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Hi all,


First post, I look forward to learning quite a bit from everyone so that I might take my fashion and style up a notch or two.  I have been a lurker here for awhile, searching threads and posts as I gain interest in shoes/boots, small leathers, shirts/suits, etc.


I live in upstate NY, outside Albany, with my two part-time kids and my two full-time Jack Russell's.  A financial planner by day, my other interests I enjoy outside work include watches, cologne, wine and stereo gear.  Oh, throw in a girlfiend somewhere in there...lol.


Thank you for having me!





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Whats up people.


I'm a 22 year old who has always had an eye for fashion. Found this place off searching for fashion tips off Google and I saw it had some good threads so I just had to sign up. Pretty much here to discover, share, and comment. 

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hrolf here.  Joined to investigate what the forums have to say about the wide variety of jeans out there that aren't levis-what-die-in-4-months-now.    Happily typing this with new pointer brand jeans that didn't cost $200!


i'm mostly your standard engineer mark II (the "iron rangers, jeans, and a button-down" type), but reference material for dressier stuff is nice to have access to.


I may occasionally also have items for sale.

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Hi all.  I'm from Boston, and have been gradually getting into fashion over the past few years.  My casual wear contains a ton of John Varvatos and a bit of Theory.  Lately I have gotten into RLBL and PL and Allen Edmonds.  I've lurked on SF for some time and figured it was about time that I actually tried to contribute.

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My name is Ann. I stumbled across this forum searching for information on stores in Bologna Italy as my husband and I will be in Ravenna one day this June. He adores Vitiliano Pancaldi ties which are made in Bologna. I am trying to find out if there are any shops open in either Ravenna or Bologna on Sunday that sell this designer as I would love to surprise him. I looked at the outlet mall website but didn't see Pancaldi listed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I only know of one store in a Rome I can buy them and thought since we will be up where they are made the odds might be better
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Hello, my name is Frank,  I am happy to join this forum. I am sure this is going a great learning experience, thanks!

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I've been really getting into fashion the past few years and I came here to help improve myself. I'm probably just going to lurk, but maybe once I feel more confident in how I look I'll post some fits for feedback. Regardless, I'm looking forward to being a part of this community and hoping to learn as much as I can.

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Hi, my name is Matt and I discovered styleforum via reddit. 

I am a university student that is broke with expensive taste. Mainly with pieces designed by CYC corp.

I come from Alberta, Canada. 

I hope to be able to cop some gear at discounted prices since being a broke university student sucks! 

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Long time lurker, excited to start sharing what I can.  I'm not embarrassed to say I have a shoe fetish!

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Hello all! Jake here, long time looker and now poster! Glad to be a part of the goodness!

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Hey Everybody!


Happy to join the group!  I'm originally from Pittsburgh but now living in Los Angeles.  When I moved out to LA I teamed up with Indie Source.  Indie Source is an apparel sourcing and manufacturing company where we help emerging and established brands with designing, manufacturing, and promoting their brands.  Never hurts to know what kind of help is out there so check us out at www.indiesource.com.

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Hello All,


First timer here, intro'd to the forum by a friend. Live in NYC and mostly interested in shoes, but here for everything. 

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Hi, my name is Van and I have seriously neglected my shoes.  There, I said it.  I finally realized that I'll spend over $1,000 on a suit, $750/pair for glasses (I have 3 now) but haven't thought to really own GREAT shoes.


The shoe I'm after is something that is "remarkable" and (dare I say the phrase)... fashion forward.


I currently have two pairs of Ferragamo's.  I do love them but they are a bit too traditional.  I currently am convinced that Santoni's are next for me and finally was able to try a few on while in San Francisco.


I welcome any advice or suggestions given the description above.  

-  Do you agree Santoni's are remarkable AND fashion forward?

-  Are there other options I should consider?

-  I'll be in New York in a few weeks, where should I go to look for shoes?


The two pair I'm after right now are (any advice?):

Santoni Quisp:





and the Santoni Truman Monkstrap:


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Hello, I am Ines Bauden- new designer from CA.

I finished FIDM 2 years ago,worked for some companies as an assistant designer.

And last summer I started my own company and created first collection. 

I am trying to sell online some pieces right now to see how is it all going and make money.

As I do not have any experience with business or designing women's clothing- it is all first time for me and very exciting and scary same time ) 

Originally I am from Ukraine and moved to the States 6 years ago. www.inesbauden.com

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Mr. Coltrane here,

I am a fashion engineer that graduated from IADT in Chicago a few years ago, now living in NYC. I have a limited release perforated leather 5 panel cap I created that I will be sharing with the SF community soon & I also am looking to buy clothing on here on occasion.

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