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Hi.  Came across this site while looking for advice on linen suits.  There really seems to be a lot of great info here.  Getting married in about 2 months and want to make sure I look great on that day.



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Hi there, I am Jerome. I love to travel all around the world to find new fashions, styles and other new and different things. A few years ago I graduated and living in beautiful California. I follow this forum already a longer time and decided to be a part of it from now. Looking forward for a interesting and great time with the community! :-)

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It seems to be a useful site. I'm 26, trying to be good looking. 

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Hello I'm Marc and I am passionate of fashion and accessories.

I used to go to Pitti and other fairs, but also keen on art and design.

Living in Italy and enjoying the food!


Take care



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Originally Posted by inesbauden View Post

I am trying to sell online some pieces... Figure it out, make money

I would love for someone to figure out how to provide bespoke services completely online. What comes to mind is my barber. It takes time for someone to get to know you and your head of hair. Once they know you, you never want to let them go. They can then stop asking how you want your hair cut and start TELLING you how it should be cut.

Now you'll never get your hair cut online and I bet traditional tailors would be quick to doubt it but I bet someone talented, young, and motivated could come up with a new paradigm.

Best of luck!
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I am Ines Bauden- new women's contemporary designer in California. Just started my business, trying to sell online. You can check my website inesbaudendotcom and let me know what you think about my designs ) Tahnk s and good luck to all of us!

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Hello, I'm Csaba,currently living in the UK... 25 years old,in a few months getting married... 188 cm or 6'2'' high, 85 kg or 188 pounds is my weight!

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I've developed a shoe addiction recently, so this seems like a good place to share.


Just started out small, picking up the odd Italian pair on holiday (shoes, not swingers). Then it escalated, and before I knew it, I was doing brogues, and now I'm into boots. It's serious.


Trust me, I've trawled the Internet for information and sources. Want the best place to look for Barker Harrisons? I can tell you the best price in the UK at the moment. Need to find a site to hook you up with a Loake Bedale? Just bought a pair myself. 


Pleased to meet you.

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Hey hey. Since I graduated college, I've slowly been deciding it's time not to dress like a skateboarder. Time to get my shit together.


Cruising through blogs will only get me so far, it's time to start spending some time here.

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People of Earth:
My name is Robert. I've dressed poorly for years but recently decided to change that. With your help and advice I plan to be appropriately and well dressed at all times. Now let's get this metamorphosis underway!
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Hi! I've been lurking here for quite some time now. Particularly in the luxire topic. The time has come to get off the fence and place an order. Perhaps I will be able to contribute when I start receiving clothes from them.

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Hey everyone I'm Sol. Ive been lurking a couple of days and decided to join. Ive already learned lots from the posts here . I am looking forward to posting pics of some of my current comissions. 

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Hi everyone!

Have been lurking around the forum for quite a while, but have only recently joined!

Hope to contribute and get as much help as possible!
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Hey there,

My name's John, and i'm a student. I've been following the blog scene especially and GQ and askmen but just stumbled on this community last night. I'm super excited to have another group to come to for ideas and inspiration. My personal style is prep-inspired yet definitely midwestern-influenced. With that being said, I believe that style is what you feel most comfortable in and natural--its sometimes hard to put words to those attributes of personal style!


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Hello everyone!


James here. I am a Charlottesville, Virginia native who graduated Roanoke College in 2012. Since graduating college I got engaged (wedding is April 18th), started building a house, and started the lifestyle brand Charlee Luck ( I started Charlee Luck because I believe the person makes the clothes rather than the clothes making the person. I built a brand around the belief that every day is about an appreciation for the good life; a nonspecific idea that is specified by the individual.


Currently, we offer neckwear, t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, and hats. All of our neckwear is made in America. Our Game Day Bows are made by hand in Oregon, and I am currently working on getting button downs handmade in Pennsylvania.


I am joining SF to get advice, critique, connections, and growth. Looking forward to getting involved in the SF community!


Thanks for having me,



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