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Hi everyone
Thank you for allowing me to join the group.
I am a single, hard working bloke from a working class background who,through hard work now has a good income and enjoys treating himself to the finer things in life.
I love good wine and have a soft spot for good shoes, shirts and cufflinks.
I have just found a small 'one man band' Cordwainers shop in Yorkshire and have ordered my first pair of hand made, bespoke shoes. Watch this space!
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Hi all,


I've been browsing SF for a while now and thought I may as well take the plunge and actually join. Glad to be here. 



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Juan here, originally from Buenos Aires, I now live in Milan. Glad to be here, see you all around!

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Hey everyone, i'm patrick, and i've been a long time reader of styleforum but only just now making an account. looking forward to hearing everyones sage advice on pretty much everything. looking forward to meeting everyone :)

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Hey guys. I'm Andy. Longtime lurker, finally signed up. Love what I read on here, so decided maybe somehow I'll be able to contribute!
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I'm new to styleforum obviously.  I am looking for $35 Allen Edmonds recrafting gift cards for some shoes that I'm going to purchase. I will pay $15 per card and pin number via paypal. Please PM if interested. Also I'll pay 80% of the value for any regular allen Edmonds gift cards as I'm updating my shoe collection.  I look forward to your response.

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Hi Everyone!


The name's Ethan, and I want to be the best-dressed man I can possibly be. Hoping to learn from you all. 




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Hello all,


Chris here. I've lurked for a while and finally decided to create an account to actually participate where I can add to the discussion. 


This forum has been a wealth of information for me, especially in the past few weeks as I finally upgrade my shoe game. While I've never considered myself "poorly dressed," and usually lean towards a conservative style, recently I've been breaking out of this mold somewhat. Along with another online style forum, this forum's advice and information has been beyond helpful, and I thank you for it. 


I do not know how much I will post, as I rarely pipe up unless I have something to say, but I do hope to be a contributing member of this forum some day.


Thank you again for the opportunity to be a member of this community. 

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My name is Mark and found this forum while researching the factory stores of the Northamptonshire shoe manufacturers.

There seems to be loads of knowledge so had to set up an account to hopefully join in.
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people call me eepi. I try to be a antihipster, what ever that means?

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Hi everyone, I'm new here but I have already learned a lot! The advice on this site and in these forums has already been very helpful. I am a lawyer in Boston but with all the student loans, I am trying to maximize my spending power. I think that this site will assist me to do that!


Thanks in advance everyone!

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I'm Arthur R. Harrison. I just joined the forum today and will probably do a lot of lurking before I start talking a lot. When I'm not obsessively trying to keep my shirt cuffs at exactly the right length beyond my jacket cuffs I enjoy writing fiction, blogging, studying history, philosophy, religion, and sociology, fencing, and ballroom dancing.

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I'm a late-20s student in the San Francisco bay area. My typical outfit consists of jeans, solid Ts, and converse, but I'm looking to class things up a bit. I'll be going on the job market soon, and while I'll be looking at companies with pretty laid-back cultures, I think it would be nice to start presenting a somewhat more professional, put-together look. But the main thing that got me started looking at SF is my upcoming wedding. I'm getting married at the end of May, and I'm looking for a nice new suit to wear.



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My name is Paolo - long time lurker reaping the benefits of all the information here so I figured i'd finally jumnp in and get involved. I'm also on head-fi under the same screen name if anyone is into that. 


Wardrobe was non-existent after military service, 10 years of yoyo weight gain/loss hasn't helped. I've finally settled into myself and it's been going well so far!

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My name is Eric. I am a recent college graduate and am working at an accounting firm(small). We are required to wear jackets so I went out and bought a bunch of suits from jos a bank to make it through a couple years while I build a stronger wardrobe through the next few years. Once I get my CPA license I'll spoil myself with a nice new pair of AE strands and a bespoke suit. But for now I will be a deal hunter and will use this forum as a guide.
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