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Hi everyone,
I'm new in this forum and good manners suggest I introduce myself.
I'm Italian (Napoli) but I spent my life roaming around the world since I was 1!
I actually live in Frankfurt, Germany, and in May I'm going to relocate to Hong Kong as I got an interesting job offer over there.
I'm passionate about all those little things that make my life more enjoyable: Cuban cigars, good wine, good brandy and, of course, a good looking elegant suit.
I will ask a lot of suggestions and if I can, I will also give some with pleasure.

Enjoy life.

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Hello StyleForum,

My name is Blake. I've been following SF for awhile now and figured it was about time I join for real. I figured I ought to say "hi" here first so J knows I'm a real person.
I'm a young professional just learning to dress like a responsible adult. As an engineer, I don't get much style help from my coworkers, so I look to you (mostly) knowledgeable fellows.

Thanks in advance for all of the advice and I look forward to someday being able to contribute more myself.


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Good afternoon, gentlemen,


I am Dachshund and I am based in London. I have enjoyed this site passively for a while and thought that I would get involved.





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Hi guys!

I'm a student interested in digital security, networking and open source development. I've been a lurker for a long time and have been quite the brand whore. I'm tired of wasting money on rubbish that doesn't fit and was under the impression if I bought the items models wore in my size that I'd look as sharp (I know...I know...). Hoping to learn how to get properly fitting clothes and dress better.

Hopefully, I'll be able to contribute to threads with knowledge in the future.


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I'm Raphael, 29 years old.


I'm interested by the men's fashion and I'm here to learn more about it :)

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So I've been lurking in the thrift thread for about two months now stealing tips and tricks, while trying to find at least a few good enough pieces in my backwoods nowheresville thrift stores to post. I've been largely unsuccessful, but will foist upon everyone pictures of my Hart Schaffner and Marx, Stafford, and Jos A Bank orphans in retaliation for all of you living in actual cities who can actually find a Zegna once in a while.

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I'm Alexandra Deleon Johnson, 26 years old.


I'm here to learn more about hair and fashion styles

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gerry,am 52 and like ska,oi,punk and football/darts.also jaytex and brutus shirts.dress skinhead.

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Hi, I'm Victor, a teen boy with an interest in the world of sophisticated style.

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Hello, I'm Donte', here to find more information about style.
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Hi, I'm Ryan, I'm in my late teens but I'm trying to build an awesome suit-orientated wardrobe with a traditional timeless style. Unfortunately my small stature and budget sometimes makes it difficult to find quality clothes that fit.
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Hi I'm tingle27 and I'm 16 years old. I am still rather new to male fashion in general, but I am starting to get a feel for the direction in which I want my style to go. I've already learned so much and I'm learning more every day!

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Hi all, I'm Adam. I'm in a weird place in life in that I weigh about 185 pounds, but less than two years ago I weighed 280 pounds. I'm 5'7 and have about 20 more pounds to lose, so I'm hesitant to commit to a wardrobe until I'm finished. In the meantime I am buying incredibly inexpensive clothes to make it through a summer full of weddings, parties, showers, and other social stuff. I am really looking to post outfits of cheap finds from eBay, and have the community tell me if it works or not. Looking forward to being active!
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Hi I'm SD2002, 36, finished my school/training 3 years ago. Never had problems with suite/tie/shirts. Always got Canali of sale which was good enough, and when I started working I figured for anything more than Canali I just go for bespoke. I am here mainly for shoes' knowledge. After learning for last few weeks I took a leap and ordered Corthay Fantomas from their Dubai store biggrin.gif
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From Chicago. Looking for some new fashion looks and styles. Enjoy a more comfortable but still stylish look. Love old vintage adidas. Do like Kanye's winter layered looks for the Chicago winters. Always comfortable. loose wood accessories, long necklaces. Have to love Jordans, but into boots and dress shoes. I like a trendy look with a little swag (hip-hop ish).. without sounding like a douche. haha Would love to meet some new people from Chicago as well. Big entrepreneur, interested in starting a brand.  

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