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Originally Posted by AdamInMO View Post

Hi all, I'm Adam. I'm in a weird place in life in that I weigh about 185 pounds, but less than two years ago I weighed 280 pounds. I'm 5'7 and have about 20 more pounds to lose, so I'm hesitant to commit to a wardrobe until I'm finished. In the meantime I am buying incredibly inexpensive clothes to make it through a summer full of weddings, parties, showers, and other social stuff. I am really looking to post outfits of cheap finds from eBay, and have the community tell me if it works or not. Looking forward to being active!

Congrats on the weight loss.
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Originally Posted by harvey_birdman View Post

Congrats on the weight loss.

Thanks! Did it without surgery or meth; just changed my diet and did P90X, getting ready to do P90X again for the last 15-20. When I started my weight loss, my doctor told me my target weight. Since that day a little over two years ago, I've put all my pocket change at the end of each day, AND two dollars each day, into a shoebox. That's my "New Me, New Wardrobe!" reward money, haha.
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Hello Ladies Gentlemen,


I'm an artist from France.
I'm specializes in hand-painted artwork and
applies patina on all footwear and leather goods.


I would like to introduce me as well  as my work. You have a below the reason why I became a shoe artist.

I'm happy to meet you all.

I was in NYC last january for presenting my work and make patina in live. I'm coming back soon in may.

I hope I will meet some of you for real.


Something personal

Before it was the role of the father or the grandfather to guide his sons in the school of elegance and the art of “savoir-porter”, to understand the art of wearing clothes. But our world changes and nowadays, this role is fulfilled by the internet, TV or cinema.
And indeed, cinema is treasure. How can one forget Prince of Wales three-piece suit, Steve’s blue shirt in “The Thomas Crown affair”, Marcello's natural elegance in “Dolce Vita” or Gary's ease to wear the tuxedo. I’ll stop here, I guess you got my point. I am allowed to call them by their first names because somehow each of them were fathers to me.
Though the first person who opened the way before them was my own father. He, who when I was a child, was taking out of his dressing room these Weston or Berluti to display them over the big coffee table of our living-room to polish them.
He who was taking out his Creed or Smalto suits to get dressed in the morning. I vividly recall him, in his boxer shorts, wearing only a shirt, knee socks and Lobb shoes hesitating, trying suits on several times. Then once dressed, the tie’s double knot completed and the pocket handkerchief fluffed he would walk out in a nonchalant move like a tomcat. Sometimes he would even change more than three times through the day to the great displeasure of the house attendant who spent hours in the linen room.
I owe him my love and affection for “elegance”.
Now I create my own criteria. Unfortunately I don’t always have the budget for custom-made suits at Creed’s or Berluti’s. That’s why I often go to second-hand clothes shops and fortunately, Toulouse is not lacking of those. I am one of their good customers.
Furthermore I buy from our British friends via eBay and other websites. Last purchase: a seventies Prince of Wales woolen trench coat (Brett Sinclair had the same) and not to forget a pair of Merton from CJ. And since I’m not wearing ties anymore (not to mention, I’m hairy… sorry I’m a man) I cannot go without my silk scarves and my double-cuff shirts over my vests.
This is the way one thing lead to another, I quickly was consumed in an initiative of research, finding the yellow plaid jacket from Hackett, I needed an adequate pair of pants, a velvet golden yellow Trussardi found in a second-hand clothes shop. But here is the thing: the shoes looked very tasteless with the rest. Thus I needed to put myself to work on the patina and even paint on certain models.


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Originally Posted by Shoe artist View Post


Hello Ladies Gentlemen,


I'm an artist from France.
I'm specializes in hand-painted artwork and
applies patina on all footwear and leather goods.


I would like to introduce me as well  as my work. You have a below the reason why I became a shoe artist.

I'm happy to meet you all.

I was in NYC last january for presenting my work and make patina in live. I'm coming back soon in may.

I hope I will meet some of you for real.

Hi there!

Congrats for your works, they are really something special!

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Long time reader, first time poster. Don't have much time to obsess about the mill my jeans come from or spend a weekend looking for that right tie, but I try to be selective and aware about everything from fragrance to shoes. I guess you could say I can recognize good stitching in a pair of APCs and can spot a nice monk strap shoe from a mile away, but I don't judge someone who likes to wear A&F sweats or does not know who won the independent fragrance award last year. To each his own. Hope to be constructive and learn.  

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I've long used SF as a resource for purchases.  I dig what goes on here, and finally decided to register.


I'm in my mid-thirties and live in San Diego.  I'm an artisan and work from home (you can see my work herehere <--is this okay to post?)  Consequently, most of my daily wear is pretty casual since I get dirty and dusty all day long.  But in the evenings I change it up.  I did my grad work in NJ, and the more formal style there introduced me to wearing suits.  I've got a pair of tailored Ben Sherman suits and a pair of Aldens that I rarely wear.  It's mostly denim in the evenings for me with the occasional sportcoat over a button up to dress things up for a night out.  I'm a big fan of Varvatos' style.  But I've seen a lot of the European brands here that I'm interested in checking out.  I'm looking forward to participating more now that I've registered.

