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Good day, all! Lurked for a long time and decided to join up. I really appreciate all the info collected here. I recently moved from SWFL to Vancouver, WA... wardrobe overhaul time. It's been a little challenging, as we have a young man and another little one on the way. Either way, thanks again for all the great threads.


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Okay, confession of a woman: I've been coming on this forum for fashion advices for my husband!!! I decided to join just now, I don't know if I'm in minority as much as I believe... we'll see!

So we have 3 young children, I was lucky enough to get the "extra handles "off after each pregnancy, but it seems like I wasn't carefull enough to make sure we both were... :confused:

That's why my husband's had a little difficulty dressing up lately... well for the past ~2-3 yrs... And he does work in suit and tie so... If I don't want him to look like Mayor Ford (yeah, we're in Toronto, Canada), I thought I better get kickin' and we're both working out almost every day now!!!

Anyway, HI! And looking forward to learning more and maybe teach some...!

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Hi all

Late 20s, receding quickly, but sure i can still go for style :)

Living in the lovely Britain, which is currently flooded. 
Thank goodness for the internet.

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Traveling all around the world I am always happy to find good advices on the right places to go in the countries I visit

Now in South America and particularly Argentina and brazil

See you around

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Hello from Clasy stevens. Of course not my real name but online name.

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Jim here...
I have been recently committing Shoeacide on eBay.
And am enjoying the forum!
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Hi all,


Been lurking on the forum for a whiles now and finally figured after all the money I've spent after tons of reading, it was time to join!  Cheers!

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Whats good yall? Im Otis, and Im partially a newbie to the site being that Im just making an account but Ive been lurking for a long time. Im very big on style and love things that are genuine. Im open to convos about style, clothing, and creativity, so dont be afraid to hit me up

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Hi. My name is Anton. Not much to write about myself actually.Student, law BA. Menswear is a hobby. and also i've started a new blog about menswear,style and many other ideas on articles. Anyway blog is pretty much "newbie" 
Joined community for opinions,mb advice and just to talk about everything.
Thank You =)

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hey! call me Manas here, I am simply looking for a ruehl 925 langdon leather jacket in size S, and I think the marketplace is where to post, just saying hi and thank you!

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I'm new to the site, and while I've been wearing clothes for most of my adult life, it is not something at which I've demonstrated any particular talent. I am overjoyed to find some of the basic style guidelines I've been reading, while simultaneously a bit overwhelmed by the deeply held fervor with which some of the deeply held convictions are expressed. Be gentle, please, it's my first time. :-)
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Hello everyone,


I'm a long-time lurker, first-time poster looking to move on from reddit's malefashionadvice and expand my knowledge about male fashion as a member of these forums.


I've been using the French Wardrobe philosophy for the past three seasons to further develop and curate my basic wardrobe. Thinking about reducing my wardrobe even more and replacing the lower-end items with better quality pieces -- we'll see how that goes.

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Not a long lurker but definitely read many pages on issues related to suiting and accessories of men

and ofc learnt a lot of stuff and also ofc read a lot of contrasting views on many topics.


Just joined


I think

Fashion & style is all about feeling good about yourself , be it wearing a cloth made of velvet or of thorns :)

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Hello all,
My name is Thomas. I have been interested on style, or more specifically affordable style for several years now. Looking for a good place where u can discuss style with people who understand how looking good can make a difference. I just past 40 and have been buying and selling men's clothing online for a while now. Hopefully this forum will keep me focused on proper current style so as not to get lazy in my old age and only want to wear sweatpants and slippers 24/7!

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Hey all,


I have been following the forum for a while. It´s hands down THE best place to find style advice. Thanks to my latest fashion craze -and shopping spree-, I have decided to participate more actively, contributing where I can and asking those questions I just can´t seem to find any answers for :). I am a management consultant so I am always open to stepping up my game in the style department.



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