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Hey all,


I have been following the forum for a while. It´s hands down THE best place to find style advice. Thanks to my latest fashion craze -and shopping spree-, I have decided to participate more actively, contributing where I can and asking those questions I just can´t seem to find any answers for :). I am a management consultant so I am always open to stepping up my game in the style department.



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Hello All,


I recently took the advice of a friend.and was fitted for a suit by WW Chan first in NYC and two fittings in Hong Kong, JJ Minnis Dark Blue.  Which then led me to Jantzen for shirts and then last month I stopped by Leffot for a pair of Edward Green Asquiths.  At Leffot I was warned what I just got myself into......I need shoe shine gear .... welcome The Hanger Project... then a conference in Oahu this past week and I end up in Leather Soul Waikiki branch, Cleverley's on sale and Lobb's Musuem Calf Plum Philip IIs.  ( I was warned at Leffot)  So last month I was researching English Tailor's in NYC and David Reeves caught my interest which brought me here to StyleForum. Now I need to check out the Armoury in NYC.  Good thing I only visit NYC once a month for a few days.  Rest of my time I spend on the west coast in Washington State.



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Hey there,

after looking for some Aldens at a reasonable price I figured I should join. 

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Hello all


I am new to the forums..


Never really used forums before.. I did browse once in a blue moon for information that couldn't be found anywhere else..


I just wanted to say hi and I hope this place is going to help me!


I was referred by friends to this forum and they told me about the marketplace.. Pretty awesome you can post what you are looking for or what you want to buy! Moreover, if I ever want to get rid of things in my closet, I could always post it here!




Anyways, hello to all, please be nice

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My name's Joe. I was actually a member of this forum maybe 7 years ago? I pulled an old Buzz Rickson sweatshirt out of the closet that jogged my memory a little bit. I rejoined just incase I have something to add...but I'm pretty quiet.

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Hi, I'm new to the forum. Here to get advice/look for inspiration so that I can start dressing better. Thanks for having me. 


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Greetings everyone!


My name is Naphat. I'm from Bangkok, Thailand. 

And I'm glad to join STYLE FORUM

Cheers :) 

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Hello friends, my name is Jay and I am excited to see what this forum has to offer. I am a member of other more specific forums and enjoy reading about new items and sharing. I am from East TN and work in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mtns. I make handkerchiefs as a side project and am looking forward to contributing to this fine community.

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Hi all!


From Toronto, Canada here and new to this forum but have seen many hits to this place through my various online searches. I recently decided to start grabbing a few MTM and planned to leverage the expertise of this site to help me look my best even though I may be slightly out of shape (a bigger stomach/waistline than I would like), but I am trying to work on it! :')


Anyhow, will definitely have more questions and join discussions as needed but I am completely new to the world of fashion and have only ever picked OTR items for my business casual environment.



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Hey guys,

From Brisbane, QLD AUS.


Came for the shoe threads, lurked for a while and now here we are.

I struggle choosing ties.

That is all.


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Newborn show fanatic here, my intrest in quality  shoes started a year back and i am building up my "shoewardrobe" slowly.. Somehow my intrest for clothes have increased aswell. And now im here to lena more and to be inspired. 


Looking forward to learn alot. 



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Hi, I'm Joshua from The Netherlands!I am really into "Dior HOMME" clothing since 2009!I don't if anyone here is familiar with "DH", but I just love Hedi's work when he was still headdesigner there, so I'm a bit sad that I missed out on his work, but there's still lots to find nowadays, so I'm not that sad!Typically I am basicly looking to find a lot a pieces from FW/07 "Navigate" collection!I have quit a collection myself and looking to exspend!I usually wear a whole outfit each day from "DH"!It's awesome!I hope anyone outhere can help me out!I also am selling pieces I bought, but are to small since the sizing if sweaters and jeans differ each time!
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My name is Damien, I am from Ireland.
I have been reading many of the forums here getting great inspiration from everyone.
I have finally taken the plunge today and have become a member.

I look forward to adding to my wardrobe with help from you all.
Thank you in advance.

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Hi guys,


I'm a long time lurker, first time poster here on SF, finally glad to be officially here.


Hope to find more useful info a as member, even tho I've leared here a lot already!




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Hey guys! 

My name is Tommy, and I currently reside in LA. Other than being a freelance digital media consultant with years of agency and in-house experience, I am also a fashion and personal style blogger with an affinity for the intersection of luxury and street wear at MYBELONGING (http://www.mybelonging.com)! 

While it's not exactly everyone's cup of tea, my style can be pretty much summed up as Yohji Yamamoto meets Tom Ford. I love the juxtaposition of classic pieces with some offbeat, luxe street wear items. I do have a soft spot for Louis Vuitton, particularly it's accessories, but my favorite bag by far is my trusty Trussardi black satchel from its FW13 collection.  

I hope to delve more deeply into the menswear community and learn from its idiosyncrasies. Ultimately, I aspire to be an even better style blogger through discovery, exploration and interaction with this esteemed community. 

That said, it's a pleasure to meet everybody! 

- Tommy 

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