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Long-time SF lurker getting more active because of the professional call of duty which is just dandy because it's been my go-to style community for a long-time anyway.


Based in the other SF and in my mid 30's.

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My name is Scartoes,


I like my nickname, it's kind of ironic. I love style and you don't know how to dress, I love to make fun of people who take things too far. I love simple, elegant and beautiful clothing on beautiful people. One day I hope to be a designer and make what you want to wear but can't afford. I'm a really down to earth guy, love to hike, cook and good friends.


Smoke Meth, Hail Satan.



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Sal Capitelli here. NJ born and raised, NYC invested and fed. I work in the finance and it has given me the opportunity to spend money on my addictions (men's clothing)

I love timeless and classic elegance but with a modern fit. I have purchased from over 15 different custom shops so if anyone needs advice on where to go feel free to message me.

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I'm Jim, 41, m, Chicago, single (I like girls too much to be tied to only one - and I don't care how great she is, you're gonna get sick of her)


Fashion is SUPER ULTRA MEGA important if you like picking up chicks - they notice your shoes, believe me, NEVER cheat on the shoes.  ...or the sunglasses for that matter, they're on your FACE!!  I just picked up a pair of Chad 2's from Selima Optique, the same ones Ryan Gosling wore in Crazy Stupid Love.  I haven't yet decided if they fit my melon head or not so I may wish to dump them if anyone's interested.  Look them up, tortise shell wayfarer frame with gradient lenses - super bad, $385 USD retail if you can find them.


I put effort in to having no digital footprint - I don't have a faceplant or tweeter or instantgram accounts, I just don't consider myself that important and I don't need cyber friends.  I'll never speak like an idiot by using phrases like 'hit me up' - your grammar is just as, if not more, important than your clothing. is your posture.  If you're going to put effort in building a respectable wardrobe, you should pay equal attention to your grammar and posture, trust me on this.  The word is 'eSpecially' not 'eXspecially'; it's 'esspresso' not 'eXpresso', it's a 'piCture' not a 'piTcher' when referring to a photograph.  Also, KNOW womens' clothing, especially shoes - if you comment on a woman's shoes and KNOW what they are, you're in, they WANT you to notice.


Remember, details ARE important, together all the small details make you who you are.  Never jump on a trend wagon, wear things to your taste, also - have taste.  NEVER wear those goofy shoes that curl up to a point like elf shoes - WHY DO THOSE SHOES EVEN EXIST?!  WHO'S BUYING THEM?!


I just started a 'pintrest' board to help educate people, my board is under 'spyder' if you'd care to see some of my favorite things.

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Hey you all, really excited to be here so i can buy some clothes, sell, and get to meet some new people into clothing.

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Samuel here, mid 20s with a passion in handmade shoes and menswear. Worked 2years for footwear industry in the U.K, now in a bespoke tailoring company in Asia. 

I hope to connect with more footwear people and get back into the handcrafted footwear industry whenever I get a chance.

Rubber sole Black boots with a formal-toe :p  works for me at work or outside office.

Any shoe fanatic i can add already? :) 

Greetings to all

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Hi I am Gentlemen15 by my username I am 15 and I realized people should be wearing nicer clothes for a better society.

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I have A fettish for clothes and have ppl that buy from me but what is really ideal for woman?
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Helllooo! I'm a pretty short/skinny/athletic guy who has always had trouble wearing fitting clothes. I've decided to take real strides towards improving my appearance.

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Hi there!

I've been checking regularly this forum when I was looking for some style advice and decided I finally have to create my account.

My name is Athithane, I live in France and I am very interested into the menswear industry. I am the designer of the brand Le Petit Noeud specialized in bow-ties but I am also a shoe enthusiast and into menswear tailoring.

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Hi guys. Well, it's about time I posted. Long time reader, first time poster.

For anyone who might be interested, my new blog is now live

It focuses on bespoke tailoring in Australia and fine menswear and accessories.


There are still a few glitches to sort out, but they're minimal and for all intents and purposes, the site is ready to go. Likes and shares would be very welcome. But, of course, the responsibility is on me to create content that is worthy of being shared.


The first couple of posts cover a bespoke shirt commission with JH Cutler and a discussion with Bijan. 

In the weeks and months ahead, there will be a number of interviews with tailors and business owners, bespoke commissions from the likes of Bijan and others, as well as reviews on a number of items, including some new Gaziano and Girling's and, with a bit of luck, some bespoke Cleverly's.


I'll also hope to become more active on Style Forum, which has been such an amazing resource for me over the years.


Any comments, feedback or requests are always welcome.



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Hi guys,


I'm a university academic in the humanities who enjoys a work environment where I can indulge my taste for bow ties, suspenders, odd vests and pocket squares (and the occasional boutonniere), and hopefully convince a younger generation that dressing well is a joy

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I'm Kanji.


I'm a young professional that has spent the past year going from a college to a more professional wardrobe. I was directed here from the male fashion advice subreddit and look forward to learning and contributing. Good to note that I'm incredibly slim. 28x32, XS/14 shirts, 34 jackets, etc.


My style is somewhere in the realm between business casual and business professional, a few people have mentioned that I have a disheveled professor look. What I wear to the office I also wear when going out. When you live one of the fashion capitals of the world the bar is pretty high. I wear button downs exclusively and alternate between chinos and jeans as my bottoms. Layer sweaters and topcoat when the weather is chilly. Still wear sneakers, but transitioning to oxfords and loafers more regularly.


Type of clothing and brands to give you some idea of my price range:


Shirts: J. Crew, Uniqlo, and Everlane

Jeans: Diesel and Rag&Bone

Chinos: Epaulet

Outerwear: Uniqlo and SuitSupply

Suit: J. Crew Ludlow (considering Alton Lane)

Shoes: Nike, Allen Edmonds, and Jack Erwin

Accessories: The Tie Bar, Gap, and Everlane

Basics: Uniqlo


I hope that many of you can help me and I'll try my best to provide constructive advice.




Kanji Sasahara

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I am David. In all honesty, I used to always wear jeans and t-shirts, but now that I am past my prime (no midlife-crisis yet ;-) I want to look good and not the way my parents did when they got older... 


I have started dressing smarter and smarter and have gotten many positive reactions to this. Hope to find more info and tips on this forum.

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Hello all,

I'm Andrew, I used to lurk here once in a blue moon but this week I decided to join, I'm 23 years olds from South Florida. I am in school, I work full time at Ralph Lauren. I am in the middle of opening up a venue for art shows and music on the side. I know their are many members here into Ralph and RRL, I would love to help track thins down for anyone, give advice, and most importantly get advice! Their are some awesome people on here and look to learn a lot. Cheers!icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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