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Im Oliver from Atlanta and I like to dress sharp.


Good place to read and improve my wardrobe. 

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I'm Joel, been lurking for a bit...decided it was time that I might as well join up.  I love  crossfit and slim jeans, but they don't go together well.

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Hello all. Long time ghost, talking in all the information that SF has to offer. I've got some menswear questions that Google has failed me on, so I'm hoping SF can help me - and I can return the favour. 


As my username suggests, I'm in Toronto, Canada - and always looking for opinions on what's good in the city...

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I'm 37, from France.

I'm interested in casual style.

I've joined you to discover new brands that I can't find in France.

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hello, I'm Sneakerwiz :bigstar:

Here to discuss, shop and keep up on the latest styles.

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I'm Alfazuli. I lurk here from time to time and then scurry away once I'm comprehending less than one word in four. 


My age and station in life puts me nowhere near classic meanswear, so I'm all about the streetwear and denim side of this board. 

Reddit's malefashionadvice and related subs are more my domain, but now I'm trying to branch out, expand my picture of style, and push mine to evolve. So I'm mostly here for inspiration. Anyone know some goldmine threads worth checking out?


By the way, whenever I try to get to the WAYWT thread I get redirected back to the main page. What gives?

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When searching for various things relating to suits I have come across this forum several times and decided why not I'll join it.


My tastes are in classic style suits, three piece suits, double breasted etc.

I have a moderate collection of 6 suits (hopefully more soon) with a tie collection to last the ages.

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I have lurked round these parts for a number of years looking for info on suits and have decided to join because I needed some specific advice. Sorry about that, hope it doesn't run to contrary to the spirit of what is a highly informative forum. I am not a daily wearer of aforementioned garments, I just have a keen interest in the ways of the gentleman's tailor and indulge that interest when able.

Please be gentle.

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Hi, I'm Alex. 


I live in Sweden and I'm 19 years old. 


Most days I wear Acne jeans, new balance sneakers and a shirt with a good looking sweater, maybe a bomber jacket, but some days I like to spice it up and wear a jacket or a suit with ties or bowties and a nice pair of handmade shoes. 


Looking forward to being a part of this community. 

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Hello, we are Ugne and Domantas.


We are from Lithuania, Europe and we are the owners of PURI. Our specialization is bow ties and other men and woman accessories. When we do not produce bow ties be are making new designs for our other products. 


You can visit our shop at: www.puri.lt


Kind Regards,

Ugne and Domantas.

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Hi everyone! Im Agostina, I am learning how this works! Im a fashion and textile designer and I work for new balance and JOMA in Argentina! how are you? :) 

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I'm PL and I live in London. I've been reading SF for a while now but never really got down to registering until rather recently. Since then, I've done a few deals and interacted with various members; I have to say it's been rather pleasant unlike most of my eBay experience. Looking forward to many more to come!


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Hi all, I'm a poor grad student. You wont find me posting much but I lurk a bit and thrift, so you may find my posting some great finds (but don't fit) for sale.

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Hello! I am Olivier, a World citizen.


I am particularly interested in the sustainability of the clothing / shoe industry, and building a more sustainable wardrobe is what keeps me busy.



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I am Allen.  I go where my work takes me. 

I'm a bit of a dandy and all.

This site seems interesting.

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