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Hello there Style forum,


My name is Victor Nartey. I am founder and Creative Director of Qind Design (pronounced as KIND). We are an accessories and urban apparel brand. Our aesthetic is clean & simple, with a particular appreciation of colourful & tasteful cotton prints married to various complimentary fabrics in our products:


We are a very small startup which began with me selling old world style cravats made of West African Prints in craft markets in London. In the year and half since we have been around we have evolved a bit with the creation of the very versatile Spring Turtle which is an innovative meld of the concept of the cravat and the snood:


It was actually at Greenwich Market in London that I first became aware of Styleforum. An enthusiastic customer who is a member and regular contributor here thought this might be a good way to make more men aware of the work that we do. And so here I am and I am happy to be here. 


In terms of what we do, we have quickly moved on to add pocket squares to our collection, always maintaining our particular aesthetic of vibrant colourful cotton prints. Here we use mostly classic prints from the world famous department store Liberty in London:


We've also started to play around with offering a full menswear range with colourful Sri Lankan shirts which we source. We have however launched our Second Soul blazer concept where we are taking jackets of recycled origin and giving them new life and purpose with accents of print:


We are getting braver and moving into the realm of wholly recutting the blazers as opposed to simply adding touches to them. 


I look forward to my time here on Styeforum and hope share with you some of the things we create which we think you might like. As well as get feedback and ideas. 


many thanks


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Hey Everyone!

I'm new here. I came across this site in my search for cool clothes and thoughts & opinions on sizing, quality, and general info on a lot of my favorite brands.... mainly Nice Collective, but also Aether, Dillon Montara, and other San Francisco/ west coast designers.

Looking forward to selling a few things and also buying!

Feel free to be in touch.



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Morning all, new guy here. Going to be getting married in a year, and I;m in the process of finding a nice suit for all the groomsmen to wear. I've had great experiences with Indochino in the past for MTM suits, but some of my groomsmen are not as financially secure as I am so dropping a lot of $$$ on a suit is out of the question for them.


Been searching around, and found this site as a great place to get reviews to gauge cost/quality. So far nothing has fit the bill, but happy to be here to keep searching.


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Hi guys!

I'm Josh, I was searching the webs for respectable dress shoes... somehow I landed here. I found tons of useful insight, and decided to come out of lurking. smile.gif
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Hellot name is sonny .Im a single parent volunteer EMS,phlebotomist , and student. I live alone whiles son lives with my mom so he can stay in his school
And I can be closer to my job which is 70 miles always from where
My son lives . It stinks but he loves his school. I love for working out , walking around anywhere and helping anybody in any way I can. . I'm a quiet guy and stay to myself but I believe in opening doors for other cause it what we should
All do and I think I'm a nice guy and always try to do the right thing. Far from perfect and struggle to get by . But I always find a way to make life work just here to check things out and do something different
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trying to get myself a nice suit, i started educating myself, and found myself on AAAC and here all the time. I guess my recent love of Japenese Selvedge brought me closer to SF.


I have learned a lot but barely scratched the surface, and feel I have a lot to learn, before I can venture out of from my de facto outfits

a) preppie during the daytime

b) flannel/jeans/boots at night


pretty much what i wore during the late 80s / early 90s anyways - haha


thanks all for all the help and hope to reciprocate someday,



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I am Helen from UK, just join this forum, wish to get more fashion information to make live beautiful :)

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Originally Posted by jimmywiilson889 View Post

I can teach you about everything dear .. How to pul your bra LOL :D


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Hi, I'm SlanderousMambo.  I'm an NBA-sized beanpole who is slowly getting wider (40 lbs in 14 years without getting taller).  I'm here because I'm getting married in July, and I'm still looking for what to wear - more about that below. Since life goes on after marriage, or so I'm told, and I hate my current wardrobe, I think I can use some of the knowledge SF is pushing.


I'm 6'8", 220 lbs.  I have a 42" chest, 37"-ish waist, a 16.5" neck and 27" thighs, so nothing fits off the rack. I work in a place where everyone wears the same thing every day, and we buy it from the organization in standard sizes. I have not been forced to learn how to dress myself like an adult.  I am sick of looking like a clown in street clothes, and I want to be ready to look professional when that starts to matter.


Why I'm really here: I am getting married in less than 90 days, and I am being vain about my outfit.  I'm not even sure whether I want a tux or a suit, but I'm pretty sure I want to go MTM - OTR won't fit, and I don't have the knowledge or budget for true bespoke.  All I need to do is figure out what I like, and where to get it.  I'm looking for good tailors between Seattle and Olympia, WA, that can make something that fits before I migrate east at the end of June.  Any suggestions for Seattle tailors or suiting for Members of Unusual Size?


FWIW, I have used the forum search and found several useful threads but they are all at least six months dead.

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