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I'm John, 25 years old. Prior to the last year or so, I was one of "those" guys. Shopped for clothes at Hot Topic, wore a trench coat, wore other coats simply to look "cool", and yes, I was even a fedora nerd for a while. Between being single, desperate, and lonely, I had no drive to change up my fashion sense until some people on a forum said the way I dress would be one step to improve my self-confidence and my chances at getting a date. I turned to my friends and they took me to the mall a few times to get me started. Since summer of last year, I've been blowing a number of paychecks trying to find new clothing that would acclimate my new style. No more simply wearing trendy black gamer T-shirts, a pair of shorts, and wearing my socks up to my calves. I started wearing more polos, button shirts, matching clothes, and yes, even scarves, and continue to improve my wardrobe whenever I can.


Right now, I'm looking into getting a pair of brown high-top walking shoes (I find them under "boots" on the JCPenney store) and a few more hoodies and button shirts to wear. I'm here so I can continue improving my fashion sense and hope I'll get the chance to help other people who were in my situation once.

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Hi, I'm Chris; I'm a 23 year old engineering student. I've been lurking MC for a few months and I've learned quite a bit already. I look forward to learning more.

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Hi, I'm Eric. 28 and never really cared about what I wore. I'm looking to change that and gain a sense of "style" hopefully in the process.

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Hi all,

I am from London after moving here two years ago from Durban. I am just finishing up my third year at university before doing some traveling. I was introduced to Style Forum by another member here who shares my similar non standard proportions and was nice enough to lend me some shirts for an interview. 

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Hello,Myself is Marissa, I'm from India. I am appearing MCA. I like new fashion trends, jewellery.

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Hi all.

I'm a 31 year old dad who lives in perhaps the nicest city in the world.

Am a casual observer of #menswear - but am really a fan of great design; architecture, cars, consumer electronics whatever.

My principle design inspiration is my wife, who is easily has the best eye for design that I've ever seen.

"Life's too short for bad coffee"
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Rod in New York City. Joined today 3/11/2014

Just now moved up to Crockett and Jones, after some years using Allen Edmonds, Cole Haan, and Johnston & Murphy. Like other 007 fans, Skyfall turned me onto Crockett and Jones.

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Hello everyone, I wanted to make sure I stopped by this thread and introduced myself. I love dressing it up and appreciate everyones opinion on here. I came across this forum by googling various fashion questions as i'm sure many of you have. This site always came up so I decided to join and post a question for an event I have this Friday. Feel free to chime in if you have a moment.





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I finally decided to join.  My name is John and I've been lurking the forums for years.  I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself.  I love fashion and am always online shopping for clothes.  It's like an addiction to me. 

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Read for few month and join recently. Drop by here to say hello,

Hope will learn much more knowledge here. 

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Hi, I'm from the rainy Pacific Northwest, and I might be a little different from many here because in clothing I first look at function before I look at form. Though I used to pretty much ignore the latter, these days I'm trying to give them more equal weight. I've very active every day with biking and various hobbies, so I'm interested in functional and high-performing garments that also look good. Stuff that I can do anything I want to in and still present myself well, so I don't have to change my clothes all the time. I will rarely compromise for constricting or useless garments no matter how good they look, and that means that my options are severely limited, but I'm up for a challenge! 

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Hello y'all,


Franciscus here from the sunny (sometimes stormy) Gulf Coast. Honestly don't know much about clothes, but need to now because of recent career changes (denims and pullovers used to be enough... not anymore). Here to learn from y'all.


Thanks a bunch.

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Joined this site after looking for a coat online when I discovered the marketplace.

Found tons of cool advice and peices for sale and decided to join.



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Hey all... My name is Diego, I'm new here... 

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