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Hello, all. My name is Stephen and my wife and daughter have been trying to help me become a bit more stylish, and after browsing here I figured I could learn a lot. Looking forward to my journey into style.
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My name is Sheryl. I'm interested primarily in purchasing authentic Vintage items without having to question the integrity of a seller. All photos clear, detailed, correct angles, etc. which any responsible seller would know is necessary to authenticate. Listings as if Seller is the buyer. That would be fabulous!
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i'm khal from Malaysia. been reading SF for quite sometime and recently registered to buy stuff of marketplace.


will try to contribute when possible..



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Hey guys! Farallon7 here (pronounced (Farajohn7). I'm an easy going guy, in decent shape. Love healthy living, gardening, working out, sunshine and life in general. I came across this website when typing a question about the fitting of dress shirts and I found the site interesting enough to create an account.

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Hey everyone. Unfashionable college student on a budget here. Looking to improve my look (mostly for you ladies out there). I'll be spending my time in the "Ask a question" thread I presume. See you around!

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Hi, I'm Bob. I've spent most of my (not terribly short) working life not having to worry too much about being smart, and now have to wear suits every day. I've been lurking for a while and thought it might be time to start actively participating a bit ;)

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Hi guys, I'm Dave from PA. I never really cared about style or dressing right but now that I am in my low 30s, I notice appearance matters in everything you do and I want to be more  professional and proper looking.


I want to be comfortable wearing a suit out for anything, dressing casual, what shoes to wear with what and so on. I look forward to learning a lot from everyone here!

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I'm Sam, the Founder of a new online company providing tailored suits and shirts to the UK market via our website www.suit-up.co.uk


I have a passion for all things menswear, especially formal and bespoke clothing which I like to think myself something of an expert on.


I look forward to contributing to the discussions!

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Hello all - I've been reading this site for the past couple weeks and have had fun and learned a ton. Looking forward to being more involved.

My story is probably the same as many of you. I bought a pair of raw denim jeans a couple weeks ago and that opened up the dangerous rabbit hole of men's fashion. I am a financial advisor, so my job requires suits which doesn't help the new-found interest of Alden.

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Hello! Been viewing the forums for a while but never signed up. Getting more interested in gentlemans fashion so time to get to work. Currently living in Seoul, Korea where fashion is constantly changing. So far I'm left in the dust. Time to catch up.
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Hi my name is Tony and I'm 30. Just started looking in to expensive shoes for work. I got my first pair of ae they have been great. Have always considered my self stylish but also thrift as well. I hope I can get some pointers from you guys and hopefully provide some input as well.
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Hey all my names Sophie.  My top interests are clothes & shoes.  Otherwise I focus on learning how to help people sleep better, bedrooms, mattresses, beds, sheets, bed comforts, pillow and most anything to do with sleeping.  I consider myself a sleep advocate.  Did you know over 50% of people in modern society say they suffer from insomnia?


I'm just getting rolling on our blog:  http://www.restava.com/blogs/sleep  where we talk about all the things I love.  For about 60% of sleepers a memory foam mattress fits the bill and you don't have to spend a ton of cash on a tempurpedic


Hope to see you around - yell at me with anything and have a terrific day!


Peace ~ Sophie

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Hi my name is Jason, im a (UK) music producer. Just recently caught the shoe bug and i'm completely into Alden shoes, as it fits my Smart/Casual lifestyle. I was referring to this site back in Feb for advise on sizing and found it extremely helpful in my purchases.


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Hi all, my name is Andreas and I'm a law student with too many expensive hobbies.

Clothes, shoes, fragrances and interior design. Oh, how could I forget good food and nice wines.


I'm here so I can expand my wardrobe with high quality clothes, shopping around for good basics at the moment. 

Utterly in love with jackets of every kind, mostly italian unconstructed at the moment.


So much clothes that I 'need' and too little money.


Will use the forum for inspiration, sizing advice, shopping advice and I might start to look around the marketplace.


See you all around!

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Hey I'm Jeff. I like looking good but could use some help keeping it all within a responsible budget. 


I was introduced to the forum by a good friend who got me a great shoe deal here. I liked what I saw and hopefully I can contribute back.



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