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Hi everyone! I'm going to be lurking this forum, trying to pick up some fashion sense. My friends and I are actually making a shopping/fashion app, so I'm basically researching for that - though I would love to get some of the community's feedback on our beta too! I'm currently in Canada (Toronto), and not entirely very trendy :)

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I'm Ed, an architect in the Mile High City. In addition to designing buildings, I've also always had a love for fashion and in my spare time I am a stylist for J.Hilburn. I have found myself in threads on this website in the past when I would Google certain menswear questions and felt like the responses were accurate and sometimes inspiring. I doubt I will post a lot on here, but I will certainly loiter from time-to-time to find new and stylish ways to lose my hard earned money. 

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Hi all. I'm Paul, a retired professor. I enjoy fine tailored traditional clothing. Hope to learn a lot here.

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Aha. So here's where the "Introduce Yourself" thread is.


Hey guys and girls.


Thought I'd join the forum after stumbling across this on Google, looking up some shoe history for a blog post.


Pretty good discovery, nice to see other people drooling over clothing as well. 


Wouldn't mind plugging the site but I'm happy to be an observer for now so..hey! Thanks for having me.


British-born Chinese hailing from London if there's any UKers.

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Hi all, Steve here. I was googling about reputable tailor in Vancouver and I come across this website. I got the answer I wanted.


Since I'm looking for a leather jacket and this forum seems to be a great place, I looked around and found a thread with a group buy which have something I'm very interested in, so i joined right away lol! My first leather jacket was from japan and the fit of that leather jacket is not something I can easily find in North America and I'm so glad the group buy seems to be very close to what I want. I look forward to learn from everyone on this forum going forward! :) Cheers..

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Hi, I'm AL-Fink, from Bangkok, Thailand

I'm about to graduate from my university. Hope to learn more about classic menswear.
Finding the right fitting clothes are real HARD!!

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Hello all! M'name is Bertrand.

Victoria isn't the great place for clothes shopping - men's or woman's - but Vancouver and Seattle are both only a couple-hour ferry trip away. I've a feeling that my posts here will mainly be along the lines of finding solid alternatives to greats that can be found in town (currently on the hunt for some good shoes).

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Hi there!


Good to be here & great to meet you all.


I'm James, I've been designing T-shirts for a while as a hobby and recently decided to take the plunge and started a clothing ranged named "Jay Royal".




Looking forward to getting to know you all :)


You can follow my progress further HERE





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Greetings all,

My given name is Craig.  My nickname is Knotty,  I got that nick from all my years training knot work to youth & adults in Scouting.

I live in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  

Since this forum is all about style, I should say that Im a kiltie.  I made the decision to wear nothing but kilts about 3 years ago.  Most of the style tranfers, but there are some differences.  I go with the fashion sense I had before I donned the kilt.

I look forward to be contributing on this forum.









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Originally Posted by Bliksem View Post



Well, I can't compete with that but I hope to be able to contribute a little to the forum!!



Its not a competition...

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Loved the Site!!


Had to sign up and see a little more.


Thanks everyone!

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Hello. I'm Ian and I am the Founder of Maltby Clothiers. We design and manufacture high quality men's neckwear in the USA and I'm based in Seattle, WA. I've been lurking around on the site for awhile and finally decided to join. I'm excited to get more involved in the community. I'm a big fan of bold fabrics, particularly on sport coats and blazers and am a complete sucker for boating/rowing blazers and repp stripes.


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Been lurking here for about a month and a half and finally decided it was time to officially sign up. Love the community and I look forward to being a part of it!

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I'm Geovonni with G. Smith intl
I design, I cut n sew, I print, I paint. There's very little I don't do.
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Im Oliver from Atlanta and I like to dress sharp.


Good place to read and improve my wardrobe. 

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