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Boston-based with midwest origins, I find that no matter where I find myself in the world, SF has been a fairly consistent distraction for my wandering internet habits.  My uncle, a haberdasher in his own right, purchased me my first proper bespoke suit 5 years ago and I've been ruined ever since.  Not one to typically engage forums, I joined to seek out the advice of the knowledgable MC crowd and hope to one day give back a little.  "See one, do one, teach one" they say.  Style-wise, I currently find myself pulled in several different directions, though I most certainly borrow from members here, grandfathers everywhere and the enthusiastic lads over at The Armoury NYC.  I'll get it right one of these days.


Cheers for now!

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Hello all.  I found thias site while trying to expand on my tuxedo knowledge.  I quickly got a lot more information than that, and within days this site became one of my favorites.


I have a strong interest in cultural history, but only recently has clothing taken much of my attention.  My early interest was in the history of food (or the "ethnography of food", as some would say), and I still read endlessly about food--and I eat rather endlessly, too.  I also study religious life in the middle ages rather extensively, which branches out into the architecture and music of the period, and farming and husbandry and private life as well.  Another interest I've had since childhood is fibers and textiles, spinning and weaving, and production of fabric and clothing, from ancient times to the late middle ages.  All these interests eventually touch on clothing and dress, but only recently has that translated into the matter of a personal wardrobe.


I wear a suit every day, which has the opposite effect on me of what most people might think. I buy cheaper clothes and shoes and recycle them every 8-10 months or so.  I tend to destroy them long before they wear out, and I hate to do that to a nice outfit. 


Outside of work, I tend to wear slacks and button-down oxford shirts and derby shoes of some sort.  I often look out of place and over-dressed, but considering my personality, wearing jeans would make me seem even stranger than I already am.


I was significantly better-dressed at University and grad school, and I'd like to get back to that strong sense of style.  This site has already led me to choose better shoes, and I expect I'll be improving all aspects of my wardrobe in the near future.

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Hi Guys! I'm Brian, a long time lurker. I've gleaned so much great knowledge off of this site for so long, I'm excited to join the community!

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Hey everyone! I'm Bradley. I've been interested in fashion for a few years, but only really started understanding it as of about a year ago.


I like to think I'm constantly growing and learning about my own personal style from what others wear as well. I've been a lurker for a few weeks, so I've decided to make a profile and see where it takes me.


Over the past few months I've taken it upon myself to thrift the entirity of my fits. I've seen a huge improvement in the way my clothes fit as well as in the variety of what I wear. It's given me the opporunity to push the boundaries on what I wear because if it turns out to be garbage, then I just put it back through the system having learned something new.


I'm from Alberta, Canada, and am currently finishing my degree in Computing Science and Psychology. I hope to be around here a little more often!

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Hey all. The name's Mickey. I'm just getting into style and sophistication, and found this forum. Glad to be aboard!

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Hi Guys,


I am zenek. I was reading SF since months and finally decided to join. A lot of useful information here, happy to be part of community!

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My name is Lewis Maziak and here is a short bio on my business !


Lewis Maziak created this company in his spare time whilst he was studying photography at Northampton College. At first it was just an idea, but then everyone started complimenting my artwork and designs and I was told by a friend about bigcartel and how incredibly easy it was to set up and start selling my clothing.

I had only been studying Photoshop skills at college for 5 months and I had used the knowledge and training I had whilst in education and used it to my advantage being able to create anything my mind thought!

I myself am only 19 and I have always looked up to my hard working family and set out to be self-made and self-employed just like the rest of the Maziak’s. I kept working on our social networking and getting our name about locally and letting everyone know that they can have good quality t-shirts at low prices!

I know most students are broke and its hard to find that extra cash to get yourself something nice so that’s why we’re cheaper than a lot of other competitive brands.


My website is www.maziakclothing.com


I would highly appreciate any views and comments!


Thanks a lot ! :)

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my name's mostafa i'm from egypt i wish to make more relation with more friends interested by wearing and textile and i've more relationship with the owner of factories here in Egypt they are specialist in cotton wearing that like manufacturing

and i'm 34 years

working as (Q.C) in clothes factory

:foo:with my best wishes


mostafa youssif:cheers: 

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Originally Posted by 2m2020 View Post

my name's mostafa i'm from egypt i wish to make more relation with more friends interested by wearing and textile and i've more relationship with the owner of factories here in Egypt they are specialist in cotton wearing that like manufacturing
and i'm 34 years
working as (Q.C) in clothes factory
foo.gif with my best wishes
mostafa youssif:cheers:  

You can PM either Edinatlanta or me your genital pics. Be sure to do so within the next 5 days or you'll be autobanned.
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Started trying to improve my fashion game about a year ago. I've lurked on an off to get opinions since then.


Just signed up.


I'm more of a 'fashion on a budget' type of guy since I don't make over 100 grand a year.


Just to note for the mods...I will not send genital pics for unless there's money being exchanged.

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Originally Posted by jimmywiilson889 View Post

@beat i guess you are taking it quite seriously mate .. it is nothing than a friendly informal thread .. Lol xD
Dude, who the hell is beat??
Just out of curiosity...smile.gif
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Hello. I am 13. I live in Greenwich ct. Favorite brands Ralph Lauren, j crew, zegna, vineyard vines and brooks brothers
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Hi, name's Phil (duh), I'm 31 and I live in Paris. Been lurking the forum for a couple years, finally registered to post on a woodworking thread then got lazy in the process and never did it. Fortunately for my legacy-to-be I am more pro-active with girls, I met my girlfriend in the métro. It's not someting I would tell any fellow national but somehow foreigners tend to fantasize the overkill romantic setting of this story with the eiffel tower splashed by a crimson sunrise in the background through a window of line 6 and an aged white bearded man playing that song from Amélie on the accordion. Which is fine by me.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
It was slightly dirtier than that.

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Hello, I am new to the forum. I hope to learn a lot from you guys

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Hi, my name is Elison. I'm here because I love to wear well designed clothes that actually fit my small frame. It makes me so happy to have an awesome wardrobe. Grailshit or no shit.
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