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Hey Everyone!

I'm new here. I came across this site in my search for cool clothes and thoughts & opinions on sizing, quality, and general info on a lot of my favorite brands.... mainly Nice Collective, but also Aether, Dillon Montara, and other San Francisco/ west coast designers.

Looking forward to selling a few things and also buying!

Feel free to be in touch.



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Morning all, new guy here. Going to be getting married in a year, and I;m in the process of finding a nice suit for all the groomsmen to wear. I've had great experiences with Indochino in the past for MTM suits, but some of my groomsmen are not as financially secure as I am so dropping a lot of $$$ on a suit is out of the question for them.


Been searching around, and found this site as a great place to get reviews to gauge cost/quality. So far nothing has fit the bill, but happy to be here to keep searching.


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Hi guys!

I'm Josh, I was searching the webs for respectable dress shoes... somehow I landed here. I found tons of useful insight, and decided to come out of lurking. smile.gif
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Hey! I am Stephen, and i am a big fan of fashion! I am also one of the three founders for a recently emerging clothing brand called "Skeptiks Apparel https://www.facebook.com/SkeptiksApparel" and we also have an Instagram with the same name. (SkeptiksApparel). I am mostly here to promote my brand and also talk to people with similar interests in fashion as I do, and I really look forward to interact with all of you guys on styleforum! Thank you :)




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Hellot name is sonny .Im a single parent volunteer EMS,phlebotomist , and student. I live alone whiles son lives with my mom so he can stay in his school
And I can be closer to my job which is 70 miles always from where
My son lives . It stinks but he loves his school. I love for working out , walking around anywhere and helping anybody in any way I can. . I'm a quiet guy and stay to myself but I believe in opening doors for other cause it what we should
All do and I think I'm a nice guy and always try to do the right thing. Far from perfect and struggle to get by . But I always find a way to make life work just here to check things out and do something different
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trying to get myself a nice suit, i started educating myself, and found myself on AAAC and here all the time. I guess my recent love of Japenese Selvedge brought me closer to SF.


I have learned a lot but barely scratched the surface, and feel I have a lot to learn, before I can venture out of from my de facto outfits

a) preppie during the daytime

b) flannel/jeans/boots at night


pretty much what i wore during the late 80s / early 90s anyways - haha


thanks all for all the help and hope to reciprocate someday,



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I am Helen from UK, just join this forum, wish to get more fashion information to make live beautiful :)

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Originally Posted by AlexandraJohnso View Post



I'm Alexandra Deleon Johnson, 26 years old.


I'm here to learn more about hair and fashion styles

I can teach you about everything dear .. How to pul your bra LOL :D

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