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Originally Posted by pdsf View Post

LOL Tell us about your shoe problem. I have a bag problem and I am getting close to having a shoe problem.

It's an Acquisition for the Collection Disorder.


And I'm not doing a lot to help it by joining here!



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Hi i'm Dream7 from france

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Originally Posted by Dream7 View Post

Hi i'm Dream7 from france

Have you emailed Edinatlanta the requisite genital pics?
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Hi all!


Heard a lot about the site and finally decided to create an account. I'm a New Yorker (from Brooklyn) and love quality clothes. Always on the hunt to expand my wardrobe with tailored/sportswear.

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Good day gentlemen,


I have been lurking on this forum (these fora?) for some months and have learned many valuable rules. Recent downtime in the office has seen me spend considerably more time browsing threads & threaks and so I thought I would finally join up. There are so many slanging matches, it just looks like fun.


I am one of the hated peoples (I work for an investment bank). I have lived in Adelaide, Sydney, Singapore and shortly will be in London. I am late 20's.


My previous "atas" hobby (atas is a Malay term for upper floor/snobby which I have been labelled and chosen to own) has always been wine but in the last 12-mths I have become quite obsessive on clothing too - definitely focussed on the CM space (my view is I am getting older, I should start dressing like an adult).


I blame Styleforum almost exclusively for the amount of money I have therefore spent in the past year (a trend I cannot foresee reversing in the immediate future).


Peace out homies. ----------

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Greetings. When I'm not in scrubs (I am an RN), I like to look good. I am a somewhat recent convert (<3 yrs) to traditional American dress (navy blazers, flat front chinos, OCBD, madras, loafers etc.), but as my closet has filled, I find I am more interested in branching out into other areas I have yet to explore. I have spent many enjoyable hours discussing trad (seems like a dirty word sometimes lol) on another forum, but as I am dipping into different things like denim, it just seemed right to pull the trigger on starting a SF account. I very much like the vibe on the dedicated Gustin thread and I look forward to wasting many leisure hours here.

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Hi. I'm Bobbin and I'm a regular in a few fashion forums and I run a brand called STORY mfg. with my partner. I love animals and fabric.

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I'm Sophia and I'm new here. I'm really glad I joined this forum to talk about new trends in fashion. I also run a jewelry related website named Jewelry Kind Store.

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Hi everyone,

My name's Dave. I'm a 38yr old Aussie who lives in Hobart and works on ships.

I found this site while looking for a suit for my upcoming wedding. 


I already have a few suits that I had made in Singapore. The fit is great, the quality is ok, but after reading up here, I now realise what I REALLY want in my next suit.

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Hello all, I'm calgary based and got into clothes because my sister got sick of me dressing in all baggy clothes in the 90's, and got me on the path to a better stylized future.. Though not as up on things as many in the forum, I hope I can get some knowledge on picking up some better suits, accessories, and maybe a nice set of hand made shoes or two. Currently I have a think for Aksel shirts, (unfortunately so many that they named a shirt after me, whoops!), and have way too many shoes, but everyone has to have a hobby right?

I hope I don't piss anyone off here too much with my noob questions, and look forward to learning how to start buying quality over quantity.
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My name is Justin Jack and i am a fashion designer. i joined this forum today.

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Hi all, Phil here. Just joined. Nice place ya got here :)


Fond of APC, Patrik Ervell, Acne. Hoping to sell and buy here very soon. 




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hi all,
im new and single haha..

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Hey all, 


Former lurker, new poster here. I'm an electrical/computer engineer living in the Portland metro area.

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Originally Posted by KingOCarotFlwrs View Post

Hey all, 

Former lurker, new poster here. I'm an electrical/computer engineer living in the Portland metro area.

Fellow Neutral Milk Hotel fan! Eugene, Oregon here.
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