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ladies and gentz my name is beto.
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In addition to my earlier introduction, I absolutely love clubbing. The atmosphere is beyond awesome. My favourite club song is Pitbull's Hotel Room Service (it's the one that goes, "Forget about your boyfriend and meet me at the hotel room"). Right now, it has to be LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem.
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Just wanted to say "hello" and "thanks for such an informative forum here". Lot of interesting input...


roots1976 from Germany

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I'm Jay. I enjoy lurking but hope to be an occasional contributor.

I like button down shirts, cardigan sweater vests, bow ties and sport coats.

My feet are junk so I can't wear anything exciting. Thank god for New Balance, their 927's keep me comfortable all day.

Will wear a scollay cap or a fedora when the weather turns cool.

Spend most of my spare time officiating amateur sports at the high school and college level.

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I am Mitch. Still in high school and work part time at the local supermarket (aka it takes me forever to save up and buy my desired items). I have been browsing the site for a while and have fall in love with shoes, sports coats and bow ties. I can see this site is going to cost me a lot in the near and distant future. Other than that, I enjoy dining out, drinking tea and reading. Sums me up.

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Hi all,


My name's Josh and I'm an employee of Huddler (the new StyleForum platform). Must confess I have generally awful fashion sense (most of my wardrobe is Old Navy or cheaper), but I'm looking forward to learning more about men's style and this community in the course of my work!


You stay classy, StyleForum!



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Hello everybody!

I'm James from UK..


I'm happy to join this forum :)

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Hello everyone, name's Winchester. I'm mainly here just to look up whatever I need on raw denim or other street fashion trends, but also mostly because the marketplace here is organized very neatly compared to Hypebeast and Superfuture, can't find what I'm interested in a lot of the times on those sites because of the mass amount of threads and lack of structure at their marketplaces.

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Hello everyone. I am Joe from the USA. I like HK suits from my main man Eddie Siu at Fat Tai on Kowloon Road. I'm also into English and Italian shoes and Cowboy boots. My wife is from Tonsberg, Norway and this has given me a chance to start getting into Norwegian woven wool items. This is exciting for me. I work in the advertising industry. In my spare time I like to read and listen to music. My favorite sport is golf and I am an Ohio State Buckeyes fan.


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Hi there.

Just signed up. After discovering the 'traditional skinheads' thread.


I'm Russell, 38 from Birmingham ENGLAND. Into Mod and skin styles of clothing/footwear.


Great site. Glad to be a small part of it :)

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Hi there,


Names David 23 from Australia Melbourne. Originally found this site to look find out more about tailored suits. I've now become obsessed with tailored stuff!


Site has helped me heaps! Hope to learn more and give my own advice when I get better at this!



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Hello all, my name is Tony, just joined the site after doing a couple searches on leather goods, denim, and shoes.  Currently a full time student and working full time, fashion and quality clothing have started to become a larger part of my life as I have gotten older.  Looking forward to meeting you all, thanks for having such an informative site.

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Good day all; I go by a lot of names but most just shorten this pseudonym to Cyrus.


I work as a software engineer building the firmware that goes into consumer products, meaning generally I don't have to worry about my appearance. In fact a pair of cheap slacks and a button up shirt was given weird looks at my workplace. So I've decided to learn how to dress smart even when casual but also dress up when I need.


Anyway, before I came here I had never even thought about a pocket square, now I wear them.

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Hi everyone, Vladmir here.

I'm currently studying marketing and new time member. I'm currently trying to get over the vans and graphic t-shirt chapter of my fashion life, so thought I could get some help from here!

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Hey guys: I've been around for a bit, but hardly ever post. I'm Strombollii, 20 and a college student in North Carolina. I live at the beach (in a sort of sartorial hellhole) during the summer and have been working in foodservice since I was 13. Studying abroad right now in Florence, Italy, but without the funds to take advantage of most of the clothing here.

Came to the forum when I was trying to figure out what type of awesome jeans one of my high school english teachers was wearing, subsequently got into raw denim as well as clothes that fit me well. I'm scrawny as hell (6'1", 140 lbs), so my wardrobe is mostly all MTM and Epaulet. I dress like a fratboy most of the time (polo or an oxford, raw khakis), though I've recently really gotten back into my APCs.
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