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What's up y'all,


I'm Jack. Late 20s, live in NYC but didn't grow up caring about wearing much more than basketball shorts and tee shirts. Now, I work in finance and pay much more attention to how I dress. More importantly, I have so much more to learn! This forum seems amazing so far. Cheers, all.


- Jack

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Good day to everyone,


Glad I've found this forum. Plenty of useful information and, most importantly, of nice people as well. It was probably my hedonism that brought me here, as nice things of good quality gives us quite a lot of pleasure in our lives. At least it seems so :)




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I am John Hall, I live in NYC, and look foward to find new things

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Originally Posted by jusa00 View Post


I am John Hall, I live in NYC, and look foward to find new things

John, you ever get down to the meat packing district? Give Lisa my best and be sure to tip her well.
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Originally Posted by harvey_birdman View Post

John, you ever get down to the meat packing district? Give Lisa my best and be sure to tip her well.

It used to be a swell place...
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I'm James, and I'm from Virginia.  I just signed up for an account for this site, but have been lurking for months.  I have just recently started changing my style and look, and so I've been gleaning a lot of great information off this forum.  Signed up for an account to gain more personal insight on choices I am planning on making for future purchases.  Thanks everyone in advance!

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I'm Heidi.

Kind of a Jill of all trades!

Very Artsy and have my own sense of style.

Always on the look of for something new.

Love vintage style and shabby chic.

Have a Chocolate Lab and one child!


Live in TEXAS LOVE IT BREATHE IT every day

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Hi, all!


Bob from Texas. Looking to learn new things and have great info exchange.

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My name is Jason. I don't believe in trends or fashion. I believe in style. Style represents who you are, and I am sort of an introvert, so style is my one desire to display myself to the world. It is awesome to be here.

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My name is Parker,


I'm relatively unrefined, but am slowly learning.  I never wore a watch until my wife bought my a Tag Heuer on our honeymoon, I was physically ill when we bought it.  I'm a big fan of buy once cry once and try to get quality that will last instead of disposable items.  I'm now looking to step up from the hum drum average office apparel, gap khakis, columbia shirts and doc martins, into a higher state of dress.


I'm looking for a pair of Allen Edmonds Park Avenue as a basic start to this assent.  I think finding SF will be a bigger benefit.

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Hi, my name is Nikola, looking forward chatting with you guys.

My passion are sunglasses and eyewear.


I am looking for you opinion about some sunglasses brands.

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Hey everyone, I'm Jason. Currently living in LA. I found this forum through the John Elliot+Co brand. Looks like there is tons of good info on here and a good group of people supplying it. I look forward to contributing.

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I'm Ty. I live in the worst dressed state in the U.S. I like clothes and I am always not paying attention in class to become more sartorial inclined. Looking to learn a lot and not be a fuccboi.




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I am Lauden. I am a university student who cannot stand working at restaurants any longer. After falling in love with Put This On and Street Etiquette, I have decided to attempt to support myself by selling used menswear on online.


I have been thrifting since I was a child (whatever clothes my mother did not make herself were sourced at the local Salvation Army), and hope to find the best picks from my local area then clean and refurbish them and ship them off to the fancy people.


Personally, I like mildly conservative clothing with a touch of flair. Simple and bold looks that hark back to classic menswear without being pretentious. And while this is might be a good plan to support myself, the biggest hurdle will be to not keep everything I find for myself!

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I'm John, 25 years old. Prior to the last year or so, I was one of "those" guys. Shopped for clothes at Hot Topic, wore a trench coat, wore other coats simply to look "cool", and yes, I was even a fedora nerd for a while. Between being single, desperate, and lonely, I had no drive to change up my fashion sense until some people on a forum said the way I dress would be one step to improve my self-confidence and my chances at getting a date. I turned to my friends and they took me to the mall a few times to get me started. Since summer of last year, I've been blowing a number of paychecks trying to find new clothing that would acclimate my new style. No more simply wearing trendy black gamer T-shirts, a pair of shorts, and wearing my socks up to my calves. I started wearing more polos, button shirts, matching clothes, and yes, even scarves, and continue to improve my wardrobe whenever I can.


Right now, I'm looking into getting a pair of brown high-top walking shoes (I find them under "boots" on the JCPenney store) and a few more hoodies and button shirts to wear. I'm here so I can continue improving my fashion sense and hope I'll get the chance to help other people who were in my situation once.

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