doing wrong, instead of shooing me away without explanation. I'm a nutter for self-correction.


Thanks, -namelessly handled

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raw denim...too many choices.

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I'm Ethan. I'm now 24 and work in the image industry. I'm looking forward to making many new friends and making memories. Cheers.
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Hi i go by Albert.been lurking around for awhile and decided to finally join.Hope to learn new things here and probably meet some cool peeps.take care

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