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Hey guys! 

My name is Tommy, and I currently reside in LA. Other than being a freelance digital media consultant with years of agency and in-house experience, I am also a fashion and personal style blogger with an affinity for the intersection of luxury and street wear at MYBELONGING (http://www.mybelonging.com)! 

While it's not exactly everyone's cup of tea, my style can be pretty much summed up as Yohji Yamamoto meets Tom Ford. I love the juxtaposition of classic pieces with some offbeat, luxe street wear items. I do have a soft spot for Louis Vuitton, particularly it's accessories, but my favorite bag by far is my trusty Trussardi black satchel from its FW13 collection.  

I hope to delve more deeply into the menswear community and learn from its idiosyncrasies. Ultimately, I aspire to be an even better style blogger through discovery, exploration and interaction with this esteemed community. 

That said, it's a pleasure to meet everybody! 

- Tommy 

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Hi all,

I'm just posting to say hello.  My interests are in evolving from early subcultural dress (Mod and soul scene in UK) to style based look that I can mature with combining Ivy style, English tailoring, Italian soft clothing and USA west coast informality.   I live in Nottingham UK, buy and sell clothes occasionally on ebay, participate in the Talk Ivy forum too and will be mostly at the 'Mod to Suedehead' thread here initially.


Thanks and remember...


Think Smart!

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Long-term lurker from Glasgow, Scotland deciding to take the plunge and finally join.


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i´m Johnny from Ireland. I love extreemsoprts like windsurfing and snowboarding. 

I+m here to read interesting thing and have fun. Already love it here! 

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Hello.  Tony here.  Been lurking now for about 4 months and finally had enough questions to where I thought it appropriate to actually join.  From the North East, and have been wearing khakis or some other sort of twill pant and a polo or a nice plain t shirt for casual occasions since I was born.  I never wear sneakers and only rarely wear jeans.  My hobbies include biking, long walks on the beach, and a nice pair of slacks.  I just need a few opinions from a few of you and that should be it.  lol. 

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Allie here to say hello.  I love fashion, makeup and following celebs.  I love to read as well and so some writing.  Looking forward to being friends with everyone on here.

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I'm Logan. I'm currently 24. I live and work in New York. Actually I work for Epaulet New York. 

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I decided i need to dress better. I will feel more put together and I will make better physical impressions. I have been reading these threads without an account until today, I made an account.

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Hello everyone... Pleased to be here, my name is Gina. I joined because I would like to learn more about a business casual style for my husband, suitable for Northwest Florida weather, styles, and terrain. I say terrain because leaf-covered walkways are common in our community and lately the rain has been a little much. Even without the rain, it is very humid here. 


The clothes he wears presently do look very nice but we would like to update beyond Dockers, polo shirts, and deck shoes. 


I would very much appreciate some sensible advice. My next stop will be the Menswear Primer topics. 

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Greetings - I'm Matt from PA!  After hanging around for the past few weeks, I decided to drop by to introduce myself.  Originally here to seek some advice, but I have started to branch out and check out some of the other areas as well.  I'm excited to be here since there are plenty of knowledgeable individuals and what looks like a great social atmosphere.

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Hello everyone,


I'm Jim from Wisconsin. Starting to build my wardrobe as I've grown tired of T-shirt/jeans/tennis shoes while outside of work, and also trying to get a sense of formal style as I shift gears in my career. Look forward to chatting with everyone.

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Salutations folks, main reason why I made an account was because I'm looking for some Dior Homme Glitter Ankle Boots. However, I'm a longtime lurker and I'm team #menswear. I'm 22 from Toronto Canada, about to finish school and thrive off my entrepreneurial efforts. My style forever will be a work in progress. Your network determines your net-worth, so lets network! 


Thanks a bunch, of oats .  

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Your network determines your net-worth, so lets network!&nbsp.  


Interesting statement.
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Welcome all
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i am new here, hope every guys happy everyday.

